Pub Fleet Chat Vs. Imp

I think most can agree that gen chat has some of the most toxic conversations that go on. I’ve been trying to avoiding the gen chat as much as possible by having a separate tab for the guild. Dromund Kaas and the Imperial fleet have by far the worst conversations on the Star Forge server and they are unfathomably proud of it.

A few guildies have expressed gratitude that the guild chat gives them a reprieve from all the nonsense and some have even admitted they have separate tabs for gen and guild chat as I do. Because of everything that has been going on in the world lately, politics and covid very much dominate the conversations. Which is sad if you think about it since playing games should be a way to escape reality for a few hours.

One of the things I’ve found weird is that every so often we get new members into the guild who like to talk about how toxic gen chat is, but claim that the Republic fleet chat is ten times worst. That has always struck me as odd because the few times I’ve spent any length of time on the Republic fleet didn’t seem that bad. I’m a naturally curious person and once I have a question that needs to be answered it nags at me until I finally answer it. So for the past two month I have been conducting an experiment to see which fleet chats are worst.

I already knew the fleet chat on Imp side was pretty bad, though for the sake of the experiment I switched to the gen tab and read the conversations going on. After that I logged into the fleet at different times of the day between early morning and late evening. The chat never varied. Sometimes I would see someone asking for help and there was a lot of trading going on, but the bulk of the conversations were about covid and politics.

I watched the Imp side gen chat for a few weeks and then switched over to the Pub side and hung around on the fleet there for the next few weeks. I logged in at different times of the day and the difference between the two fleets was astonishing. Sometimes I would see a player bring up politics or try to troll and it would quickly get shot down. Every time I logged in the conversations going on were pleasant and they would talk about games and movies. If someone asked for help they were quick to respond and help them in anyway they could. One time when I was on someone made a comment about the imp side gen chat and they all agreed it was horrible there and then went on to talk about something else. If that had been said on imp side it would have devolved into name calling and bullying.

So, I think it’s safe to say that the Republic fleet chat is by far superior to imp side (on Star Forge at least). It was nice seeing everyone in the chat getting along and being helpful. Another thing I found interesting about the Pub chat was that there were long stretches of silence. Even when there were over a hundred people on. Imp side chat never shuts up long enough for their to be a lull in the conversation.

I’m not entirely sure why anyone would say Pub side chat is worst than Imp side. It’s possible they could have gone to the fleet at the wrong time or perhaps they’re remembering what Pub side was like before the server merges.

–Chash Larol

For Kith and Kin

I’ve been talking about my guild a lot lately and this post will be no exception. It truly is a great guild filled with wonderful people, but today I’d like to talk about my clan. My guild has four clans, they are similar to smaller guilds within a larger one. As I’ve mentioned before we are not an RP guild, but we are nerds who like to stick as close to Mandalorian lore as much as possible. Mandalorians have multiple clans that unite under one banner and one leader during times of war. We strove to be similar to that by dividing members into four clans — Lok, Fett, Vizsla, and Ordo. There are many, many other clans throughout Star Wars history, but it was decided to keep things simple and the numbers more balanced by only having four.

Not all of our members are in clans of course. We do highly encourage everyone to join a clan of their choosing because there are certain guild activities that are restricted to those in a clan, such as our weekly PVP tourney. One thing we tell those who express interest in joining a clan is to take their time and get to know the other members of the guild because each clan has their strength and weaknesses. They also have something they specialize in and sometimes run activities that are for clan members only. The clans also have their own colors and it’s encouraged, though not mandatory that members of the clans dye their clothes to fit their clan colors so we know at a glance which clan everyone is in.

I was part of the guild for a month before I joined a clan. I chose Ordo because Canderous Ordo is one of my favorite characters from Kotor. In our discord each clan has their own private chat channel where we can talk or set up an activity to do together. It’s a lot of fun to geek out with clan members about Star Wars or talk about what’s going on in our lives. In some ways it’s like being part of a small tightknit family within the large guild.

