Why I Saved Skadge

*Companion Spoilers*

Back in July of 2019 I tweeted about how much I hated Skadge as a companion and couldn’t wait to be rid of him for good. Even though it was my first play through of the bounty hunter, I knew from my Jedi Knight that I would meet Skadge again in the Alliance Alerts and would have the option to kill him. I was very much looking forward to it because Skadge was really getting on my nerves.

Little did I suspect that the voice actor himself, Neil Kaplan would respond to my tweet and say that if the two of us spent some time together and got to know each other better, things might work out. I admit to being thrilled and a little awed that he would actually take the time to respond to my tweet. We ended up having a back and forth conversation where I declared I wouldn’t change my mind and he said ‘we’ll see’. It was a fun exchange, especially when others became involved and also expressed their dislike for Skadge. He took it all in stride and just tried to convince us to change our minds and give the guy a chance.

It isn’t the last time someone from Bioware has responded to something I said. Shortly after I started the BH story, I posted a screenshot on Reddit of my bounty hunter and Mako and one of the people who helped write the story told us about how Mako was loosely based off their copy editor, who was the happiest ray of sunshine they’d ever met and had a birthmark right where Mako’s cybernetics were and in the same general shape. A lot of us were excited to learn this tidbit and it brought new insight into the creation of Mako.

Knowing that the voice actors, devs, and writers are just as enthusiastic about the game as the rest of us is good to know. I’m glad they are nothing like the people working at DC Universe Online who have a plethora of problems in their game but insist it’s either your computer or your antivirus’ fault and not on their end. Never mind the fact DCUO’s graphics are outdated and their patches work more as a temporary measure rather than fixing the problems.

Even though my BH finished KOTET awhile ago, I kept putting off the Alliance Alert for Skadge because I didn’t forget what Neil Kaplan said and was torn about what to do. On one hand I really wanted to kill Skadge since he’s still an annoying twerp, but at the same time I felt that I should spare him because the voice actor took the time trying to convince me not to. Eventually, I began the quest and made a last minute decision to recruit him, gaining two companions in the process and I have Neil Kaplan to thank for that.

If he hadn’t replied to my tweet, I probably wouldn’t have hesitated to get rid of Skadge for good. So thank you Neil Kaplan for being energetic about your character even if he is the most unlikable person in the galaxy. Your good humor in spite of all the flak your character gets is a true inspiration.

–Chash Larol

2 thoughts on “Why I Saved Skadge

  1. That’s so cool that the voice actor responded to you! I actually also let Skadge live on my bounty hunter after originally thinking that I was going to kill him for sure. No outside intervention in my case; I guess it’s just true that distance makes the heart grow fonder. 😛

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