Paxton Rall’s Cantina Crawl

The fact that we can find Paxton Rall in a cantina on nearly every planet, both Imp and Pub has always been a source of fascination for me. Sometimes I’ll take a break from whatever I’m doing and pretend I’m hanging out with my good friend Paxton at the nearest cantina.

I’ve always suspected there had to be some sort of hidden mission involving him, but the one time I asked if there was a reason why Paxton Rall was in every cantina no one could give me an answer.

Quite by accident, I discovered the answer for myself. I was playing my Trooper and stood next to him in the Senate cantina. Out of curiosity, I clicked on Paxton Rall. To my surprise a hidden quest came up.

Since my trooper didn’t have a ship at the time, I switched to my bounty hunter and began traveling all over the galaxy to find him at the designated places. The things he said to me were interesting and I liked his unique take on each planet I visited. My favorite though was Taris. On the Imp side he’s leaning against a wall with his arms folded, away from his usual group and told me that he only comes to Taris on a dare. My second favorite was on Alderaan when he’s doing a series of exercises and told me, he’s working up the courage to visit an old flame. I’d love to know more about that story. My last stop was Zakuul where I finished up the achievement.

I’m glad I found this hidden mission. It was a fun side project and I’m happy my instincts were right that there was a reason he could be found in so many cantinas. One thing I have always wondered about is why he’s alone on Rishi. I may be wrong, but I think it’s the only place where the rest of his gang isn’t with him.

I always enjoy finding new things about Star Wars the Old Republic and I hope the game continues to pleasantly surprise me in the foreseeable future.


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