Conqueror Of Rishi

My guild usually goes for large yield planets and we’re almost always in fourth or fifth place every week. We’re a casual guild so we’ve never really tried to make the number one spot. The very first time we won a planet was almost by accident. A few weeks ago there was a time when dozens of planets were up for grabs and there were five large yield planets to choose from and a lot of the other large guilds had spread out between four of the planets, so we chose Taris. There were only three other guilds vying for Taris and we won by a large margin of points without even trying.

Last week, we briefly switched to medium yield because Leadership decided they wanted to try conquering Rishi since our guild stronghold is there. The first three days we trailed behind The Courageous by a lot until our Guild leader sent a letter encouraging everyone to help participate in conquering Rishi and even offered prizes to the top five who racked up the most points. That brought out a lot of team spirit and the guild enthusiastically began closing the cap between us and The Courageous until we overtook them and went on to win by a large majority and won the title, Conqueror of Rishi. Sadly, our victory will be short lived since Rishi is on the conquest planets list again this week, but it’s nice having our name associated with the planet while it lasts.

This week we have shifted our focus back to large yield and are trying to conquer Dantooine. The Guild leader again sent out a letter of encouragement, saying last week was a lot of fun and we should try to keep the momentum going. So far we are in second place behind The Sanctuary, which is a hardcore conquest guild. Usually, The Sanctuary wins their planets without too much competition, so I imagine they’re sweating, trying to stay in first place. Every time they manage to pull ahead by 20 million points, we quickly close the gap. I have no idea if we’ll be able to beat The Sanctuary. We’ve never been a hardcore conquest yield guild before so we’re not nearly as organized as they are, but we still have until Tuesday to attempt to overtake them. Even if we don’t win, it’s been fun trying to and our guild team spirit is higher than it’s ever been.

–Chash Larol

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