Taking A Bounty Hunter Through the Expansions

*Mild Spoilers of the Bounty Hunter class story below

So far I’ve taken three characters through Knights of the Fallen Empire and Knights of the Eternal Throne expansions and am working on a fourth. My Jedi Knight was the first, followed closely by the Sith Warrior. Both were really good and I loved how it fit with their respective class stories.

Since the Jedi Knight already had so much to do with the Emperor, it felt like a satisfying conclusion to my character’s development and having the Emperor’s Wrath trying to one up a powerful Sith was a lot of fun.

The next person I took through the expansions was my smuggler and I absolutely hated it. Even though those two expansions work better with Force users, non-force users can be taken through the expansions if they are played right. I had previously played my smuggler as a very selfish individual who wouldn’t lift a finger to help another unless she was payed to do so. She definitely wouldn’t have stuck around to play Commander of an Alliance. The entire time I was following the story I just kept feeling like she would have jumped ship and headed for parts unknown as soon as she was unfrozen from the carbonite, likely drinking herself to death in an effort to drown out Valkorian’s voice in her head.

I’m taking another non-force user through the expansions, but this time I did it right. While I was playing the class story, I had my Bounty Hunter initially start out as a selfish person who only cared about credits or the glory of the hunt. As the story progressed though she gradually began to change and a lot of it had to do with Mako. There’s this one scene where Mako cried and accused you of bringing death and destruction where ever you go. She later apologized for saying that, but I was so moved by that scene I made a split second decision right then and there that my Bounty Hunter was going to change because of Mako.

I didn’t want it to be sudden so I sort of eased into the idea that the Bounty Hunter was slowly gaining a conscious. Where as once she would extort people for money or relish in the hunt and didn’t care if a person was innocent or not; she soon began to determine if there was another way. Becoming a Mandalorian and being adopted into Mandalore’s clan helped achieve that goal since Mandalorians are supposed to have a code of honor while also having no qualms about taking paying costumers credits.

Killing Kellian Jarro as the final task in the Great Hunt and having a good number of Jedi come after me in revenge further helped me shape my character later on. By the time my Bounty Hunter met Jun Sero, she was beginning to come to terms with the fact that she had made many mistakes and couldn’t take them back.

When Darth Tormen forced the BH and her crew to work for him I had her take the final step that would irrevocably changed her path. Instead of siding with the Sith and the Empire, I had my Bounty Hunter help Dorian Janarus and killed Darth Tormen.

Because of the decisions I made and how I shaped my Bounty Hunter, I could legitimately go through the expansions without betraying her personality. Everything my BH went through in the class story shaped her into a person who genuinely felt like she needed to help the Alliance and the galaxy.

I am enjoying playing the expansions with the BH and always enjoy the scenes between her and Valkorion as she smarts off to him, while trying to hide how truly terrified she is of him and his children. That’s another thing I changed about her. Before she used to dismiss the Force and all Force users as spooks, but now that she has seen their raw power up close and personal — I like to imagine her truly feeling terrified of Force users and trying to cover up that fear through false bravado.


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