Rebooting My First SWTOR Character

When I started playing SWTOR I was an f2p player and limited on the species I could select for the class stories. The first character I created was a human Sith Inquisitor by the name of Arkenis Serktis in honor of Andy Serkis, the actor who played Supreme Leader Snoke in The Force Awakens.

When I realized the Inquisitor was a former slave, powerful in the force and sent to Korriban to begin the trials, I was disappointed that I couldn’t yet unlock other species because I felt that the Inquisitor was designed for aliens rather than humans.

But I didn’t have any other options so I continued the story as a human and tried to justify that even humans could be sold into slavery. Look at Anakin and his mother as prime examples.

At every turn my character struggled to prove his worth and rise above his status as a former slave to take his rightful place as a powerful Sith Lord; constantly belittled by the other humans surrounding him. The further I went into the prologue and first chapter the more convinced I became that an alien character would have done better justice to this story.

So as a way to celebrate the upcoming expansion next month, I decided to recreate my first character into a Twi’lek and play him as he was meant to be. I also went ahead and changed his Discipline from an Assassin to a Sorcerer in honor of Emperor Palpatine making his return to the cinematic screen in the upcoming Rise of Skywalker.

It was so much more satisfying going through the trials on Korriban as a Twi’lek. The story made more sense and I genuinely felt that I could better understand the contempt the NPC’s showed him this time around. After all here was this alien scum and former slave parading around as if he owned the place and showing everyone up no matter what they threw at him.

On Dromund Kaas it was fun running around causing mayhem and destruction. Especially when I got to kill off a certain cybernetic dark lord and then had a tantrum when no one would believe that a mere apprentice could cut him down. I don’t care if I did get Khem Val’s disapproval. Arkenis Serktis wanted the credit and glory for killing the Sith…not his master.

I’m going to continue playing my Twi’lek with the aim of completing everything before Onslaught comes out, but I have three other characters I need to get through the expansions too, so we’ll see how that goes.


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