My First Life Day Event

Two years ago something happened in my personal life that changed my whole world. It was one of the reasons I threw myself into playing SWTOR as much as I have as a way to distract myself.

The situation hasn’t gotten much better, though neither has it become worse. Christmas this year was practically non existent for us due to financial reasons, but we did treat ourselves by going to see The Rise of Skywalker on Christmas Day. Which was a great movie by the way.

As a way to keep the holiday spirit going, I decided to participate in the ingame Life Day event this year. Previously, I had unsuccessfully tried dodging snowballs and never went to Nar Shaddaa during that time because it was guaranteed I would be pelted by half a dozen snowballs.

My brother also decided to join me so we logged into the game and purchased our first snowballs. I was hidden among the throng of players while my brother’s character was on the outskirts. I could see him, but there was no way he could see me. So I decided to take advantage of the situation and kept throwing snowballs at him. He finally exclaimed to me that it seemed like everyone was hitting him with snowballs over and over again. I couldn’t keep a straight face and busted out laughing. When he realized it was me pelting him with snowballs, he demanded to know where I was at. I didn’t tell him.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t buy a Snowball Cannon this year since it was out of my price range. I’m going to save up for it next Life Day.

I spent the next few days working on my Bounty Hunter’s stronghold on Nar Shaddaa and then traveling to the Promenade to group up with others throwing snowballs at the Overheated Droids. I racked up a good number of parcels, which I used to make a few purchases from the vendor. There were a lot of people on Nar Shaddaa, all though I suspect a good many of them were also on Mek-Sha. Since the asteroid is level 74-75 and I only had level 72 and 73 characters at the time, I decided not to go there just in case.

Apparently, they introduced a new quest and achievement this year for Life Day. If you went around hugging wookiees a 1000 times you could get the Wookiee Hugging Champion title.

It took me nearly a week of switching characters and instances to get that achievement. There were several times I became bored with the quest and very nearly quit, but I have this need to get as many achievements as possible and people on the chat would excitedly tell us when they got the title. Sheer stubbornness kept me going until I finally got it.

There were a few people who had some difficulties in figuring out how to hug the wookiees and I tried to help out whenever I could. Even I sometimes had a hard time finding the right position to hug them. What you have to do is approach them slowly by walking up to them, click on them, and then stand in front of the little triangle until the temporary ability appears so you can hug them. Sometimes you may have to reposition yourself if you didn’t get the angle right the first time, but as long as you make sure you’re walking it will be easier to position yourself.

There was this one guy who was trying to hug a wookiee and he just couldn’t get the angle right. I guess he became frustrated because next thing I know he’s raining blaster fire down on the wookiee. I started laughing and then walked up to the wookiee attempting to show him how to do it and hugged the wookiee. The only thing I got for my effort was the guy pelting me with a snowball.

If they have this quest again next year, I’ll have to switch to the Satele Shan server to get the Wookiee Hugging Champion achievement. Life Day is still going on until January 7th, so you have time to participate if you haven’t yet. I have a good number of parcels left and haven’t decided if I’m going to use them to make more purchases at the vendor or save them for next year. Out of all the things I bought this year the Hoth Wampa Cub and the Wampa rug are my favorites.

Yes, I took a screenshot of them together because I thought it was hilarious.

I’m currently running my Bounty Hunter through the expansions and getting ready for Bounty Contract Week to begin tomorrow. My BH is locked and loaded and ready to collect some bounties.


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