I Am Legendary

I’m proud to announce that I finished the Consular story and forever more known in a galaxy far far away as a Legendary Player. The third chapter wasn’t so bad and made up for the first two being so dull. It was interesting encountering more Children of the Emperor and learning they were insinuated into the Republic as sleeper agents. Even more fascinating was that some of them didn’t even know who they were until they were “activated.” Since there were so many of them and they had infiltrated all aspects of the Republic I feel like the Trooper should have had an encounter with one or two of them. It probably would have been difficult to fit them in somewhere though since the Trooper’s story features heavily on the war between the Republic and the Empire through the eyes of non-force users.

One thing that I did find slightly disappointing was how predictable it was to guess who the Children of the Emperor and the First Son were. Even the traitor on my ship feeding the Empire information was predictable. I hoped I was wrong even as I guessed them to be the traitor and then encountered them in full Sith garb. I liked the final boss fight with the First Son. It took me completely by surprise when I died via a heavy boulder landing on top of me. It has been a long time since I died during a fight in the base game.

I originally had no intention to romance any of the Consular’s companions, but a last minute decision had me romancing Felix. I hadn’t responded to any of his flirtations right up until I only had two flirt options and a rude rejection. It is so annoying when the devs do that and I wish they had given us the option to continue ignoring his advances. They do the same thing with Doc. My first play through I romanced him and then rejected him in my second play through. He took it badly and to be honest the rejection could have been handled better since my Jedi came across as abruptly rude. So to prevent another scene like that from happening again, I went ahead and responded positively to Felix’s flirtations even though I felt like I should have stuck with the Jedi code.

I did find Tharan Cedrax’s flirtations amusing, though I don’t understand why he thought we were in some kind of relationship even though I either ignored him or reminded him of Holiday at every opportunity. It was hilarious when he later decided we shouldn’t be together because Holiday was jealous and I couldn’t help thinking, seriously dude we were never in a relationship. I suppose he thought I was sending him mixed signals or something even though I expressed my disinterest over and over again.

One thing that confused me was some of the things my companions disapproved of me saying. I even looked up their info the summary provided to double check their likes and dislikes to try to figure out why they were disapproving. The first time I was baffled was when Tharan disapproved when I welcomed Felix aboard. All I said was something along the lines of good to have you. I suppose he could have been jealous at having another guy join my crew. He didn’t disapprove when Zenith joined so maybe it was because Felix was a potential love interest? Maybe he thought Felix would compete for my affections? Either way I’m not sure I understand why the devs would have him disapprove since Tharan’s not even a true love interest.

Another thing some of my crew disapproved of was when I pledged to teach Nadia the ways of the force after accepting her as a padawan. I could understand why Tharan didn’t like it since he considered the force mystical nonsense, but I was confused about Felix’s disapproval since he doesn’t have anything against Jedi. I don’t recall ever being confused about what my companions like and dislike since Bioware makes it relatively easy. Those interactions however have me stumped.

I may eventually play the consular again either as a gray Jedi or a dark Jedi to see if there are any differences, though that will probably be some time down the road since I don’t think I’ll ever like the consular’s story as much as I like the other seven classes.

–Chash Larol

Progressing Through The Consular Story

In order to achieve legendary status, I need to finish the Jedi Consular’s story and I’ve really struggled to get through it. I started to play the Consular three times and every single time I ended up getting bored and creating another character to replay my favorites. My latest attempt has been with a Nauotlan named Nautalina.

After creating Nautalina, I began to slog my way through the story and made it to Nar Shaddaa before giving up and went back to playing my second Jedi Knight to get her through the expansions. Last Monday, I finally decided that the only way I would be able to get through the Consular’s story was to force myself play it and to keep at it no matter how boring I found it to be. So, that’s what I’ve been doing. I completed the first chapter and I’m half way through the second.

