The King of the Pen

I’ve recently learned about an achievement in SWTOR that’s never been discovered. Out of curiosity, I looked up what Dulfy had to say about it. The mission is called Revolution and we’re supposed to depose the king, forcing him to live a life of ignominy among the peasantry. The King of the Pen can be found outside Dr. Lokin’s hut on Alderaan, perched on his stump. From the description it sounds like we are supposed to find a way to get him off his stump. It was speculated that you had to complete feeding Scritchy to trigger the achievement.

Intrigued further by this odd anomaly, I researched some more and discovered that the achievement was datamined and hasn’t been seen in-game. It’s also worth zero points. Since the game has been online for eight years and no one has found a solution to the problem I can only speculate that this achievement doesn’t actually exist. Perhaps it was a quest they were supposed to implement into the game when they introduced Dr. Lokin’s recruitment mission or it’s possible they decided to scrap the whole idea. Unless someone finds a solution to this achievement it will probably go down in history as one of the greatest mysteries in SWTOR.

Deciding to see for myself if there was no way to get the rakghoul off his stump, I headed for Alderaan to take a look. The first thing I did was bow to him without expecting much results since everyone else had tried that already. As expected he did nothing. Next I jumped onto the stump and tried blasting him off. No results. I even tickled him to see if that would do anything. Nothing. I jumped onto the canopy to see if he would notice that I was higher than him. I tried offering him food. I used Death from Above on him. I even tried to tranquilize him. Again nothing.

I could wait until the next Rakghoul event to see if I can do anything to get him off his perch, but honestly I’m inclined to believe that there is either a glitch in the mission that they never bothered to fix or it wasn’t added to the game.


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