Ten Years of Swtor

Today is Swtor’s 10th anniversary. It’s hard to believe that this game is a decade old already. Swtor has had some ups and downs over the years, but judging from the last dev stream they are committed to making ten more years of experiences.

Sadly, I haven’t been playing since launch, something I deeply regret, but at the time I mostly played single player rpgs (still do) and didn’t have any desire to play online games. I didn’t start playing Swtor until 2016. I played it for free for awhile and eventually subscribed once I finished the base game. Anybody remember when Wal-mart sold Swtor time cards? Kind of wish I had kept the last time card I bought as a souvenir. It came in a really cool case, though I’m sure I could still get one on Amazon, assuming they haven’t stopped selling them yet.

The latest expansion, Legacy of the Sith was supposed to come out in December 15th in honor of the 10th anniversary, but they had to delay it until February 15th. I don’t mind per se that they delayed the expansion. If they need more time, then I would gladly ask that they get it right and make sure the launch runs smoothly with as few bugs as possible. However, February is really a bad time because a lot of other games are coming out around that same time. February is almost always a busy month for gamers and I’m worried that there might be more than a few who will choose to play other games over Swtor’s newest expansion, which may hurt them a bit. Perhaps I’m worrying needlessly and the next expansion will do well.

Looking back there really haven’t been too many milestones this year as far as story content goes. Secrets of the Enclave was great and I am definitely looking forward to more of Darth Malgus’ story and his plans for the galaxy far, far away. The Mandalorians arc is still ongoing as well. I was actually expecting them to have finished that story arc by now through small story updates, but so far we haven’t seen much since The Spirit of Vengeance came out. Which makes me wonder if Heta Kol is going to play a much larger role than I originally thought in the ongoing story or maybe they intend to have two different stories going at the same time. It’s hard to tell at this point.

Either way, I hope they continue to make great content for as long as they can. I want to give a shoutout to the devs for being as passionate about Swtor as we are and thank you for 10 years of great content.

Who Is Darth Nul?

I usually try to stay away from speculation of what might happen next in an ongoing story because more often than not I end up disappointed that the writers went in a different direction. A prime example would be Morrigan from Dragon Age: Origins. I thought for sure she would be the next big bad when she told the Grey Warden about the ritual. Imagine my surprise and disappointment when Inquisition came out. It was a wasted opportunity in my opinion. However, this time I thought why not share some of my theories. Chances are very slim that I’ll be right, but half of the fun is trying to figure out what happens next.

So one of the biggest questions on our minds is who is Darth Nul? First I find the spelling of the word itself very telling. If they had spelled the mysterious Sith Lord’s name Null that would have some interesting implications. Not only because of the definition of the word, but also because of the lore that surrounds Warb Null. If you would like to know more about Warb Null I recommend looking up Illeva’s video where she covers his background.

Let’s look at the definitions of null and nul. Null is an adjective meaning “having no legal or binding force; invalid.” Other synonyms are “void,” “annulled,” “abolished,” and “canceled”.
Nul is also an adjective that means “not any.” The word null was borrowed from the Anglo-French nul and that word can be traced back to the Latin word nullus, from ne-, which means “not,” and “ullus, meaning “any.”

So we have two words with similar, yet different definitions. The easiest explanation for the two different spellings was that the devs wanted to establish a difference between the two Sith Lords, however, I’m also convinced they chose this name specifically because of the meaning of the word(s).

This ties into my theory of what Darth Malgus is planning. In my last post I briefly mentioned that in the latest teaser trailer, Darth Malgus’ voiceover talked about how the Sith and the Jedi had been controlling the galaxy for centuries and that he thought it was time to break the cycle. Clearly this means that Darth Malgus has completely turned his back on the Empire. We know that Malgus’ ideals have been at odds with the Empire for some time now. When we first met him, he was attempting to take over in the wake of the Emperor’s death and lead the Empire in a different direction. One where they rejected their archaic beliefs of keeping the Empire pure and embraced other alien races into their ranks.