Clan Ordo’s colors are light and dark grey. At first I didn’t bother with the clan colors and wore whatever dyes I wanted, but as I saw more and more Ordo members running around in cool outfits that had been dyed to our colors I wanted to show my appreciation for the clan and create my own ensemble. It took me awhile to come up with an outfit I liked that went well with the light and dark grey dye. I didn’t want to pay millions of credits buying the most expensive pieces, so I tried to find armor that was inexpensive. I think my outfit cost around 30 million credits total by the time it was finished. I wanted my outfit to be as unique as possible and so far I believe I’ve succeeded since I haven’t seen anyone in the guild come close to a similar outfit.

Everyone who is in a clan has a friendly rivalry. We kid each other all the time about which clan is better. One of the things others find both amusing and slightly exasperating is that members of Ordo like to randomly chant “Ordo!” in the guild chat. Clan Lok has also come up with their own chant of “Lok and Load”. The other two clans have yet to come up with a permanent chant for themselves. Every now and then someone takes clan alliances too seriously, but for the most part we all get along no matter how dedicated we are to our clans.

There was a point when I seriously considered switching clans and joining Lok because they were struggling to get any members while Ordo had new people almost daily. In the end I didn’t because Lok managed to gain some popularity by advertising they would be running ops and pvp for their members. In many ways I’m glad I never switched clans because I’ve come to know a few individuals from Ordo and I enjoy talking to them. I’m probably not as active as I should be in clan activities, but I do like being part of the clan and whenever someone expresses an interest in joining one I’m quick to tell them the benefits.

–Chash Larol

Feast of Prosperity

When I logged into the game to try out the new event, I was pleasantly surprised to see a new mission available. It was a short conversation, no doubt giving us a teaser about the new flashpoint that’s supposed to come to the game later, but it was still nice to see a continuation to the story even if it was brief.

As for the new event, I found it very interesting. After conversing with the two Hutts throwing the feast, I tried out the new dailies where I cooked and served food. It took me a few seconds to figure out the droid server quest. In some ways it reminded me of a few Nancy Drew games I’ve played, except Nancy usually stood behind a diner counter or a bar to fill out orders. With the droid I had to move between tables to serve the customers in a timely manner and make sure to get the orders right. The other quest was slightly different where I had to walk around a kitchen preparing ingredients and using the correct appliances.

After I finished those quests I headed to Rishi to do a couple quests there and ended up spending some time waiting my turn to click on three pipes. I started out in the pvp instance, but the Republic players wouldn’t leave me alone so I ended up switching instances. I arrived at the first pipe just in time to see someone click on it and then run off, so I had to stand there and wait five minutes for it to respawn. When I arrived at the next one, I was horrified to see a long line and a bunch of players standing on top of each other to try clicking it first. I ended up grouping with a few Imperial players so we could try getting it before the Republic players. Thankfully, clicking on it once counts for everyone in the group, so I hung back and let the leader of the group try clicking on it first. I would definitely recommend that the devs make the spawn time shorter if they ever intend to have that mission available again.

Overall, I’d have to say I enjoyed this event, especially the cooking missions. The Feast of Prosperity is going to last three weeks, so that will give me plenty of time to try out all the new quests and hopefully buy some of the cool emotes and decorations at the events vendor.

–Chash Larol

Which Server Is The Conquest Server?

As I’ve mentioned before, lately, I have been taking an interest in conquest and guild invasions in general. The concept of guilds dominating and controlling parts of the galaxy was an interesting idea that the devs came up with. I have no idea if they got this idea from other mmo’s or if this is a unique thing.

When I first started playing Swtor on the Ebon Hawk server I vaguely noticed that each planet I went to would be controlled by the same two guilds, but since I was only interested in playing the stories at the time I didn’t think much of it. When the servers merged and the bulk of my toons were moved to Star Forge, I again noted those same two guilds dominating the galaxy, although other guilds joined in from time to time. Then something changed and the galaxy seemed to be dominated by the same four guilds no matter where I went — week after week. It wasn’t until much later I learned that The Sanctuary maintained four guilds they used to invade every yield and thus control every planet.

