My Review of Legacy of the Sith

Shortly after I started Legacy of the Sith on Imp side, I encountered a bug during the Fortification quest where I was supposed to take control of a submersible droid. Somehow, I was teleported to a part of the game we weren’t supposed to see. At first, I didn’t know what was wrong. I thought for some reason the game had glitched as none of the doors would open to let me continue, so I logged out thinking that would help. When I logged back in, I was still stuck in the room with no way out. Stumped, I went to the forums to see if anyone had encountered this bug and that’s when I discovered I was in a room that was outside the room I was supposed to be in, and the game had accidentally taken me behind the scenes.

I kind of thought it was cool that I was in a place that couldn’t be seen beyond looking at it through a window. I freely admit I put off trying the solution others in the forums were suggesting and explored the room a little more because when the devs fixed the bug it was unlikely to happen again. I wish I had taken a screenshot, but I didn’t think of it at the time. It looked like a storage area where a bunch of equipment and crates were being kept. Eventually, I tried the fix that was suggested and traveled to my ship, then relaunched the mission. The solution thankfully worked, and I was teleported to the correct location.

Controlling the submersible droid was a lot of fun. It would have been even better if we had been allowed to put on a suit like in Kotor, but it was still awesome exploring underwater.
I had to laugh when I started planting mines and thought to myself, it’s no wonder Selkath dislike outsiders. Every chance they get an outsider blows something up and destroys their ecosystem.

Darth Norok is easily my favorite npc that was introduced in this expansion. He was so comical I legit couldn’t breathe because I was laughing so hard. He was so full of himself that he actually seemed to think he walked on water. Even when my bounty hunter encountered him locked up, he acted like his capture had been some kind of fluke that could never happen again.
He delivered every line as if he were on a stage and expected everyone to hang on to every word he said. I bet the actor had a lot of fun playing the part. I was very disappointed when I had to fight him after destroying the gunship. Since he can be killed, he won’t be significant to the story going forward. I was really hoping Darth Norok would be sticking around just so I could listen to him continue to deliver his lines in an overly dramatic fashion.

Another character I found interesting was Colonel Korrd. Something was definitely up with the guy as he deflected and obfuscated the mission at every turn. To have him defy a Sith and then pretend said Sith was giving him orders was really gutsy and I hope we see more of him in the future. There aren’t nearly enough characters from Imperial Intelligence that stand up to Sith and try to undermine them while doing what they believe is best for the Empire.

I also have to say I am enjoying playing a saboteur, though I can’t help wondering if sooner or later they intend to have the saboteurs found out. My guess is probably not, but the idea that my bounty hunter could be discovered as a traitor at any moment is an interesting concept.
All though next time my BH needs to contact Jonas Balkar, she should really do it in a more secure location and not some place where anyone could wander in and see what she’s doing. If the devs ever decide to do anything special for the saboteurs, my only hope is that Major Anri never finds out. She seems pretty devoted to the Empire and is always talking about how my bounty hunter is one of the good ones who gets things done. I have the feeling she would make a very intense enemy.

Ruins of Null was a pretty good flashpoint. I didn’t run into any problems, though I know a lot of players ran into a glitch where they couldn’t defeat Darth Malgus. I haven’t seen anyone talk about it in awhile, so I don’t know if the bug was fixed or not.

At the end of the flashpoint when all the force users were working together to keep Darth Malgus down, I was honestly rooting for him to escape and fight another day. But they captured him and then showed the padawan retrieving the datacron while Malgus was monologuing, which has me very intrigued about where they will go next with the story.

Still, I would love it if Darth Malgus has a few more tricks up his sleeve and continues to be the next big bad for awhile. One thing I absolutely loved was when I showed up and Malgus was like ‘not you again.’ Yep, for once I’m the one who keeps returning like a bad penny and ruining everyone’s day.

On pub side I liked Colonel Gallo and her personality. I’m hoping we see more of her. Unfortunately, you do have the option to leave her behind to die. So, she may not have a big part to play going forward, but since I’m sure most light side players will keep her alive, I would like to see her return.

The end fight with Major Dosk was hilarious. Not only did he sound a little unhinged in the end, but he was so put out I busted out laughing. For a npc who didn’t have many lines he is unforgettable. I’m not sure what to think of Admiral Rava. He clearly has history with Colonel Gallo that I would like to know more about. He wasn’t very happy when I saved the Colonel and her team instead of the kolto. I’m curious to know if he will play a larger role in upcoming updates.

I thought Legacy of the Sith was a pretty solid expansion if a little too short, but that seems to be the norm now. I’m looking forward to the dailies on Manaan in the 7.1 update and the next installment in the story.

2 thoughts on “My Review of Legacy of the Sith

  1. I kind of wonder whether there was supposed to be something more to Admiral Rava that ended up being cut, because when you choose the option to ask Gallo about their history, she just shakes her head and walks away, not even saying anything. Seemed a little odd to me.


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