Joining A Guild

Yesterday, I was down in the rakghoul tunnels again when I was issued an invitation to join a group. There were three others already in the group and I was amused to discover they were all bounty hunters. Two of them were in the same guild and the third guy was in a different guild.

We raced through the tunnels and finished up the dailies and then when it came time to do the heroic, we were overwhelmed almost immediately because we were all DPS.

It was decided we would wait until we could get more people to join, preferably with a healer. The leader of the group apologized to me, and I told him it was fine. While we were waiting the third guy asked them if their guild was any good and explained that his current guild had been dead for a couple weeks.

They enthusiastically talked about how their guild was great and had people on all the time, especially in the evenings. He asked them for an invite and they said sure. I was quietly standing next to them the entire time, not saying a word and was surprised when they also sent me an invite.

In the three years I’ve been playing this game, I have rejected all guild invites. At first because I had no idea what a guild was and then later I kept declining because I wasn’t sure I was willing to make that commitment yet.

When they invited me to the guild, I seriously thought about it this time rather than automatically declining. I’d seen this guild around all the time on the fleet and they were a Mandalorian guild, so it would be perfect for my bounty hunter. On top of that, I was having more fun in the rakghoul tunnels with them, then I’d had with anyone else.

One of the main reasons I hesitated was because I don’t have wifi. For the past year I’ve been using my hotspot to play the game and there are times when it barely works, especially when I’m around a lot of people. I always had this vague notion that some day I would like to join a guild when I have wifi, though I have no idea when that will happen.

In the end, I decided to join the guild and cross my fingers that my connection wouldn’t be too much trouble. I already have a good feeling about this guild. Everyone was very friendly and chatty. They were constantly putting together groups for various activities, including stuff for lower level players. There was only one upset later in the evening when the guildmaster banned somebody from the guild and everyone wanted to know what happened. Turned out he was being a real dick and treating those he grouped up with like dirt.

Aside from that, I look forward to interacting with my new guild mates and hope the rest of the time is just as pleasant as my first day.


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