It remained that way for some time until other guilds began taking an interest in conquering planets. What’s interesting about my server is that nearly every week the medium and small yields change hands depending on who goes after them. The Sanctuary still has control of the most planets, but because the competition has become so fierce they are unable to use all four of their guilds to control the galaxy. At first their two smaller guilds began losing ground and they lost all those planets to other guilds. Now their larger dark side guild is rapidly losing ground and only controls one planet right now. They’ve had to fall back to their main light side guild in order to continue invading planets and have all but given up on their two smaller ones.

Eventually, a pattern began to merge and there were three large guilds and three to four smaller guilds that came out victorious week after week and it was that way for some time until the other mando guild (the one harassing my guild) began eating their way through the medium and small yields so that they now control four different planets and by the look of things will have five planets by the end of the week.

In just six months the guilds that invade planets have changed so much on my server that it has made me curious about the other servers. Are guild invasions as fierce and competitive on the other servers as they are Star Forge? I have a couple characters on Satele Shan that I rarely play, but for the past two months I’ve been monitoring the guild invasion process and it would appear there are two guilds that dominate that server. Judging by the names it’s a light side/dark side guild run by the same people who go after large and medium yield. There are three other smaller guilds that fight over the small yield planets every week. What’s even more interesting is the numbers. Almost every week the two large guilds seem to average between 40 to 60 million conquest points by the end of the invasion, while the smaller ones average 20 to 30 million points.

On Star Forge, the two large guilds who often compete with each other average 120 million to 250 million, depending on how fierce the competition gets between them that week. Even my guild averages between 80 to 100 million and that’s when we’re not even trying to win. The new conquest system has made it easier for most guilds to double their amount of points every week and on Star Forge you definitely want to be careful if you’re traveling in the pvp instance. Its become popular for a lot of guilds to do rampage and some of them don’t see how it might be unsporting for a group of 24 players to surround and kill one lone player.

Even the guild my siblings and I created, accidentally made it on the leaderboard for small yield recently. Though that was probably through a combination of things; mainly my stronghold bonus and the conquest perk I bought for us. Still there are only three of us and without even trying we stayed in fifth place for three days until I noticed we were getting way too much attention as everyone was wondering where our guild came from and if they could join. After that I stopped playing my characters and let us drop off the leaderboard back into obscurity.

So what I’m wondering is why hasn’t the Satele Shan server caught on to how easy it is to make a lot of cq’s for guild invasion? It’s possible that the two guilds have been dominating the galaxy for so long that everyone has accepted it as inevitable or perhaps not many are interested in guild invasions on that server? From what I’ve been given to understand Satele Shan has a slightly higher pvp population. Both North American servers have a fairly good amount of pvp players, but I’ve also heard that more people do raiding on Star Forge than Satele Shan, which may contribute to their slightly higher pvp populace. It’s also possible that their guild invasions status hasn’t metamorphed yet like Star Forge and could become just as fierce and competitive sometime down the road.

As far as the other three servers, I haven’t created any characters on them so I have absolutely no idea what the guild invasion conquest is like on their end. I doubt I’ll ever create toons on the French and German servers. Unfortunately, the only language I know is English. As far as Darth Malgus, I may make a character on that server someday so I can monitor what conquest is like for them because I really am curious to know which server is the conquest server.

–Chash Larol

New Stronghold Bonus And A Short Hiatus

It took awhile and way too many credits, but I finally succeeded in getting a 150% stronghold bonus and all I can say is wow. The difference in CQ points is insane! The most CQ points I’ve ever had was a little over 1,700,000 and that was when I had a stronghold bonus of 115% and I was only able to get that much by working my butt off for an entire week and doing most of the stuff on the conquest list. Last week I reached over 500,000 points in just two days on one toon and that was from doing nothing but rampage and heroics.