Much later, Empress Ancina/Vowrawn had him kept on a tight leash, which further alienated him against the Empire and now he seems to be relentlessly searching for mysterious artifacts that could destroy both the Jedi and Sith as we know them. The question is what will these artifacts do? We’ve seen how powerful the Force can be, especially when it’s used for nefarious purposes. Valkorion used a dark ritual that destroyed an entire planet.

My theory is that this mysterious Darth Nul was extensively studying how the Force works and discovered a way to either make the Force void or change it so drastically that it would create a wound in the Force and nullify it. Which means that both the Sith and the Jedi would crumble when they can’t access the Force anymore or have difficulties using it. It would then open the way for non-force users to take back control of the galaxy and potentially establish peace without having to worry about the Jedi and the Sith constantly fighting each other.

What do you all think? Is my theory too far fetched? Let me know in the comments below what you think will happen in Legacy of the Sith.

Legacy of the Sith, What Do We Really Know?

So I didn’t cover the few things that were revealed other than the new potential romance in yesterday’s rant post. There honestly isn’t much to say since the devs want us to discover what happens in LoTS for ourselves and I’m okay with that because I’m expecting a few surprise reveals.

In the livestream they introduced a few new characters and confirmed the return of others such as Darth Rivix, Tau Idair, Arn Peralun, and Lana. Why they made a big deal about Lana’s return I don’t know since she has been in every story update so far. At this point it’s to be expected that she will always be part of the story going forward until and unless they write her out.

They also showed new art work that will no doubt be the new loading screen when the expansion comes out. The style looks different from their usual so I’m not sure what’s up with that. Maybe they are trying out something new. It’s nice, though Lana and Tau’s face look a little weird in my opinion.

The biggest reveal was made in typical Bioware fashion. Keith came onto the stream to briefly troll Eric Musco before announcing a new trailer that was put together using old footage with a voiceover of Darth Malgus. What really made everyone stand up and take notice was a close up of a pair of eyes that is not old footage.

Based on the color of her skin and the markings on her face many are speculating she could be the Twi’lek in the new art work holding a lightsaber. This Twi’lek interestingly enough was not part of the new line up of characters that were revealed, which means they want to keep her identity a secret. The question is why? What role does she play in Legacy of the Sith? Who is she? And which side is she on?

I am personally hoping she is neither Jedi nor Sith. Her purple lightsaber could indicate she is either a dark side user or someone who tries to balance both sides. My main Jedi carries a purple lightsaber because I like to think of her as a gray Jedi. So it would be interesting if they introduce a new character who embodies that practice.

I am also very curious about Darth Malgus’ plans. In the voiceover he talks about how the galaxy has been controlled by the Jedi and the Sith and how he wants to break that cycle. This monologue reminds me a lot of Kreia and how she wanted to destroy the Force to end the cycle of war between the Jedi and the Sith. Is it Malgus’ intentions to destroy the Force? I don’t know, but it does sound like they might be taking inspiration from Kotor 2. And somehow it ties into the mysterious Darth Null. This next expansion definitely sounds intriguing and I’m looking forward to whatever comes next!

New Romances Are Overrated, Yes I Said It

I haven’t been saying much about most of the upcoming changes that will be coming to the game in 7.0 because I would like to wait and observe these changes for myself before I decide how I truly feel about them. I also feel like the few changes I do have an opinion on would just be parroting what others have already said.

However there is one opinion I would like to share. Yesterday was the dev livestream where they teased some things that will happen in the next expansion, including when Legacy of the Sith will be released. December 14th for those who might not yet know. One thing they teased was that the players would get to kiss someone new and Jackie was really excited about whoever this person is supposed to be (she was fanning herself during the announcement). The chat in the livestream exploded with this new information and most seem to be genuinely curious and excited about the prospect of another potential love interest. I felt meh about the whole thing.

What’s the point in getting excited about new romances when they never do anything about the relationships they’ve already established? I kind of understand why they would drop any future scenes with Koth because almost nobody likes him and I personally will never romance him, but there are a few who have and are waiting for them to add more.

