Carrick Station Penthouse

I’m not the best at decorating strongholds. Most of my strongholds have some decorations in a couple rooms while the rest of the place is bare, but the Carrick Station Penthouse is easier to manage because of its size. After purchasing the penthouse, my first decision was which of my characters to assign it to since that would help me decide how it would be decorated.

I settled on my trooper and figured it could be used as her official headquarters. Here is a screenshot of the foyer. Since it’s the first thing others would see it needed to be nicer looking, but the holographic droid is there as a reminder that the door beyond is where the real work happens.

Next is the bedroom. The room was honestly too big for just a bedroom so I thought of how my trooper would use the extra space. And she decided the other half would be converted into a workroom/storage area.

A cantina was a must have for those moments when the trooper and her companions can relax after a hard day’s work. Naturally, this is where Paxton Rall and Nico Okarr like to hang out because it wouldn’t be much of a cantina scene without them.

The last room is the center of operations where all the information gathering, spying, and so forth take place. I took several screenshots because I wanted to get all angles as well as showcase the companions I placed in there.

As I said I’m not the best at decorating, but I do think they made the Carrick stronghold easier to decorate than some of the other strongholds. There are a ton of hooks, so many in fact it might be impossible to use them all.

I think the penthouse was worth grinding for tokens to purchase. It’s a neat place to hang out while I’m crafting. I really like the view of the VIP lounge we can see through the window. What would make it even better is if we were able to see other players. Not sure if I’ll buy the Vaiken Spacedock stronghold yet. I’ve seen screenshots of it, and I do like the rather ominous ambience. Let me know in the comments below if you’ve purchased any of the new strongholds and what you think of them.


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