I’m beginning to understand how a lot of people in my guild can average 2 to 3 million conquest points on a weekly bases. Honestly, it’s a little crazy how a stronghold bonus can help out so much. The downside to all this is that I have six fully unlocked strongholds I need to decorate and that can get expensive. I’ve been trying to save money by running all the flashpoints that drop decorations. I’m also only working on my three favorites for now.

In the near future I’m going to focus on conquest to see how much I can make in one week and if I can manage to get on the leaderboard in my guild. It will definitely take a lot of work and competition since so many others also have a 150% stronghold bonus, but I think it would be worth it to make it in the top ten at least once. Plus I really want to break my conquest record.

I was intending to try out the new bonus this week to see how many CQ’s I could get, but I had some computer issues that took me a couple days to figure out how to fix. Then when it was all said and done, I realized just how burnt out I was from playing Swtor and the two days I had a reprieve from the game didn’t feel like enough time away. So I’m taking a week long break away from the game. I logged in on Tuesday to claim the encryptions for my guild and that’s all I’ve done this week.

A part of me feels like I should at least make conquest for the week on my characters, but I know myself and won’t be able to stop there so I’m ignoring it for now because the world won’t end if I miss one week. Instead I’ve been replaying Kotor — something I haven’t done in a few years and continuing the Assassin’s Creed franchise. When Tuesday comes around again I’ll decide from there if I need to extend my hiatus. In the meantime I’m enjoying my mini break.

–Chash Larol

Say No To Drama

Five weeks ago my guild started getting harassed by another guild. I didn’t realize that there was so much drama among the larger conquest guilds until I was promoted to ver’alor (officer). The Mandalorians try to stay out of it for the most part and have made it clear to all the other guilds that they won’t be dragged into any of their drama. Our number one rule in the guild is don’t be a dick and if anyone violates that they get the boot. Our main concern is that everyone has fun.

So, it came as a surprise to everyone when another mando guild started gunning for us out of the blue. Even though we aren’t a roleplay guild, we strive to be as true to Mandalorian lore as possible. It’s not mandatory, but they prefer everyone to wear some type of mando armor. Bounty Hunters and Imperial Agents are automatically invited into the guild, but Sith Warriors have to fill out an application and it is mandatory for them to wear a helmet and carry a sword rather than a lightsaber. Sith Inquisitors are not allowed in the guild because they have very little combat skills and mostly use force lightning. It was a rule they established early on when the guild was still new. We’ve had a few people try to change our minds because they main a Sith Inquisitor, but leadership has voted on it many times and and each time it comes back as no.

Which is where this other mando guild comes in. I see them running around all the time. They were a relatively small guild, all though recently they’ve been going on massive recruiting sprees. What strikes me as odd about that guild is that they mostly consist of Sith Inquisitors. I’ve seen a few BH’s and IA’s and even a few Sith Warriors, but the bulk of the guild appears to be made up of Inquisitors.

For awhile now the Mandalorians have been trying to collect “conqueror of” titles, which means we’ve been going after medium and small yield most weeks. Five weeks ago, we went after a medium yield planet when the other mando guild came a long and took the lead. We aren’t against healthy competition since we sometimes try to take on The Sanctuary. It’s all in good fun and leadership makes sure everyone knows not to bash them or get too competitive. We figured this would be the same. A healthy and fun competition against another guild. That thought went right out the window when they’re members started harassing us. Apparently, their guild leader found our guild leader and started trash talking him. Raekar put him on ignore, so the guy logged into another toon with a similar name and again started trash talking him. He put that character on ignore too.

Throughout the week, a lot of us had encounters with them. Even I had a little run in with them. My sister and I were playing together and doing rampage on Tatooine when I was suddenly surrounded by members of the other guild. They were using emotes to laugh and jeer at me, clearly trying to intimidate. Funny enough, one of the Inquisitors pulled out his basilisk mount to flaunt it at me. Why he automatically assumed I didn’t have one I don’t know. I whipped out my mount to show him I had one too and then I took off to the other side of the heroic area so my sister and I could finish our rampage without getting in their way. But they kept following me, trying to take our kills away. So I stopped moving. I parked myself in one position and refused to move until they became bored waiting on me and wandered off to finish their rampage. Others in my guild reported similar encounters.

