The Search For HK Continued

After taking a couple days off the search I went after the last three parts. My first stop was Hoth where I looked for the elusive piece in the Glacial Fissure around the wreckage. It didn’t really take me that long to find it, but I did go all away around the wreck of Ambria’s Fury before I found the power core. For some reason I had a hard time actually pinning the part down. I would get within 25 meters of it and then move a little to the left , right, or straight ahead and lose it. The power core ended up being in this tiny corner that I some how kept missing.

The next step was more satisfying, I love running The False Emperor’s flashpoint and it’s far easier that having to scan for the part. Not surprisingly, the boss fight with HK-47 dropped the piece I needed and then we went on to mop the floor with Darth Malgus.

After that I switched over to my Jedi Knight and headed for the temple ruins on Coruscant to look for the last one. There was another person also searching for the AI Regulator and I offered to group up with them, but they declined. It took me a couple hours to find the part, though that might have been because I was slowed down by having to kill the same people over and over again. When I found it I alerted the general chat that I was within ten meters of the HK part if anyone wanted to get it. I half expected the other person to come running, but no one did so I eventually dug up the part and mailed it to my bounty hunter.

Switching to the BH again, I headed back for Section X and completed the quest. After that I received The Lord of Agony quest and was surprised by how strong the champions were in the fight. I died once before switching my companion to heal and tried again. I ended up having to hit the mobs with my Heroic Moment to kill them. The Lord of Agony wasn’t nearly as hard to fight — probably because he was fighting by himself.

Once the fight was over I activated HK-51 and had a brief conversation with him before he left to report to my ship.

The interesting part was that I also had several conversations with him on-board my ship just like all the other companions. It especially amused me at end of the convo when he initiated protocols to remain loyal only to me and any offspring I may or may not have.

Even though this quest was frustrating and boring at times, I did enjoy it and having an HK unit as a permanent companion was well worth it. Whether I’m willing to do it again is another question. Maybe someday I wouldn’t mind experiencing this quest all over again. Far, far in the future of course.


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