Dev Tracker News, Economy Inflation – How Do We Fix It?

New changes have been announced that will go into affect when 7.0 drops.

The first announcement was changes to the Dailies and Weeklies missions. They intend to rotate Weekly Missions so that all players are able to do the same missions. According to the Dev Tracker, players will still have access to Weekly Missions that aren’t part of the rotation, but the rewards will be reduced. I personally like this upcoming change. I know it was kind of annoying to find anyone to do the Dailies and Weeklies with during Galactic Seasons because we were all doing different missions and not many of us ever seemed to have the same missions at the same time. It would also be nice to have more incentive to do other Weeklies. I have a tendency to do CZ-198 over and over again, especially since I maxed out on reputation for most of them.

The next announced change will be shared tagging. Now this one I actually like. There are a lot of very inconsiderate players who like to either steal your kills or collect the objective while you deal with the mob. With this new change players will be able to share credit for kills and even share loot. Another thing that will be added is if a healer were to heal another player who is dealing damage to a NPC, the healer will also get shared credit.

I recently started playing Guild Wars 2. I haven’t invested too much time into the game yet and I’m still on the fence of whether or not I like it enough to play long term. I’m not exactly a fan of having to grind to a certain level in order to unlock the next part of the story, but one thing I really have enjoyed is being able to share kills with others. It allows players not only to share objectives with each other, but also to help each other out. In GW2, if another player dies and if you revive them you will be rewarded for reviving them.
One time I was questing and someone died very close to me so I ran over to heal them and the same boar (those boars are really tough) that attacked them also attacked me. So I ran away. After healing myself, I ran back to the player and the boar attacked again. I wacked it with my sword a few times, ran away again, healed myself, and then went back for the boar.
I did this repeatedly until I successfully killed the boar and then revived the player. This entire time the player waited patiently for me to finish and even joked in chat about that being one tough boar. After the player was revived they thanked me and then since we happened to be going the same way, we quested together for awhile until I had to log off and make dinner. So far that is my most memorable moment in GW2 and funny enough I even thought that this was something that should be implemented into Swtor.

Will it cut down on rude people stealing objectives? No, probably not, but it could at least give others incentive to help out with kills or even to prevent players from mob stealing, which has happened to me a lot.

The other changes will be economy adjustments, combat change – vanish, and weapons in outfitter. I don’t have much to say about the combat change since I don’t play my stealth characters that much. The weapons in outfitter seems like an interesting idea. Players will be able to equip weapons the same way you can stamp an outfit on. I don’t know if I’ll ever do that since I usually like the weapons I have equipped already, but I know it is something others have been asking to be added for quite awhile.
Lastly is the economy adjustments. Starting in 7.0 the devs will be reducing the amount of credits you can obtain through conquest. Solid Resource Matrix will also no longer be given as conquest rewards and will instead be added to the Jawa vendor where players can purchase them with Jawa Junk.

A lot of people are already making a big deal about these upcoming economy changes. On the forums some are saying that those who don’t go out of their way to farm credits will be screwed over while the rich will remain rich. This is true for the most part; however, this will have some affect on the economy in the long run. I can’t say for sure if it will have a positive affect, only time will tell. If this works the way the devs want it to, less credits will be generated into the economy, which means poor people will have to grind for credits and the rich will continue to sell to each other until there is no one willing to buy their stuff anymore, which may result in them lowering the prices in order to sell their items. The question is whether or not this solution will work.
I’m not super wealthy ingame, but I’m also not destitute. Most of the credits I have gained are from selling mats, crystals, dyes, etc. I also used to play the GTN until the inflation made it nearly impossible. The way I see it if you’re not willing to put a little effort into credit farming, than I guess you didn’t really want those cosmetics. I know that may seem harsh, but it is the truth.

The question is can we fix the economy? Answer, probably not.

I had a conversation about this with a few guildies and I introduced an idea that would probably be a better solution, albeit one I’m not sure if the devs would be willing to do because it might cause a few players to rage quit. I suggested that they limit the amount of credits players could trade each other. For example, on the Star Forge server there aren’t any hypercrates being sold on the GTN because the GTN has a credit limit of one billion or something. Not sure of the exact number. So they are now being sold in gen chat for over a billion credits. Another example is someone who recently was trying to sell a rare blaster rifle in gen chat for four billion credits. If they were to make to where players could only trade each other around nine hundred million credits or less that would prevent anyone from being able to sell things at a higher price than the GTN, which would also bring hypercrates back onto the GTN.

One of my guildies pointed out that would probably be a temporary solution at best because players would still take advantage anyway they could and sell things for a higher price than they are worth. And I agree. I think the economy will always be inflated in some way and there is no quick or easy way to fix things. However, I’m pretty sure the devs never meant for players to use the trade chat to sell things for a higher price than you can on the GTN. So, in a way this is an exploit that could be fixed by limiting the amount of credits that can pass hands. A couple years ago, the trade chat was used as a way to undercut the same item being sold on the GTN. Any time I saw someone trying to sell something for a ridiculous price others would be quick to tell them it was cheaper on the GTN and no one was going to buy the item from them.
Players completely removing the most expensive items from the galactic trade network has allowed them the freedom to demand as many credits as they want because there is no other way to get these expensive items unless you use cartel coins to buy it directly from the cartel market. Which is why I think the devs should seriously consider this option.

Either way, we’ll find out whether or not the economy will ever stabilize as I’m sure the devs have a few more ideas they will introduce into the game in the near future.

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