It’s the same with Theron except most players actually like him. I have no data to back up this claim, but I’m pretty sure most of us have kept him alive through nearly all of our playthroughs and yet the devs seem to cater to those who didn’t. Then there’s Aric Jorgan, Corso Riggs, Doc, Felix, and so many more they’ve introduced since the beginning. What’s the point in adding all these romance options if they’re not even going to write in new scenes for them from time to time? They don’t even have to add new scenes for established couples every time they drop a new story. Just a very short scene once a year would be more than they already do. Instead, they try to pacify everyone by introducing new romance options that will ultimately go nowhere.

Sorry about the rant post I’m just beginning to wonder what is the point in romancing anyone in the game if said romance always falls to the wayside. What do you all think? Is it actually a good idea for the devs to keep introducing new romances or would you rather see them work on already established ones?

Dev Tracker News, Economy Inflation – How Do We Fix It?

New changes have been announced that will go into affect when 7.0 drops.

The first announcement was changes to the Dailies and Weeklies missions. They intend to rotate Weekly Missions so that all players are able to do the same missions. According to the Dev Tracker, players will still have access to Weekly Missions that aren’t part of the rotation, but the rewards will be reduced. I personally like this upcoming change. I know it was kind of annoying to find anyone to do the Dailies and Weeklies with during Galactic Seasons because we were all doing different missions and not many of us ever seemed to have the same missions at the same time. It would also be nice to have more incentive to do other Weeklies. I have a tendency to do CZ-198 over and over again, especially since I maxed out on reputation for most of them.

The next announced change will be shared tagging. Now this one I actually like. There are a lot of very inconsiderate players who like to either steal your kills or collect the objective while you deal with the mob. With this new change players will be able to share credit for kills and even share loot. Another thing that will be added is if a healer were to heal another player who is dealing damage to a NPC, the healer will also get shared credit.

I recently started playing Guild Wars 2. I haven’t invested too much time into the game yet and I’m still on the fence of whether or not I like it enough to play long term. I’m not exactly a fan of having to grind to a certain level in order to unlock the next part of the story, but one thing I really have enjoyed is being able to share kills with others. It allows players not only to share objectives with each other, but also to help each other out. In GW2, if another player dies and if you revive them you will be rewarded for reviving them.
One time I was questing and someone died very close to me so I ran over to heal them and the same boar (those boars are really tough) that attacked them also attacked me. So I ran away. After healing myself, I ran back to the player and the boar attacked again. I wacked it with my sword a few times, ran away again, healed myself, and then went back for the boar.
I did this repeatedly until I successfully killed the boar and then revived the player. This entire time the player waited patiently for me to finish and even joked in chat about that being one tough boar. After the player was revived they thanked me and then since we happened to be going the same way, we quested together for awhile until I had to log off and make dinner. So far that is my most memorable moment in GW2 and funny enough I even thought that this was something that should be implemented into Swtor.

Will it cut down on rude people stealing objectives? No, probably not, but it could at least give others incentive to help out with kills or even to prevent players from mob stealing, which has happened to me a lot.

The other changes will be economy adjustments, combat change – vanish, and weapons in outfitter. I don’t have much to say about the combat change since I don’t play my stealth characters that much. The weapons in outfitter seems like an interesting idea. Players will be able to equip weapons the same way you can stamp an outfit on. I don’t know if I’ll ever do that since I usually like the weapons I have equipped already, but I know it is something others have been asking to be added for quite awhile.
Lastly is the economy adjustments. Starting in 7.0 the devs will be reducing the amount of credits you can obtain through conquest. Solid Resource Matrix will also no longer be given as conquest rewards and will instead be added to the Jawa vendor where players can purchase them with Jawa Junk.

