A Brief Review of The Story So Far

I didn’t realized how much time had passed since Jedi Under Siege and Onslaught came out until I looked back at some of my old posts. Now I feel horrible that it has taken me so long to get my Jedi Knight through them. I have played Jedi Under Siege before with my original Jedi. In fact she was the first to go through it, but around that time I started thinking about rolling another Jedi now that I knew how the class story ended because I wanted to create a gray Jedi who would always remain loyal to the Republic, though not necessarily want things to go back to the way they used to be. I also wanted to try romancing Arcann and created an elaborate background story that would not only fit the romance, but the prophecy foretold in the novel, Revan as well.

FYI the background story is not something I would use if I ever took up rping in Swtor. It’s been a long time since I roleplayed anything, but one of the rules of rping is don’t make yourself the chosen one unless everyone else agrees to it. I just wanted to create a personal headcanon since all of my characters can’t be the Outlander because that would be strange.

I probably should have continued progressing my original Jedi through the newest updates so I could have at least one light and dark side character keeping up with the new content, but I wanted to experience it for the first time on my new Jedi that was rapidly becoming my main alt. Eventually I would like to get my Inquisitor caught up with the expansions as well that way I have a light side, a dark side, and a saboteur all going through the story at the same time.

I didn’t remember Doc greeting me so enthusiastically the first time I played Jedi Under Siege, though I’m sure he must have. More often than not I feel like when you finally meet up with your older companions again their response to you is lukewarm. Doc, on the other hand, was ecstatic to see you and after that you can continually mention him in conversation or even ask if you could team up with him instead of Tau Idair. It’s nice to be appreciated rather than getting an ‘Oh, your still alive then?’ Aric Jorgan is happy to see you in his own way and he does greet you slightly differently depending on if you romanced him without breaking his gruff persona. Kira is also in-character for her greeting. She’s like, ‘Hey! Glad you’re alive. We have another problem.”

Onlaught was interesting from the light side perspective. Up until now I hadn’t played Onslaught on the Republic side, so I liked diving into a part of the story I hadn’t seen before. The interactions with Darth Savik was great and I loved how they brought in an old character, though I imagine some probably didn’t remember her since your encounter with her on Corellia is very brief. I only remembered who she was because I did the mission not too long ago. I chose to have her brought to the alliance to get information from her and I’m hoping Savik will make another cameo appearance in the future. I also got a kick out of Lana playing the part of ‘intimidating Sith’ to the new Jedi.

I still prefer imp side though because in my opinion it told a better story. I think you get a clearer picture of what the political system is like on Onderon as your character closely interacts with the king and his family members. On pub side you interact with a senator who tells you what Onderon is going through and from there are able to figure out that the Sith are working in the background to manipulate the king. Another reason I like the dark side story better is because you have a little bit more interaction with the Untamed. On pub side you see the aftermath of the Untamed teaming up with the Imperials and only have brief contact with them.

One thing I noticed right away was that the facial expressions of your characters are getting better. I didn’t notice the first time around because my bounty hunter wears a helmet. Whenever my Jedi scowled it wasn’t over exaggerated and seemed more natural. It could still use some work, but the devs are definitely getting better at animating facial expressions.

I already reviewed Echoes of Oblivion and there wasn’t much difference between the two factions so I’m not going to rehash everything all over again. All I’ll say is it was even more satisfying to beat the Emperor once and for all as a Jedi since they have been so closely connected for awhile now. I still have to do the Spirit of Vengeance flashpoint and The Dark Descent and then I’ll be all caught up.

–Chash Larol

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