The VIP Lounge

There’s a VIP Lounge on the Fleets that I’ve never been to so out of curiosity I purchased the wristband on the Imperial fleet yesterday. I was really excited and couldn’t wait to see what was up there, only to be disappointed because it was completely empty. I waited around for some time to see if anyone else would show up.

It has a very nice set up. There’s a band playing in the middle of the lounge, a jukebox, a few vendors, a GTN, access to the cargo bay, and guild bank.

It had all the makings of a nice hang out except for the fact that it was void of all life. I went back today to check it out again and there were three other people in there using the GTN and they left quickly.

Since a lot of people like to hang out at the fleet and talk, I was half expecting a few dozen to be in the lounge or at least some roleplayers taking advantage of the setting. Feeling really bummed, I asked in chat if anyone ever hung out in the VIP Lounge. One person whispered to me that they liked to go up there during the Rakghoul event and then commit suicide by jumping down onto the rpers and infect them with the plague. Other than that no one else answered.

Guess I’ll have check the lounge periodically, but right now I’m really feeling like I wasted a million credits.


One thought on “The VIP Lounge

  1. Heh, I think it was more of a thing closer to launch, when lots of hyped up people had bought the Collector’s Edition. There’s a special vendor up there for CE owners for example. I remember during my first year it felt like everyone and their dog were going up there all the time, and I got teased for being one of the few who were barred from the elevator due to only having bought the normal version of the game (back before it was free to play, obviously).

    Later I bought the digital deluxe upgrade for £3, which grants all of your characters that wristband and more (don’t know if that’s still a thing), but I agree, it didn’t really feel all that special in the end. It is still the only place where you can access a jukebox to change the fleet background music though (I think). Plus it can be fun to hurl yourself to your death and go splat on unsuspecting passers-by below.

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