The Dark Crystal Connection

Warning: Major spoilers for the Voss planetary mission and The Dark Crystal in this post.

Voss is one of my favorite planets to visit and I usually do all the missions I come across just because I love the stories so much. More than that my inner fan girl squeals every time I do the planet story arc because its a nod to a little known 1982 movie called The Dark Crystal. The movie has gained some notoriety since Netflix came out with the prequel TV show, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance.

It’s a great movie…sadly I can’t get most people I know interested in it either because it’s an 80’s movie or because it’s made up entirely of puppets. Even though I point out the puppets were made by the Jim Henson Company, who also made Yoda from the original Star Wars trilogy, they just shrug and say it doesn’t sound exciting.

I can respect that because not everyone likes the same movies or shows. It does make it nearly impossible geek out with anyone over The Dark Crystal though since not many have even heard of it.

With that being said, I want to take the time to fan girl over the similarities between the Voss planet story arc and one of my all time favorite movies.

The Dark Crystal:
Two species, the Mystics and the Skeksis, were once one race until corruption separated them when a shard from the Crystal of Truth was shattered.

The Voss and the Gormak were once one species until the Jedi came and taught them the ways of the Force, which resulted in a physical manifestation of the dark side corruption known as the Nightmare Lands.

The Dark Crystal:
There is a noticeable difference in appearance between the Mystics and Skeksis. The Mystics look old, wise, and noble — while the Skeksis are disfigured and grotesque. The Mystics have a slow way of talking and walking and often speaking in riddles…the Skeksis are harsh, full of their own self importance, and have a deep seated hatred of the Mystics.

The Voss are mysterious and ethereal in appearance while the Gormak are rough and almost reptilian looking. The Voss also have a slow way of talking and speak in riddles, often refusing to make any decisions until the Mystics interpret their visions. The Gormak are tribal warriors who view outsiders with suspicion and have a deeply rooted desire to see all Voss wiped from existence.

The Dark Crystal:
The Mystics believe in a prophecy that foretold the healing of the Dark Crystal and send a Gelfling named Jen on a quest to retrieve the shard where he meets another Gelfling by the name of Kira on his travels. Together they find the shard and make their way to the Crystal, all the while dealing with Skeksis trying to stop them. In the end they fulfill the prophecy, heal the Crystal, and reunite the Mystics and the Skeksis.

The Voss believe the outsider that visited their planet may be part of a prophecy the Mystics foresaw. As the character progresses through the story arc they are given the choice to use a crystal to snap the possessed Voss out of their corruption. The last stop in the story is the Dark Heart where they learned that the Voss and Gormak were once one. If the character decided to tell the Voss about the discovery, it resulted in the Voss trying to reconcile with the Gormak.

It’s possible the similarities between the two are mere coincidence, but given Bioware’s history of acknowledging many popular/cult favorite movies and TV shows in their games, I really don’t believe that; whoever wrote the Voss story arc was definitely a fan of The Dark Crystal and I tip my hat of to them for creating such a memorable experience.


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