Double XP Event

SWTOR usually has a double xp week around May 4th every year. This time they’re doing things differently and having a four week long xp event that starts April 21 and ends on May 19th.

I’m not sure what to think about a month long double experience points event. It would help my level 75 characters with boosting their renown levels. My bounty hunter has the highest renown and she’s only at level 28, which is pretty low when the highest renown level you can get is 999.

It would also help me get through the Jedi Consular faster. For some reason I am not getting into the story at all. Every time I try to play the consular my mind wanders. My brother tells me that the story gets better in the second chapter when the consular deals with the children of the Emperor, but it’s a matter of me powering through the first chapter.

After that though, I’m going to have to be careful about leveling anyone else up too fast. My trooper is currently at level 37 and I’m trying to keep her at a low level while I work on gaining my companions affection to fifty. I’ve also recently started a second play through of both the Jedi Knight and Imperial Agent. While I don’t have any specific plans for them, it will be a little annoying if they reach level 75 before the end of their respective class stories. Yet I don’t want to abandon them for an entire month until the xp event is over either. Guess I’ll see how it goes the next four weeks.

–Chash Larol

2 thoughts on “Double XP Event

  1. If you have characters you don’t want to be affected by the double XP, you can buy an item called “White Acute Module” on the fleet that temporarily disables the buff on the character that used it. I wrote more about it here.

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