The week after that we decided to hold off on invading a planet to see what they would do. They were clearly waiting until we picked a planet, so after a few hours we picked large yield, along with The Sanctuary and the Spear of Coruscant — the two guilds that often compete with each other. They obviously didn’t want to go up against those two because they picked a medium yield planet. We picked large yield again the following week and they went after a medium yield. The next week, we figured they were done being jerks so we went after a small yield planet and they immediately took it away from us. They again tried to intimidate and trash talk us, but leadership told everyone to ignore them. Last week we waited all day on Tuesday for them to pick a planet first. They eventually picked a planet around eleven o’clock at night and we settled on one of the medium planets for that week. It has been discussed that maybe we should do this every week until they get the hint we’re not interested in drama between our two guilds.

Honestly, we have tried to figure out why they are suddenly coming after us. It would be one thing if they were just trying to compete against the largest Mandalorian guild on the server; however, their attacks seem more personal. Which is why it’s been speculated that there was a recent hostile takeover of the guild — either by someone who was banned from ours or was mad at us because we don’t want Inquisitors in our guild. Which would explain all the Inquisitors in theirs. Either way, I’m glad my guild shies away from drama.

I was a little concerned at first because a few of our members wanted to challenge them to a match and others were urging everyone to crush them, but leadership swiftly put a stop to that. That’s why I think this very well might be one of the best guilds on the server. Not only do they deal with troublemakers quickly, they also strive to be Mandalorians. They stay away from drama as much as possible, they treat all guilds with respect, and they expect all their members to conduct themselves with honor and integrity.

Hopefully this will all blow over soon and the other guild will take the hint that we want nothing to do with them.

–Chash Larol

Experimenting As A GM

Last year my siblings and I made a guild for ourselves. At first we made it because we were tired of random people sending us guild invites (this was before we found out about the auto decline) and we also wanted to figure out how guilds worked. Eventually it became a place holder for our alts, especially after I joined the Mandalorians and stopped playing most of the toons in our guild.

When I started taking an interest in making conquest every week for the Mandalorians, I became curious about the inner workings of running a guild and what all that entails. Since I’m guildmaster of our guild, I figured why not experiment. The first thing I learned is that it is an expensive upkeep. I’ve been able to amass a good stack of credits on one character so I put a bunch of credits into my legacy bank and used it first to buy a guild bank and then a flagship.

My sister has difficulties getting around the fleet whenever she needs to access something from her legacy storage/cargo bay, so I went ahead and bought those things along with a guild bank and GTN to put in our flagship, that way my siblings could access all those things without having to go to the fleet. It also helps make our flagship look less empty. I’m in no hurry to unlock the other rooms on the flagship to get as many perks as possible. For now the two perk slots provided are enough for the three of us.

Also as an experiment, I went ahead and invaded our first planet because I wanted to see if we could reach the 500k goal without killing ourselves and more importantly — to see if I could handle making conquest for three different guilds. I have two characters in the Mandalorians and one toon on our sister light side guild, plus the two in mine and my siblings guild. Surprisingly, it was easier than I thought it would be. The new conquest system no doubt helped with that. I focused on our guild first and my sister and I were able to reach our goal in a day and a half. Afterwards, we discussed ways we could make it faster, including doing rampage together or just being in a group even if we weren’t playing together, but a day and a half is still not bad.

We’ve already decided we won’t be invading a planet on our guild every week. The Mandalorians are very casual as I’ve mentioned before, but sometimes they take conquest seriously and at least try to make first place on the leaderboard. Whenever that happens I won’t be invading a planet with our flagship and there will no doubt be other times when we want to take a break.

