The Hype Is Real

The Onslaught expansion is just around the corner and the excitement level is at an eleven. The Old Republic Twitter account is counting down the days until the update and a new trailer has been released with the promise of another yet to come.

Jedi Under Siege was the first time I was up to date with the story and experiencing new content coming to the game along with everyone else. Onslaught; however, is the first expansion I’ve been so hyped to play. Knights of the Eternal Throne came out a couple months after I started playing SWTOR. I hadn’t yet finished any of the class stories let alone started on any of the expansions so I largely tried to ignore what was going on and avoid spoilers. It was awfully hard not to get spoiled especially when a naked Theron Shan showed up in my stronghold and I had no idea who in the world he was until people on the chat also started talking about naked Theron’s showing up in their stronghold. Good times.

When the Nautolan species is made available I’m going to create a dark side character on the Satele Shan server, so I’m excited to get started on that. I’ll be chronicling my journey through the expansion and the creation of my new character on Twitter. If you want more updates go ahead and follow me there. My information is in the About This Blog section. I also have my tweets on the side bar if you want to take a look there.


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