I have to be honest I was hoping the second chapter would be more interesting, but so far I’m not impressed. My brother told me the Consular is better if you make a dark Jedi, but I figured with my first play through I should at least attempt to play a good Jedi first. I know they were trying to make the Consular a diplomat who was calm and collected much like Qui Gon Jinn, but I feel like they could have at least made the story more exciting than simply shielding your masters and ferrying around a bunch of suspicious diplomats. Even the Consular’s voice is bland and devoid of emotion.

Nadia and her dad are interesting at least. I always enjoy the conversations between them and I’m interested to see how Nadia’s story progresses, especially since it looks like Nautalina will get the chance to teach her the ways of the Force soon.

I’m going to try to complete the Consular storyline by the end of the week because I really would like to finish all eight class stories. Here’s hoping the third chapter redeems the first two.

There is one thing I do find slightly disconcerting and that’s my character during cutscenes. I wish they would have let Nautolans blink or something rather than stare blankly. I find the big eyes a little creepy and since they don’t even blink it’s unnerving. It would be nice if the devs did something about that and at least added eyelids or something other than that blank stare.

–Chash Larol

When Conquest Is Taken Too Far

The past week among the Swtor community has been interesting to say the least. A lot of players have been talking about the new guild conquest changes and the guy who has been taking over conquest in the Darth Malgus server.

Shintar from Going Commando shared a screenshot of the conquest leaderboard where he apparently had his syndicate of guilds take over Ilum and dominated all ten positions on the leaderboard. Quite a few people thought this was weird and began sharing what was happening on social media and Bioware took notice, which is one of the reasons why they are taking steps to limit this kind of thing from happening again.

Since the DSGC moved to the Star Forge server recently and is part of the syndicate of guilds on Darth Malgus, I couldn’t help wondering if he plans to eventually take over all the servers. I find it a little weird that he would want to after he apparently threw a fit because The Sanctuary was dominating an entire server at one point and now it looks like he’s doing the same, but unlike The Sanctuary he is taking it even further.

Awhile ago I talked about conquest in general and wondered what conquest was like on all the servers. In the blog post I mentioned that Satele Shan was not nearly as competitive as Star Forge and that a light and dark side guild largely dominated the large and medium yields and let smaller guilds compete with each other on small yield. When I logged in today to do some stuff with my trooper on the Satele Shan server I was surprised to discover that conquest had changed a lot since I last checked.

According to an ex-Shield of Destiny/Rest in Peace member who left a comment on Shintar’s blog the guy from Darth Malgus is named Kort and there just happens to be a few guilds with the name Kort who have taken over conquest on Satele Shan. One of these Kort guilds is currently leading in large yield, while the DSGC had control over medium and small yield. A quick glance at the overall leaderboard showed that the Kort guilds have been eating their way through the planets and are slowly taking them away from the former guilds controlling the server. It boggles my mind how he didn’t even bother coming up with variations of Shield of Destiny/Rest in Peace as he did on the Darth Malgus server and was egotistical enough to name the guilds after himself. As far as I could see there were at least three of these Kort guilds and three DSGC guilds, including one that was name DSGC Mandalorians.

Clearly these people have no life and I can’t fathom why in the world he is taking a game so seriously or why he feels like he needs to go on this power trip. Either way, he needs to take a chill pill. As much as I like how easy conquest has become maybe Bioware made it a little too easy for people like him to dominate conquest. I doubt they’ll go back to making conquest harder again, but I do think some more changes to prevent stuff like this from happening are in order.

–Chash Larol

New Guild Conquest Changes Coming

As the title says there will be new conquest changes coming to Swtor soon that will especially affect larger conquest guilds and to be honest I think these changes will be a good thing. On the forums it was announced that when a new character joins a guild there will be a grace period of a week before their conquest will contribute to a guild. They will still be able to make their personal conquest goals, but none of their points will go toward the guild until the week is up. This grace period will be per character. If someone already has a character in that guild the grace period will only apply to their new toon. The grace period will also apply to new guilds being formed.