My sister and I have discussed the possibility of opening our guild up for others, especially since a few people on the fleet have seen the name of our guild and expressed an interest in joining. There is one guy in particular who is very much interested in joining us because he’s a big fan of KOTOR. We may have taken some inspiration from the game when coming up with our guild name. However, I decided we should wait on that for awhile since I’m still trying to figure out everything I need to know about running a guild. And truthfully, I also don’t want to just invite anyone to the guild like the Mandalorians do. We have some great people in the guild, but every now and then a few will come along and cause trouble until they are either removed from the guild or leave of their own accord.

I know some guilds out there require a person to fill out an application before they can join as well as have a week long trial period to determine if they’re a good fit for the guild. My sister is not too keen on the idea of us making others fill out an application. She thinks that will give us a bad reputation as elitists, all though she’s not against a trial period. Until we can determine the best way to allow people into our guild and until I’m confident enough that I know what I’m doing, we probably won’t be opening up the guild anytime soon.

There are other things to consider, like do I even want the responsibility of running a guild? I do have some experience being in charge of a group since I’ve done it before. There was this website called Shelfari, it was similar to Goodreads until Amazon bought it out and then closed the site down. Before then, I ran a Percy Jackson rpg group on Shelfari for a few years and it was a lot of work keeping it together, coming up with role play scenes, and generally maintaining the group. It was a lot of fun and I have some good memories from that, but there were times when I was exhausted from running it. From the look of things being GM of a guild will be slightly harder and more work will be involved.

There’s also the Mandalorians to consider. If we were to open our guild up that would mean either leaving the Mandalorians or only having one toon in the guild so I could dedicate most of my time running our guild. I was also recently promoted to officer so I have certain responsibilities toward them now. It’s a lot to consider and I think it’s safe to say we probably won’t open up the guild until we’re absolutely ready to do so — if ever. It’s definitely something my siblings and I will be discussing as we weight the pros and cons and determine where to go from here. In the meantime, I think we’re all just enjoying having a flagship of our own and having our own little hang out.

–Chash Larol

A Review of SWTOR Coming To Steam

When Swtor came to steam I knew there would be a flood of new and returning players coming to the game; however, I wasn’t expecting so many to join at once. I can’t speak for the other servers or guilds since I don’t know how they are faring, but Star Forge has seen an enormous influx of new players. On the Imperial fleet we usually average four to six instances during the evening times — last night we had eight instances and my connection was definitely giving me issues with all the people running around.

My guild has also received a good amount of players coming from steam or Reddit after one of our members posted a picture to advertise ourselves as one of the largest Mandalorian guilds on the server. Additionally, a lot of us have been answering questions the new players have and directing them to some of Swtorista’s youtube videos for further explanations. My guild has been very welcoming to all the newbies, sadly not everyone in the community has seen fit to help them out.

I was on Tython awhile ago and there were quite a few players there helping out and directing the newbies to Swtorista, but just as many who were trolling them and making the chat toxic. It actually surprised me because normally the chat on Tython doesn’t get toxic and if anyone tries they are very quickly shot down. Which is why I’m convinced a lot of them were level 75 and came to Tython from Dromund Kaas just to make fun of the new people.

In spite of the trolls there do seem to be many players welcoming them with open arms and I’m glad that the community has become so much better than when I first started playing. I might even be able to convince a few of my acquaintances to give the game a try now that it’s on steam.

The day Swtor came out on steam, within a few hours there were already well over 2,000 reviews written by other players eager to leave a good impression. I spent some time reading over the reviews. Many left very thoughtful reviews, promoting the pros and cons of the game and others left funny one-liners. There were a few bad reviews, though a lot of them seemed to be expressing frustration either at how long it took to download or that they tried to subscribe but something went wrong and EA’s phone support was less than stellar (go figure). A few had clearly been written by people who hadn’t played the game in awhile and were outraged that EA would put a dying game on steam and warned everyone to ignore the positive reviews because they were lying. Those particular reviews cracked me up.

A few members of my guild have switched to steam for some of the additional benefits you can get. I haven’t decided yet if I want to make the switch. Truth be told, I’m not really interested in any of the bundles, so I’m probably not going to even bother.

