Pub Fleet Chat Vs. Imp

I think most can agree that gen chat has some of the most toxic conversations that go on. I’ve been trying to avoiding the gen chat as much as possible by having a separate tab for the guild. Dromund Kaas and the Imperial fleet have by far the worst conversations on the Star Forge server and they are unfathomably proud of it.

A few guildies have expressed gratitude that the guild chat gives them a reprieve from all the nonsense and some have even admitted they have separate tabs for gen and guild chat as I do. Because of everything that has been going on in the world lately, politics and covid very much dominate the conversations. Which is sad if you think about it since playing games should be a way to escape reality for a few hours.

One of the things I’ve found weird is that every so often we get new members into the guild who like to talk about how toxic gen chat is, but claim that the Republic fleet chat is ten times worst. That has always struck me as odd because the few times I’ve spent any length of time on the Republic fleet didn’t seem that bad. I’m a naturally curious person and once I have a question that needs to be answered it nags at me until I finally answer it. So for the past two month I have been conducting an experiment to see which fleet chats are worst.

I already knew the fleet chat on Imp side was pretty bad, though for the sake of the experiment I switched to the gen tab and read the conversations going on. After that I logged into the fleet at different times of the day between early morning and late evening. The chat never varied. Sometimes I would see someone asking for help and there was a lot of trading going on, but the bulk of the conversations were about covid and politics.

I watched the Imp side gen chat for a few weeks and then switched over to the Pub side and hung around on the fleet there for the next few weeks. I logged in at different times of the day and the difference between the two fleets was astonishing. Sometimes I would see a player bring up politics or try to troll and it would quickly get shot down. Every time I logged in the conversations going on were pleasant and they would talk about games and movies. If someone asked for help they were quick to respond and help them in anyway they could. One time when I was on someone made a comment about the imp side gen chat and they all agreed it was horrible there and then went on to talk about something else. If that had been said on imp side it would have devolved into name calling and bullying.

So, I think it’s safe to say that the Republic fleet chat is by far superior to imp side (on Star Forge at least). It was nice seeing everyone in the chat getting along and being helpful. Another thing I found interesting about the Pub chat was that there were long stretches of silence. Even when there were over a hundred people on. Imp side chat never shuts up long enough for their to be a lull in the conversation.

I’m not entirely sure why anyone would say Pub side chat is worst than Imp side. It’s possible they could have gone to the fleet at the wrong time or perhaps they’re remembering what Pub side was like before the server merges.

–Chash Larol

2 thoughts on “Pub Fleet Chat Vs. Imp

  1. AN

    My experience is the same as yours. I’ve turned off gen chat for impside characters because it is so frequently unpleasant, but generally leave it on for rep characters. In fact, non-fleet chat on pubside sometimes even feels as friendly as guild chat. Some people playing impside characters must let their dark sides out.

    Interestingly, I’ve found that most of the unpleasantness is just a few people. With the new legacy block, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that blocking 20 people makes all chat pleasant again.

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    1. Chash Larol

      Yes, when I was watching the fleet chats I came to recognize several names on imp side as they consistently trolled the gen chat. So I imagine blocking them would actually improve the chat some what. The legacy ignore was a great idea.


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