Spirit Of Vengeance – A Mandalorian Tale

It doesn’t surprise me the Bioware devs came out with a Mandalorian flashpoint since Mandos are in style right now. It did however surprise me that they didn’t wrap it up neatly in one FP as I was expecting. I am wondering if this might be a case of biting off more than they can chew because we have the thing with Darth Malgus, Empress Acina and her Hand, the Republic trying to rebuild, the Mandalorians starting a rebellion, and the possibility of Vaylin following in her dearly departed father’s footsteps of body snatching. The main question I have — is all of this going to be connected? Or are they going to start two different storylines? Fair warning there’s going to be spoilers about the new flashpoint.

In a previous update you meet Jekiah Ordo talking to Shae Vizla about a potential uprising against her. In the 6.2 update you see another cutscene of them where they’re discussing the trouble brewing among the Mandalorians again and it sounds like the situation’s getting worst. Low and behold after the events with the Emperor a rebel faction tried to seize control of Shae Vizla’s flagship, The Spirit of Vengeance II, setting off a chain reaction that led to the events in the flashpoint.

One thing I would like to mention is that as the Commander of the Alliance, I don’t have a flagship and contrary to what Lana thinks, I don’t crash all of my ships. Just the unimportant ones. Seriously though, I feel like the Alliance needs a flagship of their own since they don’t have the Gravestone anymore. Unfortunately, I don’t think that’s ever going to happen.

Anyways, you offer to help Shae take back her flagship and you have to board three smaller Mandalorian ships that are tethered to the Spirit of Vengeance II to detach them from the flagship. You crash land into the hanger (sorry Lana) and meet Rass Ordo, Jekiah’s younger brother. I thought Rass was a great character and I hope to see more of him. It would be really cool if he becomes a companion later on. I liked his dry sense of humor and how laid back he was, seeming to be content to let you lead. He clearly looked up to his older brother and was concerned about him, urging you to get through the ships quickly to find Jekiah.

I think it’s awesome to finally get to have a longer interaction with Mandos from Clan Ordo. As I’ve mentioned before, Canderous Ordo is one of my favorite characters from Kotor. Throughout Mandalorian history, Clan Ordo has been one of the few clans that manages to unite the clans together during times of crisis. Whether they will be able to do it again or not is the question. Mandalorians in many ways are like Klingons from Star Trek. Both of them need a common enemy to fight, otherwise they begin to fight among themselves. Which is clearly what’s happening now.

You get through the ships, removing the tethers and fighting your way through the rebel Mandos and then take on the Spirit of Vengeance II. There is where you catch up with Jekiah and his men as they’re retreating to the bridge. You charge in and meet the leader of the rebellion, Field Marshal Heta Kol. You fight a few rounds with her and then in typical bad guy fashion she runs away when it’s clear you have the upper hand. After she’s gone you discover that the rebels stole a banner from Clan Cadera, which confuses everyone as they wonder why they would want a banner from a disgraced clan. Torian is alive in my BH play-through, so there was a brief scene where he once again expresses remorse for his clan’s past mistake. It was suggested the banner was going to be used as a symbol of rebellion, though Shae Vizla thinks there might be something more going on.

I’ll admit I’m not sure where the devs are going with this whole captured banner thing. It may be something similar to Ancient Roman times when their Legions carried Standards into battle. If they lost the Standard in battle or it was captured by the enemy that Legion would forever be disgraced unless they were able to regain their honor. Clan Cadera was disgraced after they sided against Mandalore the Vindicated, but Torian was able to regain some honor for his clan. Why the Hidden Chain would want that banner in particular is a mystery. I doubt they blindly grabbed the nearest banner before they left, so there is something larger at play here that has yet to be revealed.

After that we see a cut scene where Heta Kol sweeps into a room where her cohorts are bickering among themselves as they place the blame on each other for their failure. She throws a detonator at Tyrus Brokenblade of Clan Varad and he catches it, holding on to the detonator as Kol moves around the room explaining that if he lets go they’ll all die. She proceeds to stab him repeatedly in the side while talking about how they need to stick together no matter what. Tyrus passes her test by not letting go of the detonator in spite of the fact he must have been in a lot of pain and she deactivates the bomb. They all leave the room quickly after that and she turns to the banner and says, “Mando’ad, draar digu” (Mandalorians, never forget).

This additional cutscene was intriguing because it reveals even more about the Hidden Chain. It is clear that Heta Kol has her own agenda and I’m sure we’ll see what it is in the future. I’m pretty sure the devs are basing this new faction loosely on Death Watch from The Clone Wars. Death Watch believed Mandalorians had lost their way and became terrorists who sought to restore Mandalore to it’s former glory. Heta Kol also wants to restore Mandalorians to their former glory instead of acting as mercenaries for hire and she’s willing to do whatever it takes to achieve her goals. I’ll admit her ruthlessness at the end when she stabbed Tyrus repeatedly surprised me. It further cements my belief that the Hidden Chain will be similar to Death Watch because her actions lack honor and one of the things that make Mandalorians more than just a group of thugs is that they have a strong sense of honor and loyalty. In the end she would restore Mandalorians to their former glory, but they would be much like they were during The Mandalorian Wars when they tried to conquer many of the core worlds.

There are a lot of questions that need to be answered with this latest update and I look forward to seeing what’s next.

–Chash Larol

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