To Enter Spy Games, Make A U-Turn

*Spoilers for Inflection Point*

I’ve taken two characters through Jedi Under Siege, a Sith and Jedi respectively. When the time came to choose, both of them stuck to their designated factions so everything was pretty straight forward. Since I’ve been playing my bounty hunter as someone with a morally ambiguous conscience, I had her side with the Republic when Lana Baniko asked who she would support.

My BH is by no means loyal to the Republic now. She was never very loyal to the Empire either; preferring to do things her way and let her slightly skewed conscience dictate her actions. At this moment in time, she has sided with the Republic because she gets a bad feeling every time she’s around Empress Acina and knows that woman is going to do something terrible if she’s allowed too much power. The Republic is a means to an end to ensure that the Sith don’t gain a foothold in the galaxy again because above all else, my BH hates Force users with a passion. She thinks most of them cause nothing but trouble. Only Lana Baniko and a few others have gained her trust and respect.

After choosing to side with the Republic, the next step was going to Nar Shaddaa to talk to Jonas Balkar where he informed the BH that she would be working undercover to undermine the Empire, while pretending to remain loyal.

I found this intriguing since both my Jedi and Sith never had to play spy games after rejoining their faction (for obvious reasons). It’s going to be weird watching my BH act as a spy for the Republic, considering how she’s blunt and not very good at subterfuge. It will be interesting to see how this play’s out once I make it to Ossus and how this new development will further my BH’s story.

I imagine it will be similar to what my Sith did during Jedi Under Siege except with a few subtle differences since the BH is supposed to be a spy now. Maybe when nobodies looking she’ll do a few things to sabotage the mission in favor of the Republic. Either way, it’s kind of cool that Bioware allows you to work against your faction now. I always thought it was odd that they gave you the option to defect in all the class stories, but the very next mission put you right back where you started as if you never defected. It certainly took them awhile.

–Chash Larol

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