A lot of people are already making a big deal about these upcoming economy changes. On the forums some are saying that those who don’t go out of their way to farm credits will be screwed over while the rich will remain rich. This is true for the most part; however, this will have some affect on the economy in the long run. I can’t say for sure if it will have a positive affect, only time will tell. If this works the way the devs want it to, less credits will be generated into the economy, which means poor people will have to grind for credits and the rich will continue to sell to each other until there is no one willing to buy their stuff anymore, which may result in them lowering the prices in order to sell their items. The question is whether or not this solution will work.
I’m not super wealthy ingame, but I’m also not destitute. Most of the credits I have gained are from selling mats, crystals, dyes, etc. I also used to play the GTN until the inflation made it nearly impossible. The way I see it if you’re not willing to put a little effort into credit farming, than I guess you didn’t really want those cosmetics. I know that may seem harsh, but it is the truth.

The question is can we fix the economy? Answer, probably not.

I had a conversation about this with a few guildies and I introduced an idea that would probably be a better solution, albeit one I’m not sure if the devs would be willing to do because it might cause a few players to rage quit. I suggested that they limit the amount of credits players could trade each other. For example, on the Star Forge server there aren’t any hypercrates being sold on the GTN because the GTN has a credit limit of one billion or something. Not sure of the exact number. So they are now being sold in gen chat for over a billion credits. Another example is someone who recently was trying to sell a rare blaster rifle in gen chat for four billion credits. If they were to make to where players could only trade each other around nine hundred million credits or less that would prevent anyone from being able to sell things at a higher price than the GTN, which would also bring hypercrates back onto the GTN.

One of my guildies pointed out that would probably be a temporary solution at best because players would still take advantage anyway they could and sell things for a higher price than they are worth. And I agree. I think the economy will always be inflated in some way and there is no quick or easy way to fix things. However, I’m pretty sure the devs never meant for players to use the trade chat to sell things for a higher price than you can on the GTN. So, in a way this is an exploit that could be fixed by limiting the amount of credits that can pass hands. A couple years ago, the trade chat was used as a way to undercut the same item being sold on the GTN. Any time I saw someone trying to sell something for a ridiculous price others would be quick to tell them it was cheaper on the GTN and no one was going to buy the item from them.
Players completely removing the most expensive items from the galactic trade network has allowed them the freedom to demand as many credits as they want because there is no other way to get these expensive items unless you use cartel coins to buy it directly from the cartel market. Which is why I think the devs should seriously consider this option.

Either way, we’ll find out whether or not the economy will ever stabilize as I’m sure the devs have a few more ideas they will introduce into the game in the near future.

Ode To Be A Force User

I saw this tweet from someone talking about one of the biggest failures in Star Wars was making people think that force users had to come from a powerful lineage in order to be powerful. I kind of agree with this statement. I know when we think of powerful force users our minds immediately go to the Skywalker family because they are the lineage. But what if there was someone who came from a powerful lineage and turned out to be a big disappointment because their force sensitivity was practically non-existent? Imagine for a moment how the Skywalker saga would have ended if Luke had no force sensitivity?

Well, in Swtor we get to see that concept through Theron Shan.

Theron is the son of Jedi Grandmaster Satele Shan, direct descendant of Bastila Shan, wife of Revan. Imagine having an impressive lineage like that and then finding out that you won’t be following in your ancestors footsteps? For the most part Theron seems okay with how his life turned out. He even went so far as to say that things worked out just fine for him after he left the Jedi Order.

But let’s speculate here for a moment and take the time to really consider what life was like for Theron. His mother gave him away to be raised by Jedi Master Ngani Zho. He didn’t know who his father was until later in life and as we can see in the expansions he has a strained relationship with both of his parents and yet he still cares for them in his own way. He was raised in the Jedi Order because it was assumed he would be force sensitive and when it became apparent he was not, he was asked to leave. He went on to join the Republic Strategic Information Service and from that point on began a rather impressive career.

The question is why did he choose to join the SIS?

Imagine if Obi-Wan and Yoda had come to Luke and said, We need you to fix what your Dad has broken. And then they realized they had pinned all their hopes on someone who wasn’t force sensitive and probably would have been pounded into the floor by Darth Vader in their first fight. They would have looked at each other, shrugged and then Yoda would have said, Another one there is, and they would have gone off to find Leia. I can’t imagine Luke would be feeling the love at this point.

