I currently have three strongholds, Nar Shaddaa, Rishi, and Tatooine. Originally, I had a Dromund Kaas stronghold, but I hated the chat there so much that I’d usually turn it off. Which made it kind of boring since I didn’t have anything to do while I was in there browsing the gtn. Eventually, I got rid of it.

For awhile I went without a stronghold until the decorations collected from missions began to pile up and reckoned it was long overdue to buy another one. Around that time my bounty hunter had become my main and I wanted a home that would be perfect for her line of work. Nar Shaddaa’s shady atmosphere seemed like the ideal place.

It took me awhile to open up the Nar Shaddaa stronghold. I had spent a good chunk of my credits just buying it, so I waited awhile to accumulate more before opening up every room. The majority of the rooms are now decorated, though there are two rooms and the balcony that are still mostly empty. I’ve been waiting until I can either afford certain decorations or until someone comes down on the prices before finishing up the last of the rooms.

I really love my setup, it took me awhile to come up with the arrangements and the perfectionist in me wasn’t satisfied until everything was just right. I tried to take screenshots as best I could. The rooms in the Nar Shaddaa stronghold are kind of awkward, so I’m afraid I didn’t get the entirety of most of them.

This is the entrance. I made it look like a little storage area, thinking that when my toon comes home, she drops spare parts and the like right there.

The gtn, vendors, etc. right next to the entrance. Makes things easier when I just want to grab something and go.

The hallway in between the rooms. I only took one screenshot of it. The hallway is filled with trophies of the bounty hunter’s adventures around the galaxy. Sorry about the terrible lighting. For some reason everything was coming out too bright.

The bedroom. In order to show the bed I wasn’t able to fit my favorite decoration in here. On the other side of the wall is a collection of Mandalorian blades that I found in a cartel pack.

I like to think of this room as my map room.My buddy Torian spends a lot of time here mapping out the best routes to our bounties.

Even a bounty hunter needs some rest and relaxation from the stresses of life. This is the library and meditation room. In the far corner, Mako can barely be made out. She spends a lot of time here going through the archives and hacking into the Nar Shaddaa security.

This is my office/bounty storage area. I haven’t finished it yet. I’m going to buy a bounty monitor, holding cell, maybe a personnel bounty hunter or two, and a few bounty trophies to put in here before it’s complete.

Truth is I had absolutely no idea want to do with this room so I threw in a few things. If I get any better ideas I may change it.

Both hallways leading to the downstairs area are filled with pictures and pets that I’ve collected. I have a small obsession with getting as many pets as I can.

A small section that’s a spill over of the cantina area that lead’s out to the balcony.

My security room. As you can see I have a Gemini that’s hard at work keeping the place safe and the riffraff out.

I’m not done with this room, but it’s going be a club room for dancing once I’m finished.

This is all I have on the balcony right now. I actually found this on the gtn for a steal not too long ago. Someday there will be casino tables, performers, and so on here. I didn’t bother taking screenshots of the other two rooms because they aren’t decorated yet.

I haven’t really gotten around to decorating my Rishi and Tatooine strongholds yet because I can only focus on one at a time. Rishi is my more immediate concern right now over Tatooine. When I bought it I had no idea that it was going to be so huge. It’s a lot bigger than one person ever needs, so I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it right now. I’d get rid of it except I really like the beach. Maybe I’ll make some sort of resort out of it once I’m done with Nar Shaddaa. Someday, I would like to buy an Alderaan stronghold. All the screenshots I’ve seen of the place look really good, especially that beautiful stained glass window.

I’m not sure what the limit is on strongholds. I should probably find out how many can be owned on one server.


2 thoughts on “Strongholds

  1. Originally, I had a Dromund Kaas stronghold, but I hated the chat there so much that I’d usually turn it off.

    I just wanted to say that this made me laugh out loud. Dromund Kaas general chat is indeed the worst.

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