The second change is that when a player is removed from the guild by the guild leadership, their conquest contributions to the guild will be removed as well. If, however; a character leaves the guild of their own accord their points will remain with the guild during that conquest week.

I know a lot of players have mixed feelings about these additional changes, but to be honest I think in the long run it will help other guilds close the gap between the larger guilds who crank out 250 plus million conquest points. It will especially help my guild out because even though we are a large guild and we have conquered a few planets, it’s pretty much guaranteed we will lose if we go up against any of the other large guilds or even any guild who happens to be ninja inviting a bunch of players. This week is a prime example. We picked Ilum, since the large guilds all went for the other yields and out of no where this other guild comes along and takes it away from us. Turns out this guild is well known on all servers, especially the Darth Malgus server as a scammer guild — the DSGC. We have been trying really hard this week to take Ilum back but every time we close the gap, they jump ahead by forty million points.
It’s frustrating and quite frankly rankles that we are losing to a scammer guild, but there isn’t much we can do at this point other than try our best.

My guild does a lot of recruiting, one of my jobs as an officer is to recruit at least once or twice a week so it may seem like we are one of those guilds who ninja invite, but the truth us we’re not. We have no requirements when it comes to conquest and we won’t kick anyone out of the guild if they don’t make conquest that week because we are aware that real life comes first. The only requirement we have is that people log in at least once a week so they don’t get kicked for inactivity. They don’t even have to play. They can simply log in to keep their place in the guild and then log out. If someone leaves an absent note on our discord to let us know they will be gone for a week or two we generally try not to kick them unless they are gone for a month or more. Lately, we’ve also been asking absentees to take screenshots of their current ranking so in the event we do kick them we can add them back to the guild with the proper ranking.

To be honest, we don’t rely that much on the new guild members we invite to help us with conquest. More often then not we get new players who have never played Swtor before so we’ll spend time answering their questions or direct them to Swtorista or Vulkk. If any of them ask how they can contribute to the guild in conquest points we tell them just playing the game helps. Obviously, we won’t be able to tell them that once the changes go into affect, but I think in some ways it will take the pressure off them as we all adjust to each other. Our top conquesters are usually people who’ve been in the guild for awhile anyway and stayed because they liked the atmosphere.

This will help prevent a lot of the other large guilds from exploiting their new members and quite frankly will cut down on the massive recruiting. I think a lot of guilds will still recruit as many people as they can, but at least none of the conquests points will go to them that week, which means that certain guilds can’t recruit late at night as a way to widen the gap between them and other guilds. That is something that quite frankly happens a lot and it’s especially frustrating for my guild. We work hard all day closing the gap between us and whichever guild is ahead of us and then we go to bed and wake up, only to discover that they went on a massive recruiting spree late at night and managed to amass a large amount of CQ. Neither I or the other recruiters are willing to stay up late at night just to employ this method and I personally find it slightly dishonest. I feel like if you have to resort to this method just to stay ahead, then you are taking the game way too seriously because in the end it is just that — a game.

Another thing this will stop is the guild hoppers. Guilds who are currently winning will go on massive recruiting sprees sure, though we can’t lay the blame entirely on them because a lot of players will join the guild currently winning as a way to get the ‘conqueror of’ titles that they don’t have yet and then leave the guild as soon as the planet is won. Because of this new one week grace period they won’t be able to get the title so there will be less incentive to guild hop.

The second change being made where guilds will lose CQ if the leadership removes players from the guild is also a good idea. There are many guilds that will use new members or even create new characters for themselves to rack up as many CQ as they can that week and then remove them once they get enough conquest out of them. Certain guilds on the Star Forge server especially do this by recruiting people and then removing them once they make conquest. Another method that is often used by bigger guilds is to have certain members that have 150% stronghold bonus run several toons through the story since you can accumulate a ton of CQ that way and then remove them from the guild and start over again. Having a one week grace period means that if they want to continue using that method they will have to store the toons into the guild for a week before they can use them thus taking up valuable space. It will also prevent them from removing members who didn’t make as much conquest as they wanted until possibly Tuesday if they don’t want to lose any points that week.

