Rakghoul Blight Fiasco

My first day in the Rakghoul tunnels was an interesting experience. I accepted all the missions and started out soloing the dailies as I usually do, when someone invited me to join their group and I thought why not.

They were in the middle of looking for the Tunnel Lurker, so they ran off in all directions while I finished up what I needed in that area. When they couldn’t find it; they decided to do the Heroics instead.

That was when things truly became chaotic. We were lucky to have a healer in our group, but he accidentally pulled another Rakghoul Blight when we were already dealing with one. Everyone was cool about it, although the tank in our group said, “Really!” at one point. The healer apologized and said that he hadn’t realized we’d already clicked on one of the mounds.

Just as we finished taking down one of the two blights, the other dps in our group got a little too close to another group dealing with theirs and aggroed the rakghoul, causing it to attack us. We tried to deal with both of them quickly because it was starting to get a little ridiculous when someone else wandered into the area and tried to take on one of the blights all by himself. As expected he died and the rakghoul turned on us. Around that time our healer became overwhelmed and died. He came back promptly, just as I was about to die and healed me.

Since none of us had any other missions to do when we finally finished them all off, our group disbanded. It was definitely a weird situation and even though the healer and dps kept pulling other rakghouls to us, the healer did an excellent job keeping us alive. All the same, I don’t think I ever want to deal with that many Rakghoul Blights ever again.


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