A Review of SWTOR Coming To Steam

When Swtor came to steam I knew there would be a flood of new and returning players coming to the game; however, I wasn’t expecting so many to join at once. I can’t speak for the other servers or guilds since I don’t know how they are faring, but Star Forge has seen an enormous influx of new players. On the Imperial fleet we usually average four to six instances during the evening times — last night we had eight instances and my connection was definitely giving me issues with all the people running around.

My guild has also received a good amount of players coming from steam or Reddit after one of our members posted a picture to advertise ourselves as one of the largest Mandalorian guilds on the server. Additionally, a lot of us have been answering questions the new players have and directing them to some of Swtorista’s youtube videos for further explanations. My guild has been very welcoming to all the newbies, sadly not everyone in the community has seen fit to help them out.

I was on Tython awhile ago and there were quite a few players there helping out and directing the newbies to Swtorista, but just as many who were trolling them and making the chat toxic. It actually surprised me because normally the chat on Tython doesn’t get toxic and if anyone tries they are very quickly shot down. Which is why I’m convinced a lot of them were level 75 and came to Tython from Dromund Kaas just to make fun of the new people.

In spite of the trolls there do seem to be many players welcoming them with open arms and I’m glad that the community has become so much better than when I first started playing. I might even be able to convince a few of my acquaintances to give the game a try now that it’s on steam.

The day Swtor came out on steam, within a few hours there were already well over 2,000 reviews written by other players eager to leave a good impression. I spent some time reading over the reviews. Many left very thoughtful reviews, promoting the pros and cons of the game and others left funny one-liners. There were a few bad reviews, though a lot of them seemed to be expressing frustration either at how long it took to download or that they tried to subscribe but something went wrong and EA’s phone support was less than stellar (go figure). A few had clearly been written by people who hadn’t played the game in awhile and were outraged that EA would put a dying game on steam and warned everyone to ignore the positive reviews because they were lying. Those particular reviews cracked me up.

A few members of my guild have switched to steam for some of the additional benefits you can get. I haven’t decided yet if I want to make the switch. Truth be told, I’m not really interested in any of the bundles, so I’m probably not going to even bother.

One thing I am having issues with because of the new players is that I’m constantly getting kicked off the server. One minute I have four bars and everything is working as it should — the next I’m getting an x and am promptly kicked off the server. Others in my guild have also reported they’re continuously kicked off the server. So Bioware may want to think about boosting the server to accommodate more people.

Other than that, having so many new players is definitely helping the game get the attention it deserves and has tremendously helped with bringing the prices on the GTN down. We’ll see if it stays down — my guess is it won’t stay that way. Surprisingly, it has even somewhat helped the gen chat on the Imperial fleet. For the last two days I have seen more people actually talking about the game or other less controversial topics than politics and religion. That I’m sure definitely will not last long, but it’s nice while it lasts.

I am hoping that in the coming days we will continue to see an incline in player activity and that the community remains mostly positive.

–Chash Larol

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