I’m sure eventually these guilds will find a work around that they can take advantage of and will continue to dominate the playing field, but at least they won’t be getting such high numbers via massive recruiting and it should help smaller guilds to close the gap a little between them and the larger guilds.

–Chash Larol

Spirit Of Vengeance – A Mandalorian Tale

It doesn’t surprise me the Bioware devs came out with a Mandalorian flashpoint since Mandos are in style right now. It did however surprise me that they didn’t wrap it up neatly in one FP as I was expecting. I am wondering if this might be a case of biting off more than they can chew because we have the thing with Darth Malgus, Empress Acina and her Hand, the Republic trying to rebuild, the Mandalorians starting a rebellion, and the possibility of Vaylin following in her dearly departed father’s footsteps of body snatching. The main question I have — is all of this going to be connected? Or are they going to start two different storylines? Fair warning there’s going to be spoilers about the new flashpoint.

In a previous update you meet Jekiah Ordo talking to Shae Vizla about a potential uprising against her. In the 6.2 update you see another cutscene of them where they’re discussing the trouble brewing among the Mandalorians again and it sounds like the situation’s getting worst. Low and behold after the events with the Emperor a rebel faction tried to seize control of Shae Vizla’s flagship, The Spirit of Vengeance II, setting off a chain reaction that led to the events in the flashpoint.

One thing I would like to mention is that as the Commander of the Alliance, I don’t have a flagship and contrary to what Lana thinks, I don’t crash all of my ships. Just the unimportant ones. Seriously though, I feel like the Alliance needs a flagship of their own since they don’t have the Gravestone anymore. Unfortunately, I don’t think that’s ever going to happen.

Anyways, you offer to help Shae take back her flagship and you have to board three smaller Mandalorian ships that are tethered to the Spirit of Vengeance II to detach them from the flagship. You crash land into the hanger (sorry Lana) and meet Rass Ordo, Jekiah’s younger brother. I thought Rass was a great character and I hope to see more of him. It would be really cool if he becomes a companion later on. I liked his dry sense of humor and how laid back he was, seeming to be content to let you lead. He clearly looked up to his older brother and was concerned about him, urging you to get through the ships quickly to find Jekiah.

I think it’s awesome to finally get to have a longer interaction with Mandos from Clan Ordo. As I’ve mentioned before, Canderous Ordo is one of my favorite characters from Kotor. Throughout Mandalorian history, Clan Ordo has been one of the few clans that manages to unite the clans together during times of crisis. Whether they will be able to do it again or not is the question. Mandalorians in many ways are like Klingons from Star Trek. Both of them need a common enemy to fight, otherwise they begin to fight among themselves. Which is clearly what’s happening now.

You get through the ships, removing the tethers and fighting your way through the rebel Mandos and then take on the Spirit of Vengeance II. There is where you catch up with Jekiah and his men as they’re retreating to the bridge. You charge in and meet the leader of the rebellion, Field Marshal Heta Kol. You fight a few rounds with her and then in typical bad guy fashion she runs away when it’s clear you have the upper hand. After she’s gone you discover that the rebels stole a banner from Clan Cadera, which confuses everyone as they wonder why they would want a banner from a disgraced clan. Torian is alive in my BH play-through, so there was a brief scene where he once again expresses remorse for his clan’s past mistake. It was suggested the banner was going to be used as a symbol of rebellion, though Shae Vizla thinks there might be something more going on.

I’ll admit I’m not sure where the devs are going with this whole captured banner thing. It may be something similar to Ancient Roman times when their Legions carried Standards into battle. If they lost the Standard in battle or it was captured by the enemy that Legion would forever be disgraced unless they were able to regain their honor. Clan Cadera was disgraced after they sided against Mandalore the Vindicated, but Torian was able to regain some honor for his clan. Why the Hidden Chain would want that banner in particular is a mystery. I doubt they blindly grabbed the nearest banner before they left, so there is something larger at play here that has yet to be revealed.