The two situations aren’t quite the same for Luke and Theron. There was no big bad that needed to be dealt with immediately. There wasn’t a shortage of Jedi running around and Luke was force sensitive so they didn’t need to go find his sister. But to continue speculating here there were probably a lot of expectations put on Theron as he grew up in the Jedi Order because of who his mother was and the lineage he had inherited.

If nothing else a sense of responsibility and loyalty to the Republic was instilled in him during his time in the Jedi Order so it becomes easy to understand why he joined the SIS. I think for the most part Theron was fine with not being a Jedi, but I also believe he felt the need to prove himself since his career as a Jedi didn’t pan out. He had to prove (to himself at least) that he could help save the galaxy in spite of not being force sensitive, which is why he’s so driven and willing to put himself at risk for the greater good.

Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why Theron is one of the best characters in Swtor. He embodies all the best traits in a person who is not gifted in the force and yet still makes a difference.

KOTOR Remake Officially Announced!

AspyrMedia has officially announced a remake of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Nothing has been announced yet for the second game, Knights Of the Old Republic: The Sith Lords and I’m not expecting any news until after the Kotor remake launches. If the sales do really well I imagine they’ll consider remaking the second game as well. It was also announced that the game would be exclusive to PS5 and PC at launch. Whether or not that means it will come to other platforms at a later date has yet to be confirmed.

For those who may not know much about the Knights of the Old Republic series, it’s a prequel to the storyline in Swtor. The first game tells the story of Revan, his fall to the dark side, and how he was redeemed (depending on your decisions). The second game is the story of The Exile. Both characters made reoccurring appearances throughout Swtor in order to tie up lose ends to their respective tales.

I am cautiously optimistic about this news. The game will look great with the latest graphics and an updated combat system will certainly make it more enjoyable to play. However, what has me slightly apprehensive is the story itself. Do they plan on adding content to the story? Are there going to be any changes? Will they completely overhaul it in order for it to fit canon? If they add some of the content that had to be taken out due to time constraints I wouldn’t mind experiencing additional content that would enhance the story. But if they rewrite the entire thing I’m not so sure how I would feel about that since the story is one of the main reasons why I like the games so much.

I’m probably worrying needlessly. The only reason I wonder if they will try to rewrite it in order to canonize Kotor is because of Disney’s decision that all games going forward would be canon. Does this mean that Kotor as it stands will become canon? Or are they just capitalizing on the popularity of the games and making an exception to the rule? Awhile ago they made The Mandalorian Wars canon and I think Revan is cannon. Though I’m not sure about that last part because I’ve heard conflicting reports.

I am hoping that it does sell really well because I would love to see them remake The Sith Lords next. I know most who have played the Kotor games love the first one best. My favorite has always been the second game because of Kreia. She is by far one of the best villains that has ever been made in the Star Wars universe. Her character is so complex and mired in shades of gray that she’s actually (in my opinion at least) easy to sympathize with once her true purpose is revealed. The more she talks to The Exile, the more she begins to make sense.

As I’ve mentioned before I grew up playing Kotor. They were what got me into playing RPG’s and more specifically into Bioware games. I am a complete nerd when it has anything to do with Kotor and The Old Republic Era. I spent many hours playing Kotor over and over again. So I’m very passionate when it come these games and this news has me excited for the future. It will probably be a couple years before the remake comes out since there wasn’t an official date to go with the announcement. Which means anyone who has not played these games before and is wondering what all the hype is about, now is the time to play them.

Figuring Out My Play Style

After trying out healing from all classes for sometime I have come to the irrevocable conclusion that I suck at healing. Out of all the healing classes I felt like the Combat Medic worked best for me and I’ll probably focus on my Trooper as my main healer. However, I seem to be much better at tanking or off tanking. This is something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. For the longest time I didn’t question what I was good at in games. I just played and had fun. Being in a guild where there are a lot of damage dealers running around and not enough tanks or healers was what made me start exploring the different styles of play not just in Swtor, but also other games like Dragon Age and Mass Effect. I had played a mage plenty of times in Dragon Age, but never a healer. In my last play through of DAO I tried to play a healer mage with disastrous results. Admittedly, trying to play a healer on a game where I personally find the mechanics kind of clunky and playing it on a PC instead of Xbox might have something to do with why it didn’t work out that well. I may try the experiment again on Xbox since I prefer to play Dragon Age on there anyway.

