Digging Deeper Review

I was pleasantly surprised by how long the latest story update was for a non-expansion. It was still short, but so much better than the very short conversations between companions we’ve been getting lately. I suspect Digging Deeper was originally part of the LoTS expansion that was later cut.

It was really nice seeing Talos Drellik back in the field again. I felt like he was wasted as an alliance alert since we didn’t really have him studying many archeological finds. He’s one of my favorite companions from the Inquisitor origin story and I would love it if he were around more. Maybe now that he’s studying the ruins on Elom he’ll have his chance to shine.
I was surprised when it was revealed that Darth Nul wasn’t just one of the Children of the Emperor but was the very first one. I’ve had so many questions since they were revealed in both the Consular and Jedi Knight origin stories and maybe now some of these questions will be answered. Of course, with this new reveal I have even more questions. Why did the emperor discard Darth Nul? Was she getting too ambitious or had her usefulness simply run its course? Did she seek revenge? At this point I will not be surprised if it turns out she has been alive and imprisoned all this time. Or possibly dead but brought back to life accidentally or on purpose. It would make a great story if the next person we have to deal with is one of the Children of the Emperor. I was a little disappointed when nothing more was done about them, so maybe now we’ll get to learn more.

I am even more curious and confused about where in the world we sent Arcann. Like many others I thought we were sending him to Elom. I guess I’m going to have to get another character up to speed on the story and rewatch the scene because I really don’t remember where we sent him. But now that we have the option to send Sana-Rae to help him this makes me think the devs are gearing up for a big reveal. My guess is it has something to do with Darth Nul. Either they are going to find a powerful artifact or possibly even the Sith Lord herself.

Some time ago I speculated what they were going to do about the brewing Mandalorian civil war. I did raise the possibility that Heta Kol and the mandos could have a bigger impact on the story, but if I’m going to be completely honest, I wasn’t expecting them to tie it into the main story. So, I was very surprised when it turned out that the person Sa’har’s brother was taking her to was Heta Kol. Now I’m more curious than ever about what Heta Kol is up to and how Sa’har and her brother will fit in all of this.
I’m still rooting for Darth Malgus to escape. I was hoping we would get a short interlude with him, and I wasn’t disappointed. I have to say I really feel sorry for the guy. He’s overly ambitious and will no doubt do more terrible things, but a small part of me just can’t help feeling sorry that he is once again put in a cage. I felt bad for him when it was revealed that Empress Acina/Emperor Vowrawn had tight control over him. And now I feel bad that he’s been captured again.
I’m wondering if we’ll have any more interrogation scenes to try to get him to reveal anything else because I get the feeling, he’s holding back a lot. Namely his entire plan and what exactly he was trying to do with the datacron. It was suggested in a conversation between your companions that he was wanting to use it to control his followers, but I have a sneaking suspicion that there’s more to it than that.

I really liked this story update. It was short but a lot was revealed, and I can’t wait until the next update to find out what happens next.

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