The Road So Far

It is going on four months since I joined the Mandalorians guild and it has had its ups and downs. Thankfully for the past couple of months the officers have been cracking down on a lot of the stuff that were going on, which I talked about here. It’s also helped that they have begun encouraging players to join their discord where they make most of the announcements regarding events happening.

The only change I wouldn’t mind seeing at this point is that they were less casual as a guild. Don’t get me wrong, I love the fact they don’t demand anything from their members except to be nice to everyone. I love how they log in and just talk before calling it a night. It makes the atmosphere in the game very homey, but there are times when they are too casual. It was nice seeing them trying to compete in conquest for three weeks, but then the guild as a whole lost their momentum and we slipped back into our usual fourth place on the leader board. Not that, that’s a bad thing. It’s something to be proud of that we’re even on the top ten list every week. The reason for my discontent is that we have the numbers to take large yield planets if we were to utilize them correctly. Unfortunately, the only way for us to conquer planets is to switch to medium yield and that kind of feels like cheating since the guilds who usually go for medium yield have fewer members than us.

While I do think there should be a healthy balance between a casual guild and a high yield conquest guild…I certainly understand why they wouldn’t want to try competing against The Sanctuary. From what I understand, they are very much a hardcore conquest guild and the one time we tried to beat them was exhausting.

Even if we never go beyond casual, I am glad that we are becoming better as a guild and that the officers are taking an interest in the game again.

One thing that I’ve been struggling with since joining a guild is playing my other toons. When I was a solo player, I would hop from character to character; alternating between playing light side and dark side, depending on my mood. Since joining the Mandalorians, I have played almost exclusively with my BH and operative healer because those are the characters in the guild. They recently made a sister light side guild for us, but haven’t really done anything with it yet, so more often then not I will be alone when playing my trooper. As a result it can get a little lonely. It’s actually amazing how you get used to the chatter in the guild chat.

This past week, I have been trying to get some /played time on a few of my alts and forgot how much I enjoy taking my toons through the class stories. It’s also been nice being more laid back and not having to worry about making conquest as quickly as possible. I still jump onto my BH in the evenings to hang out with the guild; however, going forward I would like to continue playing my alts as a way to relax from the pressure of having to make conquest and just get back to my roots of playing the game for the sake of the stories.

–Chash Larol

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