My First Impressions of Oricon

I’ve played the expansions with four different characters, but I never accepted the Oricon mission because I knew the story of the Dread Masters was wrapped up through two operations. Since the last conquest had a lot to do with Oricon, I went ahead and accepted the mission on-board my ship and traveled to Oricon, figuring I could at least start the story and then tackle the operations later.

Oricon reminded me a lot of Ziost. Like the people on Ziost were being controlled by the emperor, the people on Oricon were being driven mad by the Dread Masters. In order to unlock the dailies I had to do the small story that lead up to the operations. It was interesting and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I will definitely start on the operations to finish the Dread Master’s story sometime in the near future. Even though Oricon was utterly devastated by war there was something hauntingly beautiful about the place. The Dread Masters talking to my character as I traveled all over Oricon for my missions added to the eerie atmosphere, The final confrontation ending the solo mission left me wanting to know what happens next.

One thing I find interesting are the similarities between the Dread Masters and the Magisters Sidereal in Dragon Age. Two of them even have similar names. Calphayus and Corypheus. Since both SWTOR and Dragon Age are written by the same writers I suppose it’s not much of a surprise to find resemblances between the two games. After all KOTFE and KOTET very much borrow many aspects of the plot to Dragon Age: Inquisition.

When I finished the Oricon mission I went on to do the dailies, heroic, and rampage for the conquest. The dailies were essentially what I did in the story minus all the talking so by the time it was all said and done I was ready to get off that hunk of rock, especially since it was overcrowded with other players also trying to complete the conquest.

I’m glad Bioware expounded on the Dread Masters even if it was through operations. I’d rather they have made a solo version like they did on Yavin 4 regarding the final boss fight with Revan. I prefer to do story content by myself, but it is better than nothing. Ever since I first encountered the Dread Masters on Belsavis I have been fascinated by them. They did an excellent job writing them and the scene where my character meets the Dread Masters for the first time has remained a favorite of mine.


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