After that we see a cut scene where Heta Kol sweeps into a room where her cohorts are bickering among themselves as they place the blame on each other for their failure. She throws a detonator at Tyrus Brokenblade of Clan Varad and he catches it, holding on to the detonator as Kol moves around the room explaining that if he lets go they’ll all die. She proceeds to stab him repeatedly in the side while talking about how they need to stick together no matter what. Tyrus passes her test by not letting go of the detonator in spite of the fact he must have been in a lot of pain and she deactivates the bomb. They all leave the room quickly after that and she turns to the banner and says, “Mando’ad, draar digu” (Mandalorians, never forget).

This additional cutscene was intriguing because it reveals even more about the Hidden Chain. It is clear that Heta Kol has her own agenda and I’m sure we’ll see what it is in the future. I’m pretty sure the devs are basing this new faction loosely on Death Watch from The Clone Wars. Death Watch believed Mandalorians had lost their way and became terrorists who sought to restore Mandalore to it’s former glory. Heta Kol also wants to restore Mandalorians to their former glory instead of acting as mercenaries for hire and she’s willing to do whatever it takes to achieve her goals. I’ll admit her ruthlessness at the end when she stabbed Tyrus repeatedly surprised me. It further cements my belief that the Hidden Chain will be similar to Death Watch because her actions lack honor and one of the things that make Mandalorians more than just a group of thugs is that they have a strong sense of honor and loyalty. In the end she would restore Mandalorians to their former glory, but they would be much like they were during The Mandalorian Wars when they tried to conquer many of the core worlds.

There are a lot of questions that need to be answered with this latest update and I look forward to seeing what’s next.

–Chash Larol

Echoes of Oblivion – The End of A Story

I didn’t get to play the 6.2 story update until Saturday because I was having issues with my vision and needed to get the prescriptions of my contacts adjusted. So until then I stayed off my computer so as not to strain my eyes. My sister played Echoes of Oblivion as soon as her computer finished the update and watching her facial expressions as she went through the story was comical. I knew the moment she faced Valkorian because her eyes narrowed and she said, “You!” As I continued watching her, there was a moment when her expression registered surprise and another time when she tried to suppress a smile. I told her I was going to mention her and her reactions in my next blog post. To be honest, watching her facial expressions made me want to jump on my computer and play it anyway.

Fair warning, this post will have spoilers for Echoes of Oblivion so if you haven’t played the latest story update yet I’d recommend going no further. I will cover the Mandalorian flashpoint in my next post because there was so much going on with both stories introduced in this latest update it would make for a very long read if I tried to write about all of it at once.

Echoes of Oblivion began with T7 contacting you because he found the transport where Satele Shan and her students had been isolated after a plague was released when Kira and Scourge destroyed the Emperor’s original body. He was immediately attacked by an unknown enemy and went silent, but not before transmitting the coordinates to his location. At the hangar on your way to the coordinates, Theron showed up and wanted to join your party because he was worried about his mother. It seemed kind of weird that Theron was sure the plague wouldn’t affect him and yet Lana was staying behind because she was afraid it would affect her. I clearly recall a time on Ziost when both of them were able to resist the Emperor’s influence. Perhaps this type of mind control was stronger than before? I’m not sure. Before you could decide if Theron should go, Arcann and Senya also showed up and said they wanted to go much to the consternation of Kira and Scourge. You had the option of telling them they couldn’t come. I don’t know if that option would stop them or not because I told them they could come with us. I was very happy to see Senya and Arcann again in this new update and I hold out hope that we will see more of them in the future.

One thing I would like to mention is that I am really finding Scourge’s newfound emotions humorous. In the Jedi Knight story he’s so calm and collected. Since his reintroduction he’s become a seething mass of bad temperament. If he’s not smashing my stuff, then he’s charging head first into a conflict without waiting to hear the plan. The exchange between the two of you when you wondered why the transport was so massive frustrated him to no end because he felt you were focusing on something trivial.

