Who Is Darth Nul?

I usually try to stay away from speculation of what might happen next in an ongoing story because more often than not I end up disappointed that the writers went in a different direction. A prime example would be Morrigan from Dragon Age: Origins. I thought for sure she would be the next big bad when she told the Grey Warden about the ritual. Imagine my surprise and disappointment when Inquisition came out. It was a wasted opportunity in my opinion. However, this time I thought why not share some of my theories. Chances are very slim that I’ll be right, but half of the fun is trying to figure out what happens next.

So one of the biggest questions on our minds is who is Darth Nul? First I find the spelling of the word itself very telling. If they had spelled the mysterious Sith Lord’s name Null that would have some interesting implications. Not only because of the definition of the word, but also because of the lore that surrounds Warb Null. If you would like to know more about Warb Null I recommend looking up Illeva’s video where she covers his background.

Let’s look at the definitions of null and nul. Null is an adjective meaning “having no legal or binding force; invalid.” Other synonyms are “void,” “annulled,” “abolished,” and “canceled”.
Nul is also an adjective that means “not any.” The word null was borrowed from the Anglo-French nul and that word can be traced back to the Latin word nullus, from ne-, which means “not,” and “ullus, meaning “any.”

So we have two words with similar, yet different definitions. The easiest explanation for the two different spellings was that the devs wanted to establish a difference between the two Sith Lords, however, I’m also convinced they chose this name specifically because of the meaning of the word(s).

This ties into my theory of what Darth Malgus is planning. In my last post I briefly mentioned that in the latest teaser trailer, Darth Malgus’ voiceover talked about how the Sith and the Jedi had been controlling the galaxy for centuries and that he thought it was time to break the cycle. Clearly this means that Darth Malgus has completely turned his back on the Empire. We know that Malgus’ ideals have been at odds with the Empire for some time now. When we first met him, he was attempting to take over in the wake of the Emperor’s death and lead the Empire in a different direction. One where they rejected their archaic beliefs of keeping the Empire pure and embraced other alien races into their ranks.

Much later, Empress Ancina/Vowrawn had him kept on a tight leash, which further alienated him against the Empire and now he seems to be relentlessly searching for mysterious artifacts that could destroy both the Jedi and Sith as we know them. The question is what will these artifacts do? We’ve seen how powerful the Force can be, especially when it’s used for nefarious purposes. Valkorion used a dark ritual that destroyed an entire planet.

My theory is that this mysterious Darth Nul was extensively studying how the Force works and discovered a way to either make the Force void or change it so drastically that it would create a wound in the Force and nullify it. Which means that both the Sith and the Jedi would crumble when they can’t access the Force anymore or have difficulties using it. It would then open the way for non-force users to take back control of the galaxy and potentially establish peace without having to worry about the Jedi and the Sith constantly fighting each other.

What do you all think? Is my theory too far fetched? Let me know in the comments below what you think will happen in Legacy of the Sith.

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