And We All Fall Down

While I was on the game yesterday soloing through a couple of Heroics I saw a bunch of people talking on the chat about the first time they encountered the elevators ingame and how they’d accidentally fallen down the elevator shaft.

That got me thinking about the first time I fell down an elevator. I had just started playing SWTOR and grouped up with my brother and sister to run a few missions together. It was the first time we had encountered an elevator and I didn’t realize that the ground just suddenly dropped. My toon and I screamed all the way down. My brother’s character had been close behind me so he too fell down the elevator shaft, while my sister laughed at us.

I remember feeling incredulous and wondering what the heck had happened. We joked about how the company should have put up warning signs or maybe some guard rails. I haven’t fallen down an elevator in a long time, but I am ashamed to admit that I have fallen down several times…usually when I’m not paying attention or forget that the elevator was there. I’ve taken fall damage in many hilarious ways. Accidentally falling off cliffs; quick traveling to a place only to arrive dead from fall damage; being blasted off a bridge; falling off the edge of Coruscant; the list goes on.

I could probably write a novella on the many ways I have accidentally died through fall damage. It’s funny and I can only be thankful that SWTOR is nothing like the book Ready Player One. In the book if the character’s avatar dies they have to start over again from scratch. They lose all the stuff they collected and have to restart at level one. Imagine how frustrating that would be if SWTOR were like that, especially since half the time I die from being clumsy or making a stupid mistake.

It’s good to know that I’m not the only one who does dumb things like falling down an elevator shaft or clicking on a certain bone that sticks up in the middle of the Dune Sea on Tatooine. Talk about yikes.


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