So when you make it to the transport you encounter the Servants of the Emperor and the last of the Scion coming to die as their prophecy foretold. I wondered when this would happen since the last time I saw them was on Iokath and they were pretty useless. One could argue they were useless this time around too, but I guess they slowed down the Servants of the Emperor long enough for you to get there. What I found especially interesting was when you tell Servant Four (that name cracks me up) that the Emperor doesn’t care about them, she countered with a line like, ‘Why should a god care about us?’ Well…at least she knew her place in the galaxy.

Then came the first surprise. Revan showed up! I was not expecting that because I thought Revan’s story was done, so it was a pleasant surprise. It was especially interesting to discover Kira never knew about Revan because Scourge thought she wouldn’t be able to work with him. This leads me to wonder if there’s anymore information Scourge might be holding back.

When you finally reach Satele and her students you form a meditation circle (Theron stayed behind to keep watch) and enter Satele’s mind to find out what’s going on. You enter a mindscape where you encounter Valkorian and discover that a spectre of him lived on through the mind plague. When he acted like he didn’t know me, my first thought was, ‘what game are you playing at?’ Then something really cool happened. Tenebrae, Valkorian, and Vitiate separated into three entities and yet they were still one. It turns out for the very first time you are actually meeting Tenebrae, which was why at first he didn’t know who you were until he searched through their memories. I thought that was very cool. Everyone eventually encounters Vitiate first on Ziost and then Yavin 4. The Jedi knight especially has a strong connection to Vitiate since a lot of their story from the base game revolved around the Emperor. And of course, everyone encounters Valkorian through the KOTFE and KOTET expansions. To actually meet Tenebrae for the first time and watch as he criticized his future selves for failing to accomplish his original goal was awesome.

After that you had to wander through the mindscape to try and reach the center where Satele Shan and her students were located. The mindscape was very similar to the ones you traveled through in the last expansions, but it also kind of reminded me of the Fade from the Dragon Age games. They even have you encounter creatures with vices for names much like the demons from Dragon Age.

There were so many cameo appearances in the mindscape. First came Meetra Surik, we haven’t seen her since the Jedi Prisoner flashpoints and then Darth Marr showed up. Thexan and Vaylin also made an entrance. Senya had a moment with Vaylin where she apologized for everything that had happened to her daughter. I was really hoping Senya would gain some kind of closure by seeing her daughter again, but later you get mail from Senya where she confessed to you that she still felt immensely guilty and didn’t get the closure she was hoping for. So that was kind of sad. Afterward the entire family united in an attempt to hold back Valkorian while you go on ahead.

The final boss fight was interesting. There were three rounds as you fought each incarnation of the Emperor that definitely reminded me of the boss fights from Dragon Age 2. I’m honestly not sure how I survived the first round because I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do. There were a lot of stuff around the room that were clearly targeting me and I couldn’t click on any of them. So what I resorted to doing was running around the room shooting at Valkorian. The second round was much easier to understand and had waves of enemies coming from all sides that I dealt with quickly. The third round was pretty cool, though not because of anything about the fight itself specifically. What I found interesting about it was Tenebrae and what he was doing during the fight. The first thing he did was become larger than life and then he struck a pose so reminiscent of Corypheus from Dragon Age: Inquisition that they had to have used the same model when making that round. As soon as I saw him strike that pose I thought, Who invited Corypheus to this fight?

The ending where the three Emperors made one last desperate attempt to defeat you was a great scene. A boat load of people showed up at the end including the Sixth Line and the Children of the Emperor…everyone that he had influenced over the years was there in a final showdown. It was a satisfactory ending to a story that began back in 2003 with the first Knights of the Old Republic game.

You had a short conversation with Satele Shan at the end of the battle back in the settings of the Odessen Wilds and when you woke up Lana was there to take you home. After that there was a cut scene between Aryn Leneer and Satele, reminding you that Darth Malgus is still out there.

