Blog Appreciation

I was tagged by Shintar from Going Commando to do a chain letter post where I talk about the origins of my blog and share some advice for new bloggers. Thank you Shintar for tagging me. Your blog has been a true inspiration to me and I’ve enjoyed reading your content for about a year now.

I’m not new to blogging and have kept a blog on and off over the years since I was fifteen — mostly about my writing. I kind of got bored with keeping what amounted to a digital diary on the progress of my stories and eventually quit for several years before I decided to start a gaming blog last year in July. I have always liked playing games. The very first PC game I ever played was Nancy Drew: Treasure in the Royal Tower. From there I went on to discover many gems, some of which include Jedi Outcast and Knights of the Old Republic. Since I don’t have any close friends who like to game on a regular basis, I though I’d try my hand at creating an outlet where I could talk about my favorite pass time (some would say obsession).

My Advice:

Numero Uno:
First and foremost I advice that you blog about something that truly interests you. Don’t worry about what others might think or whether or not anyone will even read it. That kind of thinking can drive you crazy and cause self-doubt. Chances are that someone will find your content interesting and as long as you are concise and blog often enough, readers will come back for more.

Numero Dos:
You need to have a schedule of some kind. You don’t want to post too often and risk burning yourself out, but you also don’t want to barely write anything at all. You’ll want to find something that works best for you. I admit this has always been a problem for me. I don’t have a fixed schedule per se, but I do aim for a specific amount of posts written in one month, so more often then not I will post something twice a week.

Numero Tres:

As Shintar said the best way to expand your blog is to promote it on your favorite(s) social media. Most importantly you want to find and follow other content creators and leave comments to let them know how much you liked their posts. Don’t make generic responses like, ‘Hey great post!’ or ‘Enjoyed reading this!’ They aren’t going to believe you actually read any of it and you’ve just tanked any chances of a reciprocation. Invest time in reading others blogs and show them how much you appreciate the time and effort they put into bringing their content to you and very likely they or others will take any interest in your own content.

Numero Cuatro:
Timing is everything. One thing that I wish I had known when I made my first foray into blogging was that you need to figure out the best time to publish and promote your content. Why does the time of day matter, you ask? Great question! If you’re starting out as a fresh out of the box content creator the first thing you want to do is figure out when you’re target audience is more active. When I was keeping a blog of my writing projects, I aimed to publish my posts around nine o’clock in the morning because that was when other like minded readers and bloggers were more likely to blog hop. Gamers are a whole other ballgame. The best time to get their attention would be later in the evening because they’ve all come home from a long day at the office and they’re going about their usual routine of catching up on social media and settling into one of their favorite games. Once you start to accumulate a decent following it won’t matter nearly as much what time you publish your latest post because they most like have you bookmarked and check periodically to see if you have something new. Or follow you on social media and get a notification.

All right, lastly is the tagging. I don’t follow that many blogs yet and everyone I do follow has already been tagged, so if you’re reading this and want to do it, then you’ve been tagged! As a side note if anyone wants to recommend any good gaming blogs to me that would be appreciated.


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