Figuring Out My Play Style

After trying out healing from all classes for sometime I have come to the irrevocable conclusion that I suck at healing. Out of all the healing classes I felt like the Combat Medic worked best for me and I’ll probably focus on my Trooper as my main healer. However, I seem to be much better at tanking or off tanking. This is something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. For the longest time I didn’t question what I was good at in games. I just played and had fun. Being in a guild where there are a lot of damage dealers running around and not enough tanks or healers was what made me start exploring the different styles of play not just in Swtor, but also other games like Dragon Age and Mass Effect. I had played a mage plenty of times in Dragon Age, but never a healer. In my last play through of DAO I tried to play a healer mage with disastrous results. Admittedly, trying to play a healer on a game where I personally find the mechanics kind of clunky and playing it on a PC instead of Xbox might have something to do with why it didn’t work out that well. I may try the experiment again on Xbox since I prefer to play Dragon Age on there anyway.

After the Mass Effect Legendary Edition came out I played a Vanguard in all three games and then switched it up for ME: Andromeda, playing Ryder as support. Andromeda allows the player to choose a role and then play it anyway they want. When I chose to play support I built it as a healer/damage much like the Trooper in Swtor and also gave myself a few tanking abilities for close combat. I had a lot of fun with it even though I kept forgetting I was not a Vanguard anymore and had to quickly run for cover after aggroing too many enemies at once.

My second play through of Mass Effect was as an Adept and I found this role nearly as enjoyable as the Vanguard, though those charging Krogans are a bit annoying when I can’t charge back. So I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m decent at tanking, dealing damage, and playing support as long as it’s not solely focused on healing. I’m going to continue playing as a healer since I would like to get better at it, but I’m sure it will always be my weakness because I clearly have a more aggressive style that doesn’t translate well with a healer.

Which I suppose I should have known all along what my play style preferences were because I’ve seen first hand the differences in my style between that of my brother and sister. My sister has always favored support/healing over anything else while my brother fancy’s himself to be a tank, but is actually a straight up overpowered damage dealer since he can’t tank to save any of our lives. It has gotten to the point whenever we play a game together my sister insists that I always play the tank because our brother gets in the zone and forgets that it’s his job to keep the heavy hitters off us. It’s become something of a running joke between us. I also have my brother and others like him whom I’ve encountered in flashpoints to thank for helping me learn how to off tank.

I still have a lot to learn about all the different types of classes and I look forward to continue experimenting and learning how to get better at them.

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