My Thoughts on Galactic Seasons

Season two of the Galactic Seasons is underway, and I thought now would be a good time to compare the differences between season one and two. First, I should say I never completed season one. I did try, but after about three weeks of grinding the same missions, I couldn’t take it anymore and just stopped all together. Any time I tried to reroll to get something new I usually ended up getting more of the same.

Even stranger, in spite of the fact that nearly everyone had to kill seventy-five colicoids on a daily basis, none of us ever seemed to be assigned the same planet. It was the same with operations. Anyone who had an ops they needed to do, had a hard time finding a group because others had been given a different op or only had warzones and galactic starfighter on the list.

Season two is much better in comparison. Everyone shares the same objectives so it’s not hard to find someone to group up with and they’re not the same objectives over and over again. It’s also nice that the devs branched out beyond killing x amount of colicoids. Some of the objectives can be completed without even being aware they were on the list. I was really surprised when I was on my low level Sith warrior, killing acolytes on Korriban when a completed objective popped up. When I looked it up the achievement was titled Still Got It and required you to kill twenty-five people without a companion. As amusing as I found it, I couldn’t help thinking it was a wasted opportunity. I can imagine the number of players who went to starter or low-level planets to complete this objective. It would have been far more interesting if we could only complete it in certain areas that would present a challenge.

Since I do dailies and heroics often, I do like how so far different dailies/heroics have been showing up on the season objectives each week. All though I’m not a fan of the fact that I don’t have easy access of all of them anymore. I can understand why they designed it that way. It does make it easier to know which ones will give more rewards, but it does require extra steps now to get to some of the heroics no longer on the list. I like the little clock feature they added to these missions, including the color scheme that allows us to know how long we have before they reset. The devs did announce a while ago that they will be adding all dailies and heroics back on the rotation due to player feedback.

Some of the rewards we get from Galactic Seasons are pretty good. The mounts and weapons will come in handy, though I’m not too sure about the outfits. I’m not impressed with their design and don’t see me using them anytime in the future.

So I’d say so far season two is good and has continued to hold my interest. I’m one token away from being able to afford to buy a fleet stronghold. At first I wasn’t going to buy one because I already have too many strongholds that are sparsely decorated as it is, but my curiosity has won out. I’m going to buy it on pub side to see how I like it.

I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts on Galactic Seasons so far. Be sure to comment below!

One thought on “My Thoughts on Galactic Seasons

  1. I am a solo player so Galactic Seasons really didn’t appeal to me all that well, but I did have cartel coins saved up just for this purpose because I wanted the Empire’s Spacedock apartment so I cheated, and spent the coins on the unlocks. The “Play your way” mentality they had for those that didn’t want to group up for everything has seem to fallen away again, and trying to force people who don’t want too, or in some aspects can’t group up because of an illness of sorts. So it just went to a meh, status for the time being.


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