KotFE and KotET in Vet Mode

Since I was running through KotFE and KotET yet again with my main alt Jedi Knight, I figured it was time to experience it in vet mode for the first time. I was expecting super hard content compared to story mode, so I farmed i306 tank gear for my Jedi before hand, and then crafted a bunch of medpacs and stims just in case.

It was not what I expected at all. Some of the fights were longer because the bosses had higher HP, but other than that the most difficult fight I encountered in KotFE was Vaylin in the cave. Even that wasn’t too difficult to figure out and I only died a couple times.

KotET started out much the same and I was beginning to wonder if I was over-geared for vet mode since i306 gear wasn’t even out yet when they made these expansions. Then I encountered the Horizon Guard after crashing Vaylin’s party and thought I had finally met my match when Theron and Arcann kept dying in spite of having Theron on heal and utilizing Arcann’s abilities correctly. Then I figured out the problem was Theron. I had forgotten to take him to the fleet to give him gifts, so his influence level was low. After leveling him up the fight was laughably easier.

I also had issues with another Horizon Guard after chasing Vaylin to Nathema and to be honest I never figured out how to win the fight fair and square. This time I had Lana with me and her influence was much higher than Theron’s, but no matter what I did I couldn’t figure out how to beat him. I tried leveling Lana up some more and that didn’t work. I tried switching her between heal, tank, and damage to see which one was better. I tried to make her passive to pull her out of the fight whenever he would cast his wide ranged abilities. Nothing I did worked and I’m not sure if there is some sort of bug with the Horizon Guard, but I’m pretty sure Lana and I kept taking heavy damage even when we were well out of range of his attacks.

I was finally ready to give up and ask for help from my sister when I got the idea to try pushing him off the cliff. My first attempt didn’t work because he fell onto a ledge below. My second attempt was much better and the fight was over. Someday I might go back to that chapter and try to beat him without resorting to throwing him off a cliff.

The ending with Vaylin and Valkorion was a bit of a let down. I figured with as much trouble as I was having with the Horizon Guard on Nathama that the battle with them would be intense. There really wasn’t much difference between story and vet mode when it came to fighting them, which further cements my suspicions that there’s a glitch with the Horizon Guard.

Not sure when I’ll tackle Master Mode, but I am looking forward to seeing how much harder it will be compared to vet mode and I’m hoping that Valkorion will at least present a challenge since I have always thought he was too easy to beat.

–Chash Larol

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