Bounties, Casinos, and Credits

I’ve been busy this past week doing my first play through of the Bounty Hunter and participating in the Bounty Contract Week for the first time as well. I started chapter three of the Bounty Hunter today so I anticipate finishing the class story within the next couple of days. I’ll do an overall review of the BH in a later post.

As for the Bounty Contract Week, I found it quite interesting. I’ve meant to take part in it before now, but I could never bring myself to do it because my internet hates the fleets, so I try not to spend too much time there.

However, when I saw that the event was coming up again this month, I figured why not? The first thing that surprised me was that you could only accept one contract per day; all though if you spread them out among several characters it helps to rack up reputation and stockpile a decent amount of bounty contracts rather quickly.

I of course had to take a break from the class story to let my BH hunt down some criminals because hey — what would Bounty Contract Week be like without your Bounty Hunter leading the charge?

I made a quick detour to the cantina on the Imperial fleet to quench my thirst before hunting down the low life scum. Bounty hunting can make a girl powerfully thirsty, don’t you know.

And because my BH craves excitement and danger, I naturally selected Nar Shaddaa as my first run. So apparently did everyone else. I ended up taking the scenic route to let the crowd thin out. Eventually I captured my prize and carted his carbonated behind around like a trophy.

After delivering the bounty, I decided to spend my well earned credits and so headed for the Star Cluster Casino to take part in the Nar Shaddaa Nightlife. I swung by the Pit Boss to get a Kingpin on the house by busting a cheating card player; after that I hit the slot machines to see if I could earn some luck. Turns out it was my lucky day and I won enough Golden Certificates to purchase a vehicle from the vendors.

I deliberated for some time which one I should buy before deciding to treat myself and ride in style with a levitating plate of fruits and cheese by my side. After cruising around for some time in my new wheels I finally had to get off the BH and send other toons to collect bounties.

I had a lot of fun doing the Bounty Contract Week and deciding whether I should capture or kill my prey. I will definitely be participating in the event again the next time it comes around.

July 23rd was the beginning of the Double Rewards Event, which is supposed to last an entire month! I’m going to finish up my BH quickly and then focus on leveling up a few characters.

What about you all? Do you like Bounty Contract Week? What are your plans for the Double Rewards Event?

Until next time!


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