One thing I am having issues with because of the new players is that I’m constantly getting kicked off the server. One minute I have four bars and everything is working as it should — the next I’m getting an x and am promptly kicked off the server. Others in my guild have also reported they’re continuously kicked off the server. So Bioware may want to think about boosting the server to accommodate more people.

Other than that, having so many new players is definitely helping the game get the attention it deserves and has tremendously helped with bringing the prices on the GTN down. We’ll see if it stays down — my guess is it won’t stay that way. Surprisingly, it has even somewhat helped the gen chat on the Imperial fleet. For the last two days I have seen more people actually talking about the game or other less controversial topics than politics and religion. That I’m sure definitely will not last long, but it’s nice while it lasts.

I am hoping that in the coming days we will continue to see an incline in player activity and that the community remains mostly positive.

–Chash Larol

(Mostly) Non Spoiler First Impressions of Onslaught

As excited as I was for Onslaught to come out I didn’t play the latest expansion until recently. I tried to run my toons through it when it first came out, but truthfully I need a new computer. The updated graphics are starting to become too much for my crappy laptop to handle.

I had to use my brother’s computer to finish playing Jedi Under Siege when it was first released. I could get through most of JUS on my laptop, but for some reason the final cutscene was too much for the graphics card to handle and it always froze. The same kept happening whenever I tried to play Onslaught and eventually resigned myself to waiting until I could afford to buy a gaming computer to play any further in the game. And since my bank account is a little tight right now and will be for the foreseeable future, I figured several expansions would be out before that happened.

However, my wonderful sister came to the rescue and showed me how I could change the graphics settings on my Windows 8 laptop to be more compatible with the game. The graphics look a lot better and I was able to get through both Jedi Under Siege and Onslaught with minimal trouble. I will still need a better computer someday soon, but for now the new graphics settings will get me through SWTOR.

With that being said, as soon as I could play Onslaught I eagerly ran my BH through it for the first time and found it highly enjoyable in spite of how short it was. If you haven’t played Onslaught as a spy I would recommend doing so because it was a lot of fun sabotaging the Empire’s efforts and then watching the Sith act pathetically grateful when I’d tell Darth Malgus nobody was to blame. I will admit that I did get the feeling Darth Malgus suspected my BH and was genuinely terrified that he would force choke her and throw her out an airlock.

I won’t go into too much detail because I don’t want to spoil anyone who hasn’t played Onslaught yet, but I am very intrigued with the direction the devs are taking the story and look forward to finding out more about the plague they introduced and where they plan on taking Darth Malgus’ story next.

There are two things I would like to talk about. The first was the surprise flirt response toward Darth Malgus. My first reaction was to cringe because he essentially looks like a walking corpse, but I am curious if they mean to actually do anything about that potential relationship or is it a light flirtation made to appease those who have wanted that for awhile? If the devs are planning a romance that raises many speculations regarding his continued story.

The second was the surprising reference to The Force Awakens that can be found in the Force Enclave in the Odessen Base. I was very excited to see it and told my sister all about it even though she probably wished I would shut up since she hasn’t played Onslaught yet. In the enclave there’s a droid showing a map to two certain returning companions that looks similar to the map R2D2 showed where he revealed the location of Luke Skywalker. I thought it a fitting reference since the two companions are searching for the lost ship.

Honestly, if I had been smarter I would have dragged out Onslaught because now I’m chomping at the bit for more and it sounds like new story content won’t be out until later in the year. As much as I loved Onslaught I am hoping that whatever they come out with next will be a lot longer and that there will be more to the story. It kind of felt, not exactly rushed, but like they could have introduced more, except they were using Onslaught as a filler leading up to the new storyline. And since Jedi Under Seige also felt like a filler it was disappointing to have two fillers in a row.
In the meantime, I’m going to be running some of my other toons through Onslaught. My Jedi knight will probably be next since I’m curious to see how the story plays differently on a purely light side character.

–Chash Larol