Star Wars The Old Republic: Charles Boyd talks about Onderon

I’m a couple days behind on the news about what we can expect from the upcoming SWTOR expansion. There were some computer issues, but now that everything’s settled I can finally post this article.

If you don’t want any spoilers about the story that will take place in Onslaught, then I caution you to stop reading. If you’ve never played KOTOR 2 or it’s been awhile and you’re not sure what you remember of the game you might want to stop reading and brush up on the game since there will be spoilers for KOTOR 2.

Recently a prominent member of the SWTOR community interviewed Charles Boyd, the Creative Director for Onslaught where he shared some of what will be going on in the expansion. If you want to watch the video on youtube here is the link.

They talked about how the art designers used three different resources to reconstruct Onderon. They used the Tales of the Jedi comics, Kotor 2, and Clone Wars animated series. Judging from the screenshots I have seen released of the planet it is a gorgeous place and I can’t wait to explore the richly beautiful world.

In KOTOR 2 the player has the choice of siding with Queen Talia of Onderon or help General Vaklu overthrow the royal family. Typically as far as canon goes they try to stay on the lighter side of things so in the SWTOR timeline Onderon is part of the Republic and there is a ruling royal family.

Charles Boyd goes on to say that the story taking place in the expansion is about the Republic fleet trying to get to Corellia where a battle is taking place and they stop at Onderon to refuel. It is up to the Republic player to make sure they make it to their destination as well as try to stop the Imperials from taking over the abundant resources on Onderon. On the side of the Imperials they are trying to sabotage the Republic and prevent them from reaching Corellia, while also trying to infiltrate Onderon and gain access to their resources of hardy plant and animal life, which can thrive in even the most desolate places.

They also decided to flip things around a little bit. In KOTOR 2 the good guys are the queen and the royal family while General Vaklu and his men are the bad guys. In Onslaught the current ruling king of Onderon is sympathetic to the Imperial cause and seeking to cut ties with their ally and profit off his rich resources outside the Republic. So Republic players will not only be dealing with the Imperials, but also the royal family.

In KOTOR 2 while exploring Malachor if the player decides to help Talia, Darth Traya prophesies that Onderon will remain in the Republic and the world will prosper, but that over time the people will lose their customs and become the people of Onderon no more.

When asked about the prophecy and whether or not that has begun to happen, Charles Boyd cleverly stated that depends on who you asked. Onderon is divided on that front. Some support the Republic and believe their best future ultimately lies in a continued alliance with the Republic, while others, including a faction that calls themselves the Untamed, who think they are beginning to lose their customs and traditions because of the Republic, believe they should cut ties with them,
The Untamed claim to be the descendants of the Beast Riders who were introduced in KOTOR 2 and were stuck on Onderon during the blockade. Whether they are actually their descendants or not is left up for debate.

The Untamed view themselves as a modern offshoot of the Beast Riders and strive to uphold their interpretation of the Beast Riders goals and traditions. They believe that Onderon will not truly thrive until they get rid of outsiders and seclude themselves from the galaxy.

I’m so glad they took inspiration from KOTOR 2 and will be making several nods at the popular game. It’s always nice when content creators acknowledge popular fandoms rather than ignore them. I look forward to more news about the upcoming expansion being released. Onslaught will be coming out October 22nd of this year.

Let me know what you all think of the new storyline below.


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