I Am Legendary

I’m proud to announce that I finished the Consular story and forever more known in a galaxy far far away as a Legendary Player. The third chapter wasn’t so bad and made up for the first two being so dull. It was interesting encountering more Children of the Emperor and learning they were insinuated into the Republic as sleeper agents. Even more fascinating was that some of them didn’t even know who they were until they were “activated.” Since there were so many of them and they had infiltrated all aspects of the Republic I feel like the Trooper should have had an encounter with one or two of them. It probably would have been difficult to fit them in somewhere though since the Trooper’s story features heavily on the war between the Republic and the Empire through the eyes of non-force users.

One thing that I did find slightly disappointing was how predictable it was to guess who the Children of the Emperor and the First Son were. Even the traitor on my ship feeding the Empire information was predictable. I hoped I was wrong even as I guessed them to be the traitor and then encountered them in full Sith garb. I liked the final boss fight with the First Son. It took me completely by surprise when I died via a heavy boulder landing on top of me. It has been a long time since I died during a fight in the base game.

I originally had no intention to romance any of the Consular’s companions, but a last minute decision had me romancing Felix. I hadn’t responded to any of his flirtations right up until I only had two flirt options and a rude rejection. It is so annoying when the devs do that and I wish they had given us the option to continue ignoring his advances. They do the same thing with Doc. My first play through I romanced him and then rejected him in my second play through. He took it badly and to be honest the rejection could have been handled better since my Jedi came across as abruptly rude. So to prevent another scene like that from happening again, I went ahead and responded positively to Felix’s flirtations even though I felt like I should have stuck with the Jedi code.

I did find Tharan Cedrax’s flirtations amusing, though I don’t understand why he thought we were in some kind of relationship even though I either ignored him or reminded him of Holiday at every opportunity. It was hilarious when he later decided we shouldn’t be together because Holiday was jealous and I couldn’t help thinking, seriously dude we were never in a relationship. I suppose he thought I was sending him mixed signals or something even though I expressed my disinterest over and over again.

One thing that confused me was some of the things my companions disapproved of me saying. I even looked up their info the summary provided to double check their likes and dislikes to try to figure out why they were disapproving. The first time I was baffled was when Tharan disapproved when I welcomed Felix aboard. All I said was something along the lines of good to have you. I suppose he could have been jealous at having another guy join my crew. He didn’t disapprove when Zenith joined so maybe it was because Felix was a potential love interest? Maybe he thought Felix would compete for my affections? Either way I’m not sure I understand why the devs would have him disapprove since Tharan’s not even a true love interest.

Another thing some of my crew disapproved of was when I pledged to teach Nadia the ways of the force after accepting her as a padawan. I could understand why Tharan didn’t like it since he considered the force mystical nonsense, but I was confused about Felix’s disapproval since he doesn’t have anything against Jedi. I don’t recall ever being confused about what my companions like and dislike since Bioware makes it relatively easy. Those interactions however have me stumped.

I may eventually play the consular again either as a gray Jedi or a dark Jedi to see if there are any differences, though that will probably be some time down the road since I don’t think I’ll ever like the consular’s story as much as I like the other seven classes.

–Chash Larol

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