Dailies on Manaan

Starting out the Manaan dailies for the first time introduces a short story of what your character is doing in that area and how you’re helping your chosen faction. I liked the story from both sides, but I really liked the Republic side better, which is unusual for me. Lately, I’ve been feeling like the light side of the story is lacking and the dark side gets the better storyline. It’s something I’ve discussed with others before so, I’m glad the Republic side was engaging this time.

I didn’t realize how much I actually missed butting heads with diplomats on the light side. So, when we were introduced to Minn Ishkah I was happy to once again be able to ruin a diplomat’s day. She wasn’t bad at her job or anything, but like all ambassadors she wanted what was best for the Republic over the Selkath in spite of the fact we were in their territory. I found it very amusing when I received mail from Master Gnost Dural warning my Jedi about her and thought you’re a bit late. I’ve already disappointed her twice.

On the Imperial side, I had a lot of fun with my saboteur. It was hilarious how Commander Qrukk was going on about what a disaster our push on Manaan had been and I kept saying something along the lines of yep, you all dropped the ball when in fact I had been the reason for the disaster in the first place. I really got a kick out of how I could bad mouth everyone for the mess I made. Nothing like blustering to draw attention away from yourself. I liked Wo Kasto on both sides of the story and wouldn’t mind seeing him again on my saboteur, but that’s probably not likely since I sent him packing to the Republic.

One thing I was surprised about was how no daily resource matrices or tech fragments dropped after completing the dailies. I wasn’t sure if that was a glitch or intentional, but the devs released the patch notes today for the 7.1a update that we would now be rewarded with daily resource matrices, tech fragments, and the weekly daily area will drop gear. I’m guessing it was a bug since they’re adding in the rewards.

I took a look at the reputation vendor and the decorations are really nice. I could use them for my Manaan stronghold. Two things that are a must have is the cute cerulean turtle. I will need to get champion reputation before I can add the pet to my collection, and I also want to get The Waterlogged title because that seems really appropriate while on Manaan. I won’t be able to get that one until I’ve reached Legend, so for the next couple weeks I’ll be grinding out rep.

I think the dailies and heroics on Manaan are good. There are three areas to do the quests in and the map isn’t too big or overwhelmingly confusing. The dailies are not grouped too far apart from each other and the enemies spawn quickly, so it doesn’t feel like you’re competing with the other faction and shared tagging comes in handy. Overall, I like the size of the map and the areas are nice. The devs did a good job creating each area to look unique. I think it’s a fun place that I won’t mind revisiting often whenever I want to grind out dailies.

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