The story was a lot to take in and once I finished it I just sat there for awhile mulling things over in my head before jumping into the Mandalorian flashpoint. The devs did a great job tying everything up and it was great getting to confront the Emperor for the last time and close the chapter for what may be one of the greatest villains in gaming history (in my opinion at least). My next post will be up in a day or two to talk about the new story arc they introduced with the Mandalorians.

–Chash Larol

Companion Leveling Part 3

I finally did it! I finally leveled a companion up to fifty! It felt so great to finally get Aric Jorgan to fifty. Am I using the word ‘finally’ too much? Probably. Just goes to show how excited I am that he’s done and truthfully the only word that seems fitting right now is finally.

Admittedly, I could have leveled him to fifty a lot sooner than this if I had tried harder, but I find standing there handing out 400+ gifts to one companion mind numbingly boring even with the faster gift giving unlocked. It does make it a little easier now that they’ve added Companion Influencer as a semi-fast way to make conquest. It gives me extra incentive to take a companion to the fleets and give them a few gifts.

The first thing I did to celebrate was to send Aric Jorgan on a few crew skill missions to see how well he’d do. So far he has come back with something every single time and in larger quantities. He also brings back more purple mats, which has always been a struggle for me since my companions rarely ever get them. Aric Jorgan isn’t the only companion I have managed to get to 50 though.

This week is the one year anniversary of my guild so to celebrate we are hosting several events throughout the week and giving away prizes and raffle tickets. The raffle tickets are for the mother load of all prizes that some lucky winners will be able to win at the end of the week. We have this weekly event we do on Mondays called Find A Dude. Basically it’s hide and seek with riddles as clues and you have to solve the riddles in order to find the two people hiding. This week it was decided we would make the event even bigger by having six people hide on three different planets and each person that found them would get prizes and raffle tickets.

While this was going on I was keeping an eye on the guild chat to see if anyone had found them yet and hanging out on our flagship. I had bought a few companion gifts earlier and was handing them out to Theron Shan and was able to get him from level forty-five to fifty. So, I’m really happy that I now have two companions on two different characters at level fifty. It should really help with my crafting. I haven’t taken either of them into combat, so I don’t know how much better they’ll be at fighting yet.

I still need to get a few more of my companions to level fifty on my bounty hunter. I’m going to do the same thing on all of my toons that have crafting skills since I now know how beneficial it is to level them up.

–Chash Larol

Pub Fleet Chat Vs. Imp

I think most can agree that gen chat has some of the most toxic conversations that go on. I’ve been trying to avoiding the gen chat as much as possible by having a separate tab for the guild. Dromund Kaas and the Imperial fleet have by far the worst conversations on the Star Forge server and they are unfathomably proud of it.

A few guildies have expressed gratitude that the guild chat gives them a reprieve from all the nonsense and some have even admitted they have separate tabs for gen and guild chat as I do. Because of everything that has been going on in the world lately, politics and covid very much dominate the conversations. Which is sad if you think about it since playing games should be a way to escape reality for a few hours.

One of the things I’ve found weird is that every so often we get new members into the guild who like to talk about how toxic gen chat is, but claim that the Republic fleet chat is ten times worst. That has always struck me as odd because the few times I’ve spent any length of time on the Republic fleet didn’t seem that bad. I’m a naturally curious person and once I have a question that needs to be answered it nags at me until I finally answer it. So for the past two month I have been conducting an experiment to see which fleet chats are worst.

I already knew the fleet chat on Imp side was pretty bad, though for the sake of the experiment I switched to the gen tab and read the conversations going on. After that I logged into the fleet at different times of the day between early morning and late evening. The chat never varied. Sometimes I would see someone asking for help and there was a lot of trading going on, but the bulk of the conversations were about covid and politics.

I watched the Imp side gen chat for a few weeks and then switched over to the Pub side and hung around on the fleet there for the next few weeks. I logged in at different times of the day and the difference between the two fleets was astonishing. Sometimes I would see a player bring up politics or try to troll and it would quickly get shot down. Every time I logged in the conversations going on were pleasant and they would talk about games and movies. If someone asked for help they were quick to respond and help them in anyway they could. One time when I was on someone made a comment about the imp side gen chat and they all agreed it was horrible there and then went on to talk about something else. If that had been said on imp side it would have devolved into name calling and bullying.

So, I think it’s safe to say that the Republic fleet chat is by far superior to imp side (on Star Forge at least). It was nice seeing everyone in the chat getting along and being helpful. Another thing I found interesting about the Pub chat was that there were long stretches of silence. Even when there were over a hundred people on. Imp side chat never shuts up long enough for their to be a lull in the conversation.

I’m not entirely sure why anyone would say Pub side chat is worst than Imp side. It’s possible they could have gone to the fleet at the wrong time or perhaps they’re remembering what Pub side was like before the server merges.

–Chash Larol

For Kith and Kin

I’ve been talking about my guild a lot lately and this post will be no exception. It truly is a great guild filled with wonderful people, but today I’d like to talk about my clan. My guild has four clans, they are similar to smaller guilds within a larger one. As I’ve mentioned before we are not an RP guild, but we are nerds who like to stick as close to Mandalorian lore as much as possible. Mandalorians have multiple clans that unite under one banner and one leader during times of war. We strove to be similar to that by dividing members into four clans — Lok, Fett, Vizsla, and Ordo. There are many, many other clans throughout Star Wars history, but it was decided to keep things simple and the numbers more balanced by only having four.

Not all of our members are in clans of course. We do highly encourage everyone to join a clan of their choosing because there are certain guild activities that are restricted to those in a clan, such as our weekly PVP tourney. One thing we tell those who express interest in joining a clan is to take their time and get to know the other members of the guild because each clan has their strength and weaknesses. They also have something they specialize in and sometimes run activities that are for clan members only. The clans also have their own colors and it’s encouraged, though not mandatory that members of the clans dye their clothes to fit their clan colors so we know at a glance which clan everyone is in.

I was part of the guild for a month before I joined a clan. I chose Ordo because Canderous Ordo is one of my favorite characters from Kotor. In our discord each clan has their own private chat channel where we can talk or set up an activity to do together. It’s a lot of fun to geek out with clan members about Star Wars or talk about what’s going on in our lives. In some ways it’s like being part of a small tightknit family within the large guild.

Clan Ordo’s colors are light and dark grey. At first I didn’t bother with the clan colors and wore whatever dyes I wanted, but as I saw more and more Ordo members running around in cool outfits that had been dyed to our colors I wanted to show my appreciation for the clan and create my own ensemble. It took me awhile to come up with an outfit I liked that went well with the light and dark grey dye. I didn’t want to pay millions of credits buying the most expensive pieces, so I tried to find armor that was inexpensive. I think my outfit cost around 30 million credits total by the time it was finished. I wanted my outfit to be as unique as possible and so far I believe I’ve succeeded since I haven’t seen anyone in the guild come close to a similar outfit.

Everyone who is in a clan has a friendly rivalry. We kid each other all the time about which clan is better. One of the things others find both amusing and slightly exasperating is that members of Ordo like to randomly chant “Ordo!” in the guild chat. Clan Lok has also come up with their own chant of “Lok and Load”. The other two clans have yet to come up with a permanent chant for themselves. Every now and then someone takes clan alliances too seriously, but for the most part we all get along no matter how dedicated we are to our clans.

There was a point when I seriously considered switching clans and joining Lok because they were struggling to get any members while Ordo had new people almost daily. In the end I didn’t because Lok managed to gain some popularity by advertising they would be running ops and pvp for their members. In many ways I’m glad I never switched clans because I’ve come to know a few individuals from Ordo and I enjoy talking to them. I’m probably not as active as I should be in clan activities, but I do like being part of the clan and whenever someone expresses an interest in joining one I’m quick to tell them the benefits.

–Chash Larol