Echoes of Oblivion – The End of A Story

I didn’t get to play the 6.2 story update until Saturday because I was having issues with my vision and needed to get the prescriptions of my contacts adjusted. So until then I stayed off my computer so as not to strain my eyes. My sister played Echoes of Oblivion as soon as her computer finished the update and watching her facial expressions as she went through the story was comical. I knew the moment she faced Valkorian because her eyes narrowed and she said, “You!” As I continued watching her, there was a moment when her expression registered surprise and another time when she tried to suppress a smile. I told her I was going to mention her and her reactions in my next blog post. To be honest, watching her facial expressions made me want to jump on my computer and play it anyway.

Fair warning, this post will have spoilers for Echoes of Oblivion so if you haven’t played the latest story update yet I’d recommend going no further. I will cover the Mandalorian flashpoint in my next post because there was so much going on with both stories introduced in this latest update it would make for a very long read if I tried to write about all of it at once.

Echoes of Oblivion began with T7 contacting you because he found the transport where Satele Shan and her students had been isolated after a plague was released when Kira and Scourge destroyed the Emperor’s original body. He was immediately attacked by an unknown enemy and went silent, but not before transmitting the coordinates to his location. At the hangar on your way to the coordinates, Theron showed up and wanted to join your party because he was worried about his mother. It seemed kind of weird that Theron was sure the plague wouldn’t affect him and yet Lana was staying behind because she was afraid it would affect her. I clearly recall a time on Ziost when both of them were able to resist the Emperor’s influence. Perhaps this type of mind control was stronger than before? I’m not sure. Before you could decide if Theron should go, Arcann and Senya also showed up and said they wanted to go much to the consternation of Kira and Scourge. You had the option of telling them they couldn’t come. I don’t know if that option would stop them or not because I told them they could come with us. I was very happy to see Senya and Arcann again in this new update and I hold out hope that we will see more of them in the future.

One thing I would like to mention is that I am really finding Scourge’s newfound emotions humorous. In the Jedi Knight story he’s so calm and collected. Since his reintroduction he’s become a seething mass of bad temperament. If he’s not smashing my stuff, then he’s charging head first into a conflict without waiting to hear the plan. The exchange between the two of you when you wondered why the transport was so massive frustrated him to no end because he felt you were focusing on something trivial.

So when you make it to the transport you encounter the Servants of the Emperor and the last of the Scion coming to die as their prophecy foretold. I wondered when this would happen since the last time I saw them was on Iokath and they were pretty useless. One could argue they were useless this time around too, but I guess they slowed down the Servants of the Emperor long enough for you to get there. What I found especially interesting was when you tell Servant Four (that name cracks me up) that the Emperor doesn’t care about them, she countered with a line like, ‘Why should a god care about us?’ Well…at least she knew her place in the galaxy.

Then came the first surprise. Revan showed up! I was not expecting that because I thought Revan’s story was done, so it was a pleasant surprise. It was especially interesting to discover Kira never knew about Revan because Scourge thought she wouldn’t be able to work with him. This leads me to wonder if there’s anymore information Scourge might be holding back.

When you finally reach Satele and her students you form a meditation circle (Theron stayed behind to keep watch) and enter Satele’s mind to find out what’s going on. You enter a mindscape where you encounter Valkorian and discover that a spectre of him lived on through the mind plague. When he acted like he didn’t know me, my first thought was, ‘what game are you playing at?’ Then something really cool happened. Tenebrae, Valkorian, and Vitiate separated into three entities and yet they were still one. It turns out for the very first time you are actually meeting Tenebrae, which was why at first he didn’t know who you were until he searched through their memories. I thought that was very cool. Everyone eventually encounters Vitiate first on Ziost and then Yavin 4. The Jedi knight especially has a strong connection to Vitiate since a lot of their story from the base game revolved around the Emperor. And of course, everyone encounters Valkorian through the KOTFE and KOTET expansions. To actually meet Tenebrae for the first time and watch as he criticized his future selves for failing to accomplish his original goal was awesome.

After that you had to wander through the mindscape to try and reach the center where Satele Shan and her students were located. The mindscape was very similar to the ones you traveled through in the last expansions, but it also kind of reminded me of the Fade from the Dragon Age games. They even have you encounter creatures with vices for names much like the demons from Dragon Age.

There were so many cameo appearances in the mindscape. First came Meetra Surik, we haven’t seen her since the Jedi Prisoner flashpoints and then Darth Marr showed up. Thexan and Vaylin also made an entrance. Senya had a moment with Vaylin where she apologized for everything that had happened to her daughter. I was really hoping Senya would gain some kind of closure by seeing her daughter again, but later you get mail from Senya where she confessed to you that she still felt immensely guilty and didn’t get the closure she was hoping for. So that was kind of sad. Afterward the entire family united in an attempt to hold back Valkorian while you go on ahead.

The final boss fight was interesting. There were three rounds as you fought each incarnation of the Emperor that definitely reminded me of the boss fights from Dragon Age 2. I’m honestly not sure how I survived the first round because I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do. There were a lot of stuff around the room that were clearly targeting me and I couldn’t click on any of them. So what I resorted to doing was running around the room shooting at Valkorian. The second round was much easier to understand and had waves of enemies coming from all sides that I dealt with quickly. The third round was pretty cool, though not because of anything about the fight itself specifically. What I found interesting about it was Tenebrae and what he was doing during the fight. The first thing he did was become larger than life and then he struck a pose so reminiscent of Corypheus from Dragon Age: Inquisition that they had to have used the same model when making that round. As soon as I saw him strike that pose I thought, Who invited Corypheus to this fight?

The ending where the three Emperors made one last desperate attempt to defeat you was a great scene. A boat load of people showed up at the end including the Sixth Line and the Children of the Emperor…everyone that he had influenced over the years was there in a final showdown. It was a satisfactory ending to a story that began back in 2003 with the first Knights of the Old Republic game.

You had a short conversation with Satele Shan at the end of the battle back in the settings of the Odessen Wilds and when you woke up Lana was there to take you home. After that there was a cut scene between Aryn Leneer and Satele, reminding you that Darth Malgus is still out there.

The story was a lot to take in and once I finished it I just sat there for awhile mulling things over in my head before jumping into the Mandalorian flashpoint. The devs did a great job tying everything up and it was great getting to confront the Emperor for the last time and close the chapter for what may be one of the greatest villains in gaming history (in my opinion at least). My next post will be up in a day or two to talk about the new story arc they introduced with the Mandalorians.

–Chash Larol

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