After the Mass Effect Legendary Edition came out I played a Vanguard in all three games and then switched it up for ME: Andromeda, playing Ryder as support. Andromeda allows the player to choose a role and then play it anyway they want. When I chose to play support I built it as a healer/damage much like the Trooper in Swtor and also gave myself a few tanking abilities for close combat. I had a lot of fun with it even though I kept forgetting I was not a Vanguard anymore and had to quickly run for cover after aggroing too many enemies at once.

My second play through of Mass Effect was as an Adept and I found this role nearly as enjoyable as the Vanguard, though those charging Krogans are a bit annoying when I can’t charge back. So I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m decent at tanking, dealing damage, and playing support as long as it’s not solely focused on healing. I’m going to continue playing as a healer since I would like to get better at it, but I’m sure it will always be my weakness because I clearly have a more aggressive style that doesn’t translate well with a healer.

Which I suppose I should have known all along what my play style preferences were because I’ve seen first hand the differences in my style between that of my brother and sister. My sister has always favored support/healing over anything else while my brother fancy’s himself to be a tank, but is actually a straight up overpowered damage dealer since he can’t tank to save any of our lives. It has gotten to the point whenever we play a game together my sister insists that I always play the tank because our brother gets in the zone and forgets that it’s his job to keep the heavy hitters off us. It’s become something of a running joke between us. I also have my brother and others like him whom I’ve encountered in flashpoints to thank for helping me learn how to off tank.

I still have a lot to learn about all the different types of classes and I look forward to continue experimenting and learning how to get better at them.

The Spirit of Vengeance, Is It Worth It?

My Jedi Knight is all caught up with the story, which means I now have a light side and a saboteur who will be experiencing new content at the same time. I need to get my Sith Inquisitor up to speed for the dark side and I’ll be all set. Revisiting The Spirit of Vengeance flashpoint for the second time was a bit of an eye opener. My first impressions of the fps was that in spite of how long it was the newness of it and the unknown of what would happen with Heta Kol and The Hidden Chain kept me glued to the screen until the very end.

This time, however, the flashpoint seemed to drag on with way too many mobs of enemies between me and my destination. My first playthrough I didn’t encounter any of the game breaking bugs that others complained about and didn’t find any thing this time around either, so I’d say the devs did a good job fixing it. One thing I did notice was that the boss fights were a lot quicker this time around. If I’m remembering correctly I only died a couple of time while dealing with Heta Kol. The other boss fights just took a long time to kill since their health bar was so high.

About half way through The Spirit of Vengeance I found myself getting bored and my attention started wandering. At one point I actually stopped and watched my sister play Mass Effect because what she was doing seemed more interesting than killing yet another large mob. Most of them can’t be skipped and my sister told me that she couldn’t even stealth past them because they could detect her. I can very easily see this flashpoint becoming old very fast. I did like rewatching the cut scenes and I’m really hoping that Rass Ordo becomes a companion sometime in the near future. I’m keeping my fingers crossed because Rass Ordo’s outfit and weapon showed up in my bounty hunter’s inventory along with Darth Rivix’s after the latest short story update dropped. All though interestingly enough I didn’t see anything show up in my JK’s inventory after she was caught up, so I don’t know if that was a glitch or if it’s just taking a little bit longer to appear.

In other news, Bioware recently announced via livestream that they were making changes to the combat system by allowing players to switch between advanced classes and would create profiles to make the switch easier. I’m kind of imaging something similar to Me: Andromeda’s profile ranks, but with a lot less options. Recently, changes to the Jedi Guardian combat styles went up on the PTS (Private Test Server) and I’ll admit the possible changes disturb me. According to Swtorista and others who are currently testing the changes it sounds like the devs are planning to revamp the classes combat by dropping some of the abilities. I’m the most comfortable with my Jedi Guardian’s and my Merc’s Innovative Ordinance rotations. I hadn’t intended to change either classes abilities unless some of the combat systems that became available allowed me to tank or off tank better with them. If they were going to revamp the entire combat system I really feel like this was something they should have mentioned in their livestream instead of shell bombing everyone on the PTS.

