Onslaught: We Expand Or We Die

Everyone gets excited when new content comes out on their favorite games and for the past few months social media has been buzz central regarding the new expansion coming out in September on Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Yeah, I know, I’m late to the party; that’s old news so why am I talking about it now? I recently finished Jedi Under Siege with a new character and I’m trying to finish KOTFE and KOTET with two additional alts because I want to have as may toons as I can to play Onslaught when it comes out.

And also because I need to geek out about the fact that there is another freaking expansion coming out and I’m so excited!

For those of you who may not have been closely following the latest news for the next expansion, we’ll be going back to the traditional Republic vs. Empire again and from what little we know about the new storyline things are not going well for the Republic. Both sides are experiencing shortages, but the Empire has managed to pull out ahead and is faring better than their enemy.

If you want to learn more about the upcoming expansion the SWTOR website provides an article detailing the new story and places we’ll be going. https://www.swtor.com/info/news/article/20190413

Some of you may be wondering what happens to the Alliance, which was a big part of the last two expansions. The Alliance is still going strong, though perhaps not as strong as it used to be and you’ll be given a choice right before you start Jedi Under Siege which faction you will support.

What happens to the Alliance during the next expansion is anyone’s guess.

I personally would like to see Bioware have more options open between force users and non-force users. While I enjoyed the last two expansions there were some class stories that didn’t translate well.

If you play your smuggler or bounty hunter as someone who likes credits and doesn’t really care about anyone except themselves; it’s kind of hard to imagine them as the Commander of the Alliance. The trooper and the Imperial agent could fit into that category because they’re used to taking charge and making life altering decisions. It doesn’t take too much stretch of the imagination to see them in the role as Commander, all though I’ve always thought that it should have been left to the Sith and Jedi to be the Commander and the other class stories to have a lower ranking significant role within the Alliance.

There will also be additional changes added to the game. We’ll be getting a new level cap, new abilities, set bonuses, a new alien species to play, and tactical items. They will also be revamping the gearing system. I honestly don’t know much about these new changes and I’m more of a hands on person anyway, so the best way for me to figure out how something works is to try it out myself. You could go to Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Public Test Server to try out the new changes for yourself if you want or click on these links to learn more.

Both Vulkk and Xam Xam from MMO Bits do an awesome job of keeping up with current SWTOR content and events as well as breaking things down for everyone. I’d highly recommend keeping up with their blogs if you don’t already.

I wish I could find a certain time machine in the shape of a DeLorean and skip to September because I can’t wait for the expansion to come out.

In the meantime I keep playing the game and taking advantage of the month long Double Rewards to level up new characters and get a few other alts through the expansions.

What are you most excited for in the upcoming Onslaught expansion? Let me know in the comment section below!

— WackoCryHavoc

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