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I love listening to others talk about how and when they first experienced the Knights of the Old Republic. So for today I’d like to share my story and talk about why I love the Old Republic era so much.

Before Knights of the Old Republic my go to Star Wars game was Jedi Outcast. It was a great game and I enjoyed it a lot. I played it so much that sometimes my mom would wonder how I didn’t get sick of it.

Then one day we were at a second hand store and I was browsing through the books when I came across this small bin that had a bunch of PC games in it. I thought, ‘Cool, maybe I can find something new to play.’ At the time we had a handful of computer games and my brother and I had thoroughly exhausted our meager collection.

That was when I found the first KOTOR. I didn’t know anything about it — had never heard of it before. The only thing I knew was that it was clearly a Star Wars game and it was being sold for two bucks. I had a little money saved up so I decided to get it.

Before showing my siblings the game I went ahead and continued browsing through the books and innocently tucked between two novels was the second KOTOR. It was also being sold for a steal so I snatched it up and showed my brother what I found.

As you can imagine we were pretty impatient to get home and try them out, but our mom was going through the clothing section at turtle speed so we ended up staying in the book section, waiting for her to finish.

The wait was well worth it. When KOTOR finished downloading and we began to play it, I was immediately hooked. The fighting style left something to be desired, but the story itself was what drew me in. Coincidentally it was also the first Bioware game I ever played and I’ve been a big fan of them ever since.

As I progressed through the story and learned for the first time how my character was Revan, the Jedi Knight turned Sith Lord — I was floored. The attention to detail in both the graphics and the story was mind boggling.

I played the KOTOR games so many times that I lost count and then I discovered the Old Republic books that were based on KOTOR and SWTOR. At the time Star Wars the Old Republic was a new mmo and I knew nothing about it except that it was an online game.

I read the first book, Revan and enjoyed it tremendously because it continued the story where the Knights of the Old Republic: The Sith Lords left off. Afterwards I read the other three books in the series and unfortunately because I didn’t play SWTOR until later, I had no idea who Darth Malgus, Theron Shan, or Scourge were, so while I liked the books and read them several times, it would have been better if I’d known those characters were connected to SWTOR and had played the game at the time I read the books.

Learning more about the Old Republic era became something of an obsession for me. I’ve watched the Star Wars movies of course and love them, but there was something about that particular era that drew me in. The Republic and Empire — Sith and Jedi — it was a whole galaxy of possibilities. By the time we get to the movies there are only a handful of Sith and they mostly operate in the shadows. In the Old Republic era they are a thriving community and openly oppose the Jedi. I read everything I could get my hands on to learn more about that time.

Playing KOTOR not only changed the way I viewed games, it also helped me take a different approach to how I write my own stories. Yes, I’m a writer and someday I would like to be published. In many ways KOTOR has inspired my growth as a writer and has changed the way I view other stories. Any time I crack open a new book I hope to have that same feeling I had when I first discovered the games and get sucked into the story.

I know a lot of people talk about the graphics, settings, how well pvp is, and whether the community is any good, etc. But when I play a game I immediately ask myself does the storyline reel me in?

A few months ago when I announced on Reddit that I was going to play Mass Effect for the first time a lot of people warned me not to be discouraged by the bad graphics. The only thing I could do was laugh because compared to the graphics in KOTOR or Dragon Age, the first Mass Effect game was ten times better.

Yeah, I know I’m weird because lame graphics isn’t an immediate turn off for me. The only thing that could truly make me dislike a game is if the story is boring or plain terrible. Thankfully, both KOTOR and SWTOR have exceeded my expectations and I will always view them as one of the best games out there.

What about you all? What do you like about KOTOR? Which game has inspired you the most?

— WackoCryHavoc

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