The Search For HK

About a month ago I accepted the quest for the HK-51 parts. After doing everything in Section X, I headed for the abandoned starship. I half expected the place to be haunted because it was so dark and creepy. It took me awhile to figure out the puzzles and at one point I died in a locked room with gas being pumped into it before I found a way to turn it off. It was an interesting experience and I thoroughly enjoyed exploring the ship.

After I finished the quest it was time for me to travel the galaxy looking for the HK components. The first place I went to was the Outlaw Den on Tatooine where I spent several hours combing the PVP area for the elusive part. I became bored with it after awhile and gave up, figuring I could finish the quest some other time.

A couple days ago my brother and I decided to run The Foundry flashpoint together and at the very end I discovered the HK loyalty chip, which was a pleasant surprise. It rekindled my enthusiasm to find the rest of them so I decided to continue the search today.

I went back to the Outlaw Den and spent another couple hours searching for the part only to discover that a Jawa trader had it this entire time. That was a little annoying and it would have saved me a lot of time if I had known before hand.

On Taris I spent nearly an hour looking for the next part around the Endar Spire before deciding to see if anyone had any clues as to where I might look. Everything I read pointed to Dulfy’s guide, which can be found here. She gave three possible locations where the HK part might be hidden and everyone swore that her guide worked and they always found it in one of the locations provided. Using the guide I searched high and low all around the three sections that were in the guide and couldn’t find it anywhere. I was getting bored again and contemplated taking a break for the day when I decided to look in one more spot before quitting and to my surprise the Burba Seismic Excavator/Scanner picked up an HK component about 25 meters from me. Excitedly, I continued looking and quickly found it.

My enthusiasm was renewed and I headed for Dromund Kaas to find the next piece. When I arrived someone else was already looking for the HK component and asked in the chat if anyone wanted to group up to find it. Figuring it would help speed up the tedious search I told them I was willing to group up. As soon as we joined forces our very first scan revealed the part. The player told me they had been on Dromund Kaas searching for three hours. I told them I had just arrived and it was a lucky break to find it so soon. Turns out they had, had a better time on Taris than I did and found the HK part five minutes after arriving because they used Dulfy’s guide to find it in one of the three locations. Which might explain why I hadn’t found it in any of the spots. They also told me that was the last part they needed so I congratulated them and then told them I had to look for three more. We parted ways shortly after that and I decided to take a break from the search.

This is definitely an interesting quest and I’m kind of enjoying myself even if it does get a little boring at times. I can’t wait to see how it ends.


3 thoughts on “The Search For HK

  1. Yep, once again your experience sounds very similar to my own back in the day. 🙂 Died in that very same room on the Theoretika, got bored of searching for parts and took a break for a while, took forever to find the one one Taris but got lucky with some help on Dromund Kaas. Uncanny! You shouldn’t have too much left to go now.


    1. Oh, and I also had no luck with the Dulfy guide on Taris and spent ages searching in the Outlaw’s Den before realising the part was on the jawa vendor. Too funny that we’re having such similar experiences seven years apart! I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t written it down myself. (Part 1 and Part 2 of my own HK story from 2012).


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