New Romances Are Overrated, Yes I Said It

I haven’t been saying much about most of the upcoming changes that will be coming to the game in 7.0 because I would like to wait and observe these changes for myself before I decide how I truly feel about them. I also feel like the few changes I do have an opinion on would just be parroting what others have already said.

However there is one opinion I would like to share. Yesterday was the dev livestream where they teased some things that will happen in the next expansion, including when Legacy of the Sith will be released. December 14th for those who might not yet know. One thing they teased was that the players would get to kiss someone new and Jackie was really excited about whoever this person is supposed to be (she was fanning herself during the announcement). The chat in the livestream exploded with this new information and most seem to be genuinely curious and excited about the prospect of another potential love interest. I felt meh about the whole thing.

What’s the point in getting excited about new romances when they never do anything about the relationships they’ve already established? I kind of understand why they would drop any future scenes with Koth because almost nobody likes him and I personally will never romance him, but there are a few who have and are waiting for them to add more.

It’s the same with Theron except most players actually like him. I have no data to back up this claim, but I’m pretty sure most of us have kept him alive through nearly all of our playthroughs and yet the devs seem to cater to those who didn’t. Then there’s Aric Jorgan, Corso Riggs, Doc, Felix, and so many more they’ve introduced since the beginning. What’s the point in adding all these romance options if they’re not even going to write in new scenes for them from time to time? They don’t even have to add new scenes for established couples every time they drop a new story. Just a very short scene once a year would be more than they already do. Instead, they try to pacify everyone by introducing new romance options that will ultimately go nowhere.

Sorry about the rant post I’m just beginning to wonder what is the point in romancing anyone in the game if said romance always falls to the wayside. What do you all think? Is it actually a good idea for the devs to keep introducing new romances or would you rather see them work on already established ones?

3 thoughts on “New Romances Are Overrated, Yes I Said It

  1. I actually agree with your post there. I’ve romanced all the origin companions I could, and it always falls short. One or two of my characters romanced Arcann, and then of course the long waited Lord Scourge is on two of my Jedi Knights. But to not even get those ingame mails you use to get during the missions with little gifts. Now it’s just meh.


    1. Chash Larol

      Yes, exactly. I think the problem is they have introduced so many romantic relationships over the years they can’t keep up with them all the time. So they create new ones and hope no one will notice. I do miss the ingame mail we used to get.

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