Progressing Through The Consular Story

In order to achieve legendary status, I need to finish the Jedi Consular’s story and I’ve really struggled to get through it. I started to play the Consular three times and every single time I ended up getting bored and creating another character to replay my favorites. My latest attempt has been with a Nauotlan named Nautalina.

After creating Nautalina, I began to slog my way through the story and made it to Nar Shaddaa before giving up and went back to playing my second Jedi Knight to get her through the expansions. Last Monday, I finally decided that the only way I would be able to get through the Consular’s story was to force myself play it and to keep at it no matter how boring I found it to be. So, that’s what I’ve been doing. I completed the first chapter and I’m half way through the second.

I have to be honest I was hoping the second chapter would be more interesting, but so far I’m not impressed. My brother told me the Consular is better if you make a dark Jedi, but I figured with my first play through I should at least attempt to play a good Jedi first. I know they were trying to make the Consular a diplomat who was calm and collected much like Qui Gon Jinn, but I feel like they could have at least made the story more exciting than simply shielding your masters and ferrying around a bunch of suspicious diplomats. Even the Consular’s voice is bland and devoid of emotion.

Nadia and her dad are interesting at least. I always enjoy the conversations between them and I’m interested to see how Nadia’s story progresses, especially since it looks like Nautalina will get the chance to teach her the ways of the Force soon.

I’m going to try to complete the Consular storyline by the end of the week because I really would like to finish all eight class stories. Here’s hoping the third chapter redeems the first two.

There is one thing I do find slightly disconcerting and that’s my character during cutscenes. I wish they would have let Nautolans blink or something rather than stare blankly. I find the big eyes a little creepy and since they don’t even blink it’s unnerving. It would be nice if the devs did something about that and at least added eyelids or something other than that blank stare.

–Chash Larol

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