Meet The Characters

Here is a fun little post about the characters I play. I have a background story for one of them that I am currently working on, but since I haven’t done any roleplaying with any of my characters, it’s a side project I work on whenever I feel like it. Maybe some day I’ll make another post about their background stories if I ever finish them.

Even though I currently have more Republic side characters, I have a tendency to play the dark side characters more often. The very first character I created was a Sith Inquistor and I’ve preferred the Imperial side ever since. Yes, I know, I’m weird.

The Light Side

Jen Eryso— Not an original name, I know. I was watching Rogue One for the third time in theaters when I thought of the idea to name a toon after one of my favorite characters in the movie. I didn’t want her name to be exactly the same hence the different spelling. Jen Eryso was my first play through of the Jedi Knight story and I loved it so much. I especially liked how it fit well with KOTFE and KOTET. She ended up becoming my main character. For about a year, I played her almost to the point of neglecting my other alts; racking up a little over 300 hours of /played time with her. I intended for her to always be my main, but then I played the Bounty Hunter class and I loved that story even more than the Jedi Knight. As a result she became one of my alts.

Alastrina Mac’tir— She is my second play through of the Jedi Knight, though I haven’t finished the story with her yet. Alastrina is slightly different from Jen Eryso. While Jen was strictly light side and followed the way of the Jedi, Alastrina is going be more of a gray Jedi by the time I finish. Her name is a nod to my Irish roots. The name Alastrina in Celtic means ‘Protector of Mankind’ and the last name Mac’tir means ‘Lone Wolf’. So she is a protector, but also walks alone. I thought that would be a fitting name since she won’t adhere strictly to the Jedi code. She’s also the character I’m writing a background story with.

Nautalina— She’s my first Nautolan on the Star Forge server. I was originally going to play my first Nautolan as a dark side character, but the Jedi Consular is the only class story I haven’t finished yet because I find it so boring. I have another consular that I lost interest in a long time ago and couldn’t remember what the story was even about, so I went ahead and created another consular in the hopes that getting my first Nautolan through the game would motivate me to finish the last class. I haven’t gotten very far with her. She’s still on Coruscant, although I hope to finish it soon so I can finally achieve legendary status.

Mission Impossible— She is the first Consular I created. I’ve thought about deleting this character except I like the name so much and was surprised it wasn’t taken. Someday I’ll probably level her up through other means than the storyline.

Faolain— Unfortunately, that name was already taken so I had to place a couple of accents in the name for it to be accepted. Her name is another nod to my Irish heritage as well as one of my favorite book series. The name in Irish means ‘little wolf’. She’s also named after a character from A Wheel Of Time series. She’s my third play through of the Republic Trooper story. I deleted my first character and transferred my second over to the Satele Shan server, so she’s the only trooper left on Star Forge. I’m still on the first chapter with her, but I’m thinking she’ll become one of my mains since I like the trooper story so much. She will also be my main healer so we’ll see how that goes. I’ll need victims, er…volunteers to test her out once I level her up enough.

Lexxa Zayne— I’ve already played the smuggler class story, although I deleted my first character because I didn’t like how I played her. This character was created strictly to play with my brother and sister whenever the mood strikes us. And since the mood rarely ever strikes us to play together, I haven’t progressed very far with this character.

Ilhora Dez— Knowing that my siblings and I aren’t going to play together very often, I recently created another smuggler because I would like to play that story again and I’ll finish it by myself a lot faster than I will with my sibs.

The Dark Side

Chash Larol (previously known as Wackocryhavoc)— I would like to go on record and say that I created my bounty hunter before The Mandalorian came out. Not that there is anything wrong with liking them because of the TV show, but I wasn’t one of those who jumped on the bandwagon because it’s popular to be a bounty hunter right now. Since playing both KOTOR games I have been intrigued by Mandalorians. Canderous Ordo is a particular favorite of mine. So when I played the bounty hunter and discovered that they become mandos, I knew right then and there that she was going to be my main from now on. As for why I gave her a peculiar name? I can only say that I was reading Armada by Ernest Cline at the time and I liked the gamertags that were being used by the characters. I originally wanted to simply name her Cry Havoc, but that was already taken.

Jaeha Krennic— This character was created because of a conversation I had with some of my guild mates. They were talking about how they needed more tanks and healers in the guild. I’m all right at tanking, its just a responsibility I’d rather not have playing with a large group. They specifically mentioned that they needed more operatives in the guild. Since I wanted to try my hand at healing and also wanted to play the Imperial Agent again…two birds, one stone. She’s still on Dromund Kaas since I haven’t devoted as much time as I should with her. When she’s leveled up enough to be used as a healer I’m going to start small, like use her during flashpoints before I jump into harder stuff like wz’s or ops. For all I know, I’ll suck as a healer. I like to think that she’s a many times removed great-grandmother of Orson Krennic from Rogue One.

Shattermaster— He was my first play through of the Sith Warrior and my first time playing a tank. I admit I loved playing him because he was so powerful, he dominated every fight. For awhile I exclusively played him right up until the end of the expansions. Every now and then I log onto him to run a few dailies and fps. His personality is a bit ruthless, but he does have a soft spot since he married Vette. Incidentally, he was also the first character to romance anyone.

Lady Durza— She’s my second play through of the Sith Warrior and I decided right off the bat that she was going to be far more ruthless than my previous warrior. She’s going to be so evil that everyone will probably hate her. I gave her the name of Lady Durza in honor of one of my favorite fantasy series, The Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini. There’s a shade by the name of Durza in the first book and he’s described as having red hair and maroon eyes. Sadly, I could only give her yellow eyes, but she’s going to have a very similar personality to him.

Arkenis Serktis-– Last but not least is the Sith Inquisitor. As I mentioned in a previous post Arkenis Serktis actually started out as human because I was f2p at the time I made him and therefore limited on the species I could play. I was never satisfied with him as a human slave, so eventually I deleted him and started over as a Twi’lek. I’ve finished the class story with him, but he’s only level 63. I’m not sure if I’ll play the expansions with him or level him up in a different way. Right now I’m not concerned with getting him to max level since I really need to focus on playing the other alts I made to replay some of the class stories.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it. I like it whenever other bloggers introduce their characters, so I thought it was long overdue for me to do the same. I do have a few characters on the Satele Shan server, although I haven’t spent much time on that server since Star Forge is my main one. If I ever actually start playing any of those characters on the SS, I might go ahead and introduce those characters too.


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