Which Server Is The Conquest Server?

As I’ve mentioned before, lately, I have been taking an interest in conquest and guild invasions in general. The concept of guilds dominating and controlling parts of the galaxy was an interesting idea that the devs came up with. I have no idea if they got this idea from other mmo’s or if this is a unique thing.

When I first started playing Swtor on the Ebon Hawk server I vaguely noticed that each planet I went to would be controlled by the same two guilds, but since I was only interested in playing the stories at the time I didn’t think much of it. When the servers merged and the bulk of my toons were moved to Star Forge, I again noted those same two guilds dominating the galaxy, although other guilds joined in from time to time. Then something changed and the galaxy seemed to be dominated by the same four guilds no matter where I went — week after week. It wasn’t until much later I learned that The Sanctuary maintained four guilds they used to invade every yield and thus control every planet.

It remained that way for some time until other guilds began taking an interest in conquering planets. What’s interesting about my server is that nearly every week the medium and small yields change hands depending on who goes after them. The Sanctuary still has control of the most planets, but because the competition has become so fierce they are unable to use all four of their guilds to control the galaxy. At first their two smaller guilds began losing ground and they lost all those planets to other guilds. Now their larger dark side guild is rapidly losing ground and only controls one planet right now. They’ve had to fall back to their main light side guild in order to continue invading planets and have all but given up on their two smaller ones.

Eventually, a pattern began to merge and there were three large guilds and three to four smaller guilds that came out victorious week after week and it was that way for some time until the other mando guild (the one harassing my guild) began eating their way through the medium and small yields so that they now control four different planets and by the look of things will have five planets by the end of the week.

In just six months the guilds that invade planets have changed so much on my server that it has made me curious about the other servers. Are guild invasions as fierce and competitive on the other servers as they are Star Forge? I have a couple characters on Satele Shan that I rarely play, but for the past two months I’ve been monitoring the guild invasion process and it would appear there are two guilds that dominate that server. Judging by the names it’s a light side/dark side guild run by the same people who go after large and medium yield. There are three other smaller guilds that fight over the small yield planets every week. What’s even more interesting is the numbers. Almost every week the two large guilds seem to average between 40 to 60 million conquest points by the end of the invasion, while the smaller ones average 20 to 30 million points.

On Star Forge, the two large guilds who often compete with each other average 120 million to 250 million, depending on how fierce the competition gets between them that week. Even my guild averages between 80 to 100 million and that’s when we’re not even trying to win. The new conquest system has made it easier for most guilds to double their amount of points every week and on Star Forge you definitely want to be careful if you’re traveling in the pvp instance. Its become popular for a lot of guilds to do rampage and some of them don’t see how it might be unsporting for a group of 24 players to surround and kill one lone player.

Even the guild my siblings and I created, accidentally made it on the leaderboard for small yield recently. Though that was probably through a combination of things; mainly my stronghold bonus and the conquest perk I bought for us. Still there are only three of us and without even trying we stayed in fifth place for three days until I noticed we were getting way too much attention as everyone was wondering where our guild came from and if they could join. After that I stopped playing my characters and let us drop off the leaderboard back into obscurity.

So what I’m wondering is why hasn’t the Satele Shan server caught on to how easy it is to make a lot of cq’s for guild invasion? It’s possible that the two guilds have been dominating the galaxy for so long that everyone has accepted it as inevitable or perhaps not many are interested in guild invasions on that server? From what I’ve been given to understand Satele Shan has a slightly higher pvp population. Both North American servers have a fairly good amount of pvp players, but I’ve also heard that more people do raiding on Star Forge than Satele Shan, which may contribute to their slightly higher pvp populace. It’s also possible that their guild invasions status hasn’t metamorphed yet like Star Forge and could become just as fierce and competitive sometime down the road.

As far as the other three servers, I haven’t created any characters on them so I have absolutely no idea what the guild invasion conquest is like on their end. I doubt I’ll ever create toons on the French and German servers. Unfortunately, the only language I know is English. As far as Darth Malgus, I may make a character on that server someday so I can monitor what conquest is like for them because I really am curious to know which server is the conquest server.

–Chash Larol

2 thoughts on “Which Server Is The Conquest Server?

  1. Darth Malgus has seen a similar development over time. First there was one big guild with several alt guilds. Then they were challenged by another guild deciding to focus on Conquest, which soon also managed to spawn its own alt guild. Currently those big players are all still around, but things aren’t as clear-cut as they once were.

    When Bioware first made Conquest more “passive” by rewarding points for just killing mobs, it was suddenly possible to become competitive by founding a new guild and just inviting lots of random players as long as they were active – since then, new challengers have appeared more often, but they usually can’t sustain their position for long. It’s an interesting meta to follow for sure.

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