Looking For Belsavis Datacrons

Last week the conquest largely took place on Belsavis and Oricon. Since I was going to be spending so much time on Belsavis doing the heroics and rampage nearly every day, I went ahead and revealed the entire map, then went after the datacrons.

The first datacron I found was a +4 mastery that was surprisingly easy to get to. It was in the High Security Section where a hidden pathway lead me directly to the datacron.

The second datacron was also in the High Security Section in a hidden cave that was guarded by the champion Long Claw. I had expected the fight to be significantly harder than it was so I was a little disappointed that it ended so soon. It’s possible I was over-geared. After Long Claw died, I grabbed the datacron and left for the next location.

The third datacron was in the Maximum Security Section and it took me several minutes to figure out how to get down the cliffside to retrieve it. I eventually found the tunnel that lead to the datacron and made my way down the rocky slope. I have to admit that around this time I was really starting to feel bummed about how easy it was to get these datacrons. Half of the fun is the struggle to get to them, but these ones were almost laughably easy compared to the other ones I’ve gone after before.

That’s why the last datacron almost made up for it. The datacron was on an island surrounded by lava with no discernible way to get to it. I could clearly see another player on the island. I just didn’t know how they got to the island without dying. I was adjusting my camera angle when I saw it. There was nearly an invisible bridge that lead all the way to the island. I was so excited about the Indiana Jones reference, I called my brother and sister over to show them the hidden bridge. Taking that leap of faith, I crossed the bridge slowly until I reached the datacron. I took a screenshot of HK standing on the invisible bridge because that entire scene is so cool.

Finding the matrix shard was the last step and that one ended up taking me a long while because I had to find four Rakata energy cubes. At one point I had to log out of my character because there were three other people also looking for them and none of them seemed to be interested in grouping up. I played my trooper for awhile and then logged out of the game all together to go grocery shopping. When I logged back in several hours had passed and I figured everyone would be gone. I looked up a few guides to help me find the cubes faster and was surprised to learn that there is only one Rakata energy cube at a time and they respawn after three or four minutes in one of eight locations. It seems like a very poor design unless they wanted everyone to group up together to find them.

It took me awhile, traveling to all eight locations over and over again until I found four of them. After that I went to The Tomb area to the cave located under a tree where I placed the cubes in four bins. Once that was done I was able to collect the green matrix shard.

It was an interesting experience and after I began hunting for the Rakata energy cubes, I could see why getting the datacrons was so easy since they knew most people would be spending hours looking for the cubes. My favorite datacron by far is the one beyond the Indiana Jones bridge.


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