My Tatooine Adventure

Today I decided to do a hidden quest and find the Orokeet pet. With the help of Swtorista’s guide to finding the egg and how to hatch it; I set out for Alderaan.

It took some time finding the unusual egg. My first stop was near Outpost Bolym where I checked the two nests in that location. Neither one had any eggs in them at the moment and I wasn’t sure when the eggs were last clicked on so I decided to head to the second location near Outpost Talarn. No eggs there either. Beginning to despair and wonder if I would have to continue my search on another planet, I quick traveled to the Thul Supply Camp and walked a ways until I found the nests on the side of the cliff. Turns out the third time was the charm and I found an egg in one of the nests.

The next location was straight to Tatooine where I headed for the nearest Moisture Vaporators on the outskirts of Mos Ila and then quick traveled to Outpost Zaroshe and went west. If you’re thinking of getting the Orokeet pet yourself, it’s crucial to get water from a Moisture Vaporator first. It will give you a thirty minute “Refreshed and Sustained” buff, which will help with hatching the egg.

I kept heading west until I found a bunker with large solar panels surrounding it. To hatch the egg, I entered a rig like building made of solar panels and waited half a minute for my egg to hatch in my inventory. Because I had the “Refreshed and Sustained” buff I was able to withstand the heat long enough for my egg to hatch and then beat a hasty retreat out of there since I was starting to overheat. After moving to a safe location I took the Orokeet out of my inventory and presto! I had a new pet!

Since I was already on Tatooine I decided to make a day of it and go after a few achievements I never bothered with my first time on the planet. I headed toward the heroic section with the Sarlacc Pit and jumped in to get the Worm Food title. Then I headed further out the Dune Sea to the Sand Crawler where you can take a Jawa balloon ride to get a datacron.

I’ve never done that before and until recently I didn’t even know you could hop onto the balloon you see floating around Tatooine. I wasn’t sure where the sand crawler was suppose to be so I searched for the datacron located on an abandoned sand crawler and then followed the trajectory of the balloon until I found the other sand crawler you can use to jump onto the balloon. A Jedi Knight was also there waiting for the balloon to show up, which made me a little nervous considering I was a Bounty Hunter and I know some players like to attack the opposite faction on sight.

But he never attacked, just said hello when he noticed me and asked if I had been waiting long. After that we waited for the Jawa balloon to slowly come our way. As soon as it was close enough I jumped on and then watched as the Jedi tried to jump on and missed. Luckily he was quick enough and climbed back up the sand crawler and jumped into the balloon beside me before it could take off. I can only imagine the frustration involved if he had missed the balloon entirely and had to wait for it come around again.

It was a long half hour flight of doing nothing except watching the landscape past by painfully slow. I waited to see if the Jedi wanted to strike up a conversation to past the time, but he meditated the entire trip so I laid down and went to sleep for awhile. When we finally made it to the sand crawler with the two datacrons on it, I was very nervous. I’m not the greatest jumper and I was terrified of jumping out of the balloon only to miss it in the first place and have to start all over again. I let the Jedi jump out first and then I followed after him. Thankfully we both made it and I collected the datacrons.

And that was it. We parted ways and I headed back to Mos Ila to continue my datacrons search. Even though I don’t need to collect the Attribute datacron again, I might go ahead and take another balloon flight because it was cool and I did enjoy watching the landscape past by even if it was a long ride.


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