Hopefully, in the coming days they explain some of the changes more and allow those on the PTS to experience these changes so we have more information to go on.

–Chash Larol

A Brief Review of The Story So Far

I didn’t realized how much time had passed since Jedi Under Siege and Onslaught came out until I looked back at some of my old posts. Now I feel horrible that it has taken me so long to get my Jedi Knight through them. I have played Jedi Under Siege before with my original Jedi. In fact she was the first to go through it, but around that time I started thinking about rolling another Jedi now that I knew how the class story ended because I wanted to create a gray Jedi who would always remain loyal to the Republic, though not necessarily want things to go back to the way they used to be. I also wanted to try romancing Arcann and created an elaborate background story that would not only fit the romance, but the prophecy foretold in the novel, Revan as well.

FYI the background story is not something I would use if I ever took up rping in Swtor. It’s been a long time since I roleplayed anything, but one of the rules of rping is don’t make yourself the chosen one unless everyone else agrees to it. I just wanted to create a personal headcanon since all of my characters can’t be the Outlander because that would be strange.

I probably should have continued progressing my original Jedi through the newest updates so I could have at least one light and dark side character keeping up with the new content, but I wanted to experience it for the first time on my new Jedi that was rapidly becoming my main alt. Eventually I would like to get my Inquisitor caught up with the expansions as well that way I have a light side, a dark side, and a saboteur all going through the story at the same time.

I didn’t remember Doc greeting me so enthusiastically the first time I played Jedi Under Siege, though I’m sure he must have. More often than not I feel like when you finally meet up with your older companions again their response to you is lukewarm. Doc, on the other hand, was ecstatic to see you and after that you can continually mention him in conversation or even ask if you could team up with him instead of Tau Idair. It’s nice to be appreciated rather than getting an ‘Oh, your still alive then?’ Aric Jorgan is happy to see you in his own way and he does greet you slightly differently depending on if you romanced him without breaking his gruff persona. Kira is also in-character for her greeting. She’s like, ‘Hey! Glad you’re alive. We have another problem.”

Onlaught was interesting from the light side perspective. Up until now I hadn’t played Onslaught on the Republic side, so I liked diving into a part of the story I hadn’t seen before. The interactions with Darth Savik was great and I loved how they brought in an old character, though I imagine some probably didn’t remember her since your encounter with her on Corellia is very brief. I only remembered who she was because I did the mission not too long ago. I chose to have her brought to the alliance to get information from her and I’m hoping Savik will make another cameo appearance in the future. I also got a kick out of Lana playing the part of ‘intimidating Sith’ to the new Jedi.

I still prefer imp side though because in my opinion it told a better story. I think you get a clearer picture of what the political system is like on Onderon as your character closely interacts with the king and his family members. On pub side you interact with a senator who tells you what Onderon is going through and from there are able to figure out that the Sith are working in the background to manipulate the king. Another reason I like the dark side story better is because you have a little bit more interaction with the Untamed. On pub side you see the aftermath of the Untamed teaming up with the Imperials and only have brief contact with them.

One thing I noticed right away was that the facial expressions of your characters are getting better. I didn’t notice the first time around because my bounty hunter wears a helmet. Whenever my Jedi scowled it wasn’t over exaggerated and seemed more natural. It could still use some work, but the devs are definitely getting better at animating facial expressions.

I already reviewed Echoes of Oblivion and there wasn’t much difference between the two factions so I’m not going to rehash everything all over again. All I’ll say is it was even more satisfying to beat the Emperor once and for all as a Jedi since they have been so closely connected for awhile now. I still have to do the Spirit of Vengeance flashpoint and The Dark Descent and then I’ll be all caught up.

–Chash Larol