Bowdaar and the Eternal Championship

Since one of the conquest missions for this week is to defeat Zotar in the Eternal Championship, I decided to kill two birds with one stone and finally finish all ten rounds of the Eternal Championship and recruit Bowdaar at the same time.

My previous record was getting to round six with help from my brother, but I know others have finished all ten rounds solo and I wanted to try soloing it too.

I used the Alliance alert to travel to Zakuul, talked to Dominaire and accepted the Eternal Championship quest. The first six rounds were the easiest. Much easier than I remember when I did them with my brother. All though I think that can be attributed to the fact I had better gear this time around and had a better understanding of my abilities. I did have one issue with round six. I used rocket out to get away from the Breaktown Brawler and somehow ended up in a glitch that wouldn’t fix itself and had to use /stuck to get out of it, which reset the round.

The seventh round presented a bit of a challenge and I died a couple of times because I didn’t use proper strategy to trap Nocturno in Drake Raven’s traps, so there were times she overwhelmed me. Round eight was really difficult. Calling a Rancor that big, Little Gut is very deceiving. I had to zoom out even more than I already did just to see him and I died a few times because of the traps his owner kept throwing down in the arena. In the end, my companion and I finished the round and I took a small break to calm my nerves before heading to round nine.

Just as I opened fire on the Doom Droid, it suddenly occurred to me that I hadn’t talked to Bowdaar. I became so mad and called myself an idiot. It completely threw me off my rhythm and the droid ended up sweeping the floor with me. I quit after that because I was so upset with myself I couldn’t focus. I had made it all the way up to round nine. I was so close and now I’m going to have to start all over again.

This time I’ll make sure I talk to Bowdaar.


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