CZ-198 Is Actually Crowded?

CZ-198 is one of the dailies I do frequently. By the time I leveled up my first character to unlock it not many went there anymore. At most I would see a group from The Sanctuary or their counterpart The Dark Sanctuary farming the dailies. This week one of the Galactic Season objectives is to complete the CZ-198 weekly twice or Iokath once. As soon as I arrived on CZ-198 I realized this was not going to be a walk in the park like it usually is. There were so many in just the first area that I had to play the waiting game to click on the crates. Someone in chat even said they never thought they would see the place with so many players ever again.

While I was waiting it occurred to me that I was seeing CZ-198 for the first time as it must have been when it first came out. It was an interesting experience and because of the quick timers on everything, not too aggravating. I definitely couldn’t speed run through the dailies like I did before, but to be honest I was too busy watching everyone hopping around as we waited our turn.

One thing that really throws me off is the missions automatically finishing for me instead of needing to be turned in. I’m so used to quick traveling back to the beginning to turn in my missions at the drop box that I did it automatically. Then stood in front of the console for a few seconds clicking on it before thinking, ‘Oh wait! I don’t need to do that anymore.’

It’s going to take some time to get used to. It’s also going to take me awhile to get used to not having to go to a trainer for new characters. I recently started a new Consular and Sith Warrior and kept thinking I needed to go to a trainer. I also kept wondering how new abilities showed up on my bar before going, ‘Oh, right.’

It makes things much easier than having to double back all the time, but it does disrupt my pattern. Though I’m sure it won’t take me much time to adjust. Now if only they would speed up the timer for The Face Merchants heroic on Coruscant. More often than not I have to forgo the bonus mission because there are others waiting to obtain the passkey. I was actually hoping they would speed it up in this last update, but when I did the heroics today, I could tell right away that it still hasn’t been fixed.

Still, it has been interesting noting all the little changes. I look forward to seeing what else the Galactic Seasons objectives bring. I do like how all the mission changes seem to spread everyone out now. Places that were formally dead are now thriving again.

One thought on “CZ-198 Is Actually Crowded?

  1. I’m not much of a daily runner but from my experience CZ-198 has always been fairly busy when I’ve been there, because of how short and fast it is. The shared tagging is really helpful there now; I got credit for killing the big droid the other day by Mr Commando hammershoting it just once before it died. 😆 And for the 35 kills you just gotta AoE things all around you wherever people are fighting and you’ll complete it reasonably fast.

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