What Constitutes As A Dead MMO?

When I first started playing SWTOR I saw a bunch of people stating in the chat that the game was dead. It seemed strange to me that they could say that when I was surrounded by other players on a daily basis. I chalked it up to bitterness and discontent because so many players had left the game over the years.

A good number of players were requesting server merges because it would help boost queue times for group activities and make it easier for people to find others to play with. It would also help balance the population better because certain servers had extremely high populations. Other servers were okay though not overcrowded and a few servers had little to no players logging in. Merging the servers prevented players that were new or returning from accidentally winding up on a dead server. Many players were happy about the server merges and welcomed it and yet those who preferred to troll what they essentially called a dead game cried even louder about how it was a sign that SWTOR was ending.

I remember being bewildered by all of this and wondering if the trolls were just trying to stir up trouble or if they were actually right and saw the writing on the wall before anyone else. The game didn’t seem all that dead to me since I saw other players on various planets all the time, but I was new and wasn’t a good judge on what constituted as an active mmo game.

That is until I started playing Wildstar.

A lot of people recommended the game because they thought it was awesome and needed more attention. Instead of trolling Wildstar and saying it was dead and there was no point in playing it, they went out of their way to encourage other players to give Wildstar a try. They did warn that there weren’t many players and most of them were at the endgame content so you would have to power through the game to get to those players.

After listening to this for awhile, I decided to go ahead and give Wildstar a try. I played it for six months before giving up and uninstalled it. The game was truly dead. During the time I played I saw maybe a handful of other players at a time. For the most part I was on my own. That was when I finally realized that the trolls on SWTOR were wrong and the game was not dead.

Sure they had lost a lot of players over the years, but every time they came out with new content some returned and even attracted a few more new players. In the time I have played this game I have witnessed a lot of people talking about how they were first time players and absolutely loving it.

Bioware does need to seriously consider promoting SWTOR more because there are some who genuinely believe the game is dead or was shut down years ago because trolls kept screaming about how the game was finished. But as far as mmo’s go it is not DEAD. Wildstar was closed down last year because they had so few players they couldn’t justify running it anymore.

So long as a company continues to make enough money and have enough players they won’t shut down a game. Wildstar was the very definition of a dead mmo; while Star Wars the Old Republic has managed to maintain a loyal